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2022 Movie Blog-a-Thons

If you aren’t familiar with this concept, a “Blog-A-Thon” is essentially a collection of bloggers who write about a particular topic at a certain time.  Think of it as a blogging version of a “pot-luck dinner;” everybody contributes something and in return gets to enjoy and comment on the works of others. I’ve become a huge fan of blog-a-thons, and I look forward to being part of as many of them as I can.

Having said that, here’s a list of blog-a-thons in which Dubsism is proud to have been included in 2022:

Blog-A-Thons Completed

The Second Disaster Blog-A-Thon – Hosted by Pale Writer and Dubsism

Dubsism’s Contribution: The Big Bus (1976)

The Aviation In Film Blog-A-Thon – Hosted By Taking Up Room

Dubsism’s Contribution: No Time for Sergeants (1958)

The Fourth So Bad It’s Good Blog-A-Thon – Hosted by Taking Up Room

Dubsism’s Contribution: Excalibur (1981)

The John Williams Blog-A-Thon – Hosted by Taking Up Room

Dubsism’s Contribution: Jaws 2 (1978)

The Umpteenth Blog-A-Thon – Hosted by CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch

Dubsism’s Contribution: Battle of the Bulge (1965)

Check back often as this page will be updated as new events are announced!

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