What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Dubsism’s Exclusive Features

The Dubsism tag line on the home page still remains as the best description of this site…it is what your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions. Dubsism was founded in 2009, and in that time a virtual library of content has accumulated. For ease of browsing, there are several series dedicated to specific themes.

Ask – Got a question? We’ve got somebody with the answers! They may not be the ones you want, but they are answers nonetheless.

Comparisons – Exactly what you would expect…looking at things outside the sports world and showing you that if life imitates art, then sports imitate life. Just like Miracle Whip imitates Mayonnaise.

Conversations Not Meant To Be Public – Great stuff unearthed by Dubsism’s investigative journalism division. DISCLAIMER: By “unearthed,” J-Dub may mean “completely fabricated.”  But it is some seriously funny stuff in any event. The archives from the old Sports Blog Movement are here, and the most recent Dubsism pieces are here.

The Deep Six – An in-depth look at six things you may not have known about certain topics.

Grinds My Gears – As advertised…J-Dub’s rants about stuff that pisses him off.

Guest Columns – This series might be the best example of the “full-service” nature of Dubsism as we’ve retained several experts to explain areas where the tentacles of the sports world may reach.

For all questions about business and management in sports, our “go-to” guy is legendary Charlestown Chiefs general manager Joe McGrath. It’s no secret the sports world intersects with that of crime, and nobody is better suited to handle those issues than private investigator Jim Rockford. For more nuanced breakdowns of legalities in the sports world, we have our own in-house counsel Small Town Pizza Lawyer…who also keeps things above-board with the J-Dub Gambling Challenge. Since the sports world is becoming more international every day, to walk you through that we have King George VI.

We’ve also partnered with fellow bloggers such as official Dubsism bartender Chris Humpherys from SportsChump, entertainment guru Ryan Meehan, and most recently the caustic stylings of The Unknown Blogger.

Lists – We love a list here at Dubsism, and you won’t get lists like these anywhere else.

Open Letters – More “center-cut” chops of pissed-off J-Dub.

Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization – The Bible talks about Armageddon; believe what you will. But there’s plenty of evidence out there supporting the idea we are screwing up our own lives every day.

Movies – Dubsism has been described as a cross between ESPN and Turner Classic Movies; as such we have three primary cinema-related series:

Music – There’s occasional dabbles into all things song; it’s an eclectic mix…including the series Misty Water-Color Memories. There’s also an homage to Casey Kasem counting down the albums which most influenced me as a musician.

Story Time – Miscellaneous tales from J-Dub’s journey through life. At least some of them aren’t completely perverse.

Sports Doppelgangers – The home for sports and celebrity look-alikes. This series began on the now-archived Sports Blog Movement and now makes a home on Dubsism.  You can see the SBM archive here, and the most recent episodes on Dubsism here.

Tales of Depression and Sorrow – Another series which traces it’s lineage back to the old Sports Blog Movement. Essentially, it’s all about the stories of long-suffering fans of not-so-good teams.  The SBM archives are here, the most recent Dubsism episodes here.

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