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Your Jamie Moyer Update 3/29/2012 – Will He Make the Rockies’ Rotation?

What we know: Jamie Moyer will pitch once again this spring; he has been told he will pitch in an exhibition  game against Seattle early next week.

What we don’t know: Will Jamie Moyer pitch after that?

We here at Dubsism say he will.  There’s some important reasons for that.

1) He still has the competitive fire

In the third inning yesterday against the White Sox, Moyer was clearly pissed at himself when he spiked one of signature soft hooks.

2) He is still the same Jamie Moyer who was effective in Philadelphia

In his second to last start before the end of spring training, Moyer never seemed to get into a rhythm, but he never got into big trouble either. Moyer dominated in his last start, but this time around, he labored through four innings, allowing three runs on seven hits.  He also struck out four, walked three, and hit a batter. But he left the game with the Rockies only trailing 3-2.

3) His surgically rebuilt elbow looks to be ready

Despite his struggles; Moyer needed needed 89 pitches  to record 16 outs.  However, out of those 89 pitches, 51 were for strikes which is how he wriggled off the hook.  Not to mention the fact he can throw nearly 90 pitches means the elbow is not a problem.

4) The Rockies need a veteran arm

Moyer has pitched 4,020.1 innings, which is exactly 3,000 more innings than his most seasoned competition Jeremy Guthrie (1,021.1).  Moyer’s total is also 1,586  more innings pitched than Guthrie, Jorge de la Rosa (769.2), Jhoulys Chacin (342.1), Tyler Chatwood (142.0),  and Esmil Rogers (159.0) combined. Even if you consider longshot Guillermo Moscoso’s 142 Major League innings pitched, it is clear this staff is going to need a seasoned arm to play that “crafty veteran/ersatz pitching coach” role.

The combination of Moyer’s performance (2.77 ERA in 13 innings) and the lack of depth on the Rockies’ pitching staff makes the 49-year old the favorite to secure the fifth spot in the rotation. As previously mentioned, Guillermo Moscoso is a longshot to make the starting five and Tyler Chatwood has struggled to keep his fastball down in the zone.

Right now, the Rockies’ order this spring has been Jeremy Guthrie, Moyer, Juan Nicasio, Jhoulys Chacin, and Drew Pomeranz.  There’s an interesting possiblity in sandwiching Moyer’s “couldn’t break glass” fastball between two young fireballers.

Again, we don’t know for sure whether Moyer makes the club, but it looks like a safe bet at this point. Having Said that, let’s close on something about Moyer we do know for sure.

Jamie Moyer Fact: Moyer made his major league debut at Wrigley Field on June 16, 1986, which was the same week “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” opened in theaters.


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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

One comment on “Your Jamie Moyer Update 3/29/2012 – Will He Make the Rockies’ Rotation?

  1. Perhaps Moyer should get some Tucks medicated pads for that “competitive fire.”


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