What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Favre-gasm Gone Wrong: Is King Brett I Actually a Queen?

Nothing can get between two guys faster than a woman. We’ve all been there; we’ve all seen friendships that survived wars torn asunder by a skirt. Earlier in the week, … Continue reading

August 30, 2009 · 1 Comment

Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization: Wisconsin Bans Beer Ads During Football Games

The University of Wisconsin, the epicenter of higher learning in the same state that brought you tail-gating in sub-zero weather drinking some sort of homemade concoction from a plastic jug, … Continue reading

August 29, 2009 · Leave a comment

Open Letter to Minnesota Vikings Fans: Enough with the Favre-gasm Already

Consider this an intervention for some shit that has gotten seriously out of control. The O.J.-style slow-speed chase of the SUV that carried King Brett I from owner Zygi Wilf’s … Continue reading

August 28, 2009 · Leave a comment

Teams That Grind My Gears: The Los Angeles Dodgers

To say the Dodgers grind my gears is an exercise in understatement. I hate the Dodgers – seething, bile-spewing, eyeball-exploding hate. I have hated the Dodgers since childhood, and I … Continue reading

August 27, 2009 · 1 Comment

The Paterno Formula for Beating Ohio State

If nothing else, the Ohio State Penitentiary University has for far too long been amongst the elite of the Big Eleven Ten. Thanks to the “Crazed Librarian,” since 2002 the … Continue reading

August 27, 2009 · 4 Comments

Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization: Fantasy Championship Rings

Believe it or not, there is a fine line between being a fantasy sports geek, and being a truly sad and pathetic creature worthy of only scorn, derision, and occasional … Continue reading

August 26, 2009 · Leave a comment

Penn State ’09 – Let the Seal-Clubbings Begin

Joe Paterno has spent a lot of the last decade being hassled by officials and listening to a lot of “old” jokes. We all know every referee in the conference has had … Continue reading

August 26, 2009 · Leave a comment

Washington Nationals: Bake Sales Are Next

There just has to be something in the water in D.C. that gives you the “Dr. Strangelove’s Fist” level uncontrollable urge to spend money you don’t have. Now the Nationals are … Continue reading

August 25, 2009 · Leave a comment

An Open Letter to Denver Broncos Fans: Kyle Orton is the Greatest Athlete in the History of Ever

  I’m not going to beat around the bush here, Bronco fans. You don’t have to like the trade that sent Jay Cutler to Chicago and brought the Neckbeard to … Continue reading

August 25, 2009 · 15 Comments

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