What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Sports Analogies Hidden In Classic Movies – Volume 130: “Airport”

Van Heflin had a bomb. Marvin Barnes thought somebody had a time machine. In other words, this is another cautionary about nervous fliers.

April 28, 2022 · 5 Comments

Sports Analogies Hidden In Classic Movies – Volume 129: “The Devil’s Brigade”

Whether it’s Lt. Col Robert Frederick or Coach Joe Williams. overcoming differences is essential to team-building.

April 16, 2022 · 5 Comments

Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 131: The “Aggie- Anglo” Edition

Do they even have basketball in Great Britain?

April 6, 2022 · Leave a comment

The 2022 “Lawrence Welk Bubble Basketball Bracket Bonanza” Has A Winner/Loser!

Situations force changes…like when none of you could beat your host in this challenge!

April 5, 2022 · 2 Comments

Change My Mind: Matt Painter is the Most Over-Rated Coach in College Basketball

OK, Purdue hoop fans…read this article and try to tell me I’m wrong. You won’t, because deep-down, you know I’m right.

March 26, 2022 · 1 Comment

Trash-Talking the 2022 NCAA Tournament “Sweet Sixteen”

The University of North Dakota is one of the great college hockey schools ever, As an alum, I can tell you the whole state gets something right come March Madness!

March 23, 2022 · 1 Comment

Sports Analogies Hidden In Classic Movies – Volume 127: “The Rockford Files – Foul on the First Play”

Whether it’s a 70s detective show or the tale of a now-defunct basketball league, the math will always be Sports + Television = MONEY.

March 20, 2022 · 2 Comments

Attention Basketball Heads! Here’s The Bracket You Need To Beat!

The trick is to win, you have to join. Then, you have to fill out a better bracket than the most interesting independent sports blogger on the web! But we make it easier than poker when the other guy shows you his hand!

March 16, 2022 · 4 Comments

Boyd Bergquist’s Countdown To March Madness: IT’S HERE!!!

Our 70s TV Sports Anchor breaks down the brackets, tells you why not filling one out is weak, and gives you another place to join the best bracket challenge on the web!

March 14, 2022 · 1 Comment

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