What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

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How does one get a world view inspired by too many concussions?  Better yet, what would drive somebody to share such a warped view?  It all started one day back in August of 2009.  The very genesis of this blog was the documentation of the day an entire state lost it’s mind; the day Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

Farve certainly isn’t the only quarterback to be featured here at Dubsism.  Not only did we compose the essential list of the 30 greatest quarterbacks of all time, but we made the case that despite whatever statistic you want to cite, Kyle Orton is the greatest quarterback in the history of ever.

From that last post, it’s easy to tell that we love a list here at Dubsism.  That’s why we’ve told you about the 20 worst sports venues in America, the 10 dirtiest programs in college sports, and in ironic departure from the world of sports, the 10 types of bloggers who can burn in hell.

Houston Nutt bipolarBut we’ve also gone far beyond the world of sports in order to find new ways to discuss sports. One of the most popular ways for us to do this is the movie parody.  Two of the best examples came from the time Steve Sarkisian got his first college coaching job at the University of Washington; hence “A Star Was Born.”  If musicals from 1954 aren’t your speed, we can always point you to a remake of the Vietnam War classic “Apocalypse Now” featuring head football coaches from the SEC from the 2000’s…and starring our favorite…the one…the only Houston Nutt.

earl campbell e8a

On top of that, we love a comparison., except we don’t dismiss the proverbial “apples and oranges.”  Hell, some of our comparisons are like apples and freight trains….almost literally.   We’ve compared “power” running backs to locomotives, the rhythm sections of rock bands to sports figures, the pre-expansion Big Ten to classic game show hosts,  and hockey enforcers to fictional cops.

Sure, we cover the big sports here at Dubsism, but we also cover the “not so big.”  Not only were we the ones to give you a breakdown of salaries for the stars in obscure sports, we were also your source of the inner workings of those weird Olympic sports about which nobody ever knows anything.

We all know that nothing sells a web site like the promise of nudity, which is why one of our featured posts is about a Mississippi State cheerleader who showed us her Cowbells.

miss st playboy cheerleader 3

And for purposes of complete honesty, that’s why occasionally we reference a porn star who moves the search engine numbers.

ava devine clippers

Combine this with the name of the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer, and the jokes write themselves. Speaking of joke-writing,  that leads to one of the most fun things we’ve ever done here at Dubsism.

dean martin roast jdub

We relived the glorious tradition of those old “Dean Martin Roasts” by assembling an eclectic mix of stand-up comedians, bloggers, and other people nobody gives a shit about, all of whom came together to celebrate Dubsism’s 1,000th post by roasting the shit out of him.


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