What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

The Definitive Dubsism NCAA Tournament Bracket – See If You Can Beat It

Without further ado, here is the official 2013 Dubsism NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket: MIDWEST REGION: Midwest Region Champion: Michigan State WEST REGION:   West Region Champion: Gonzaga SOUTH REGION: South … Continue reading

March 19, 2013 · 10 Comments

College Basketball EMERGENCY! Dr. Brackett Is Here To Doctor Your Bracket

If you are my age, you remember “Emergency!” – the Jack Webb-produced homage to firefighter and paramedics. This was my favorite show when I was seven years old, and it … Continue reading

March 18, 2013 · 2 Comments

Thanks To The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, College Basketball Is Full Of Names I Can’t Pronounce

OK, so I get that the Berlin Wall came down close to 25 years ago. But it still has far-reaching impacts. Stolichnaya vodka isn’t hard to get anymore. Guys can … Continue reading

March 16, 2013 · 1 Comment

Ask The Geico Guy: Is it Hilarious That a Little League Group Is Raffling An Assault Rifle?

Absolutely.  It is  pants-shittingly funny for a whole host of reasons. , and on so many levels. Let’s just go through the story to see why. An Illinois town’s little … Continue reading

March 15, 2013 · 2 Comments

Originally posted on Sports Blog Movement:
Being that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is in his first full day as Pope Francis, and since he’s the first to take the name Francis,…

March 14, 2013 · 1 Comment

Signs We Are Near the End Of Civilization: They Are Teaching Your Kids To Masturbate with a Tetherball Pole

I’ll admit, it is really only the mention of tetherball that provides even the loosest tie to the world of sports, but if there were ever a sign that we … Continue reading

March 14, 2013 · 5 Comments

The Dubscast, Volume 4: Minnesota Vikings’ Fans Need To Quit Whining About Losing Percy Harvin

As a Philadelphia Eagle fan, of all people I know what it is like to watch your team languish in the doldrums of mediocrity.  For example, I know what it … Continue reading

March 13, 2013 · 12 Comments

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