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Your Jamie Moyer Update 7/2/10 – History Happens in Strange Places

Sometimes, great records are eclipsed in odd places. For example, Cal Ripken Jr. and Dave Winfield both collected their 300oth hits in the frozen wastes of Minnesota. Paul Molitor got his in a place most baseball fans under 20 have barely heard of (Kansas City). Tony Gwynn passed the 3000 mark in a baseball venue that is now thankfully just a memory (Montreal).

The other night in Toronto, just such a moment happened. Jamie Moyer, with the solo shot he surrendered to Vernon Wells in the third inning, is now your all-time leader in home runs allowed, passing hall-of-famer Robin Roberts’ mark of 505. It’s a is an achievement worth noting, as it means Moyer has carved an interesting piece of history to reach this moment.

Thanks to the good people at Baseball Almanac, take yourself on a journey through the 5 Basic W’s of journalism to see just what the future Cooperstown inductee has accomplished.


  • Moyer has allowed home runs to all 30 teams (including seven to the Montreal Expos before they moved to Washington) and to 321 different batters, but has never allowed a home run to an opposing pitcher.
  • Most by one hitter: Manny Ramirez (10), Carlos Delgado (8), Bernie Williams (7), Frank Thomas (6), Eric Chavez (6), Alex Rodriguez (6)
  • Most by team: Angels (45), Blue Jays (41), Yankees (37), A’s (36), Red Sox (27), Indians (26)
  • Father and son combinations: Fielders (Prince 2, Cecil 1); Peñas (Tony Sr. 1, Tony Jr. 1)
  • Brothers: Molinas (Bengie 4, Jose 1)
  • Hall of Famers: Mike Schmidt (2), Cal Ripken Jr. (2), Wade Boggs (2), Tony Gwynn (1), Andre Dawson (1)
  • 500 Home Run Club: Manny Ramirez (10), Alex Rodriguez (6), Frank Thomas (6), Barry Bonds (5), Rafael Palmeiro (5), Gary Sheffield (4), Jim Thome (2), Mark McGwire (2), Mike Schmidt (2), Ken Griffey Jr. (1)
  • Righties: 380
  • Lefties: 126
  • Fielding Position: 1B (82), 3B (68), RF (66), LF (65), CF (56), C (49), SS (40), 2B (39), DH (38)
  • Batting Order Position: Fourth (96), Third (81), Fifth (74), Sixth (56), First (47), Second (44), Seventh (40), Eighth (39), Ninth (29)


  • First: Juan Samuel, Phillies, June 23, 1986, two on, 0 out, bottom of the first at Wrigley Field
  • By runs: Solo (296), Two-run (144), Three-run (59), Grand Slam (7)
  • By game situation: Go-ahead (174), Tying (49), Leading off game (16), Pinch-hit (3), Walk-off (1), Inside-the-Park (1)
  • Multi-Home-Run Games: Two homers (101), Three homers (28), Four homers (1), Five homers (1)


  • Single-season highs: 2004 (44), 2006 (33), 2007 (30), 1987, 2002 (28), 2009 (27)
  • Postseason: 3 (post-season home runs don’t count toward his career total)
  • Month: May (98), August (90), March/April (83), September/October (79), July (78), June (78)
  • Inning: First (87), Fifth (79), Second (77), Fourth (75), Sixth (74), Third (55), Seventh (35), Eighth (18), Ninth (4), Eighteenth (1)


  • Moyer has pitched in 49 ballparks and allowed a home run in 42 of them.
  • Most: Safeco Field (89), Citizens Bank Park (53), Oriole Park at Camden Yards (47), Kingdome (38), Wrigley Field (36)
  • Most by city: Seattle (127), Philadelphia (59), Baltimore (47), Chicago (45), Toronto (23), Anaheim (22)
  • Inactive Parks: Kingdome (38), Yankee Stadium (19), Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (11), Three Rivers Stadium (7), Arlington Stadium (7), Philadelphia Veterans Stadium (6), Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium (4), Tiger Stadium (4), Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (4), Busch Stadium II (3), Shea Stadium (3), Stade Olympique (3), Milwaukee County Stadium (3), Riverfront Stadium (2)
  • Parks in which he has pitched but not allowed a home run (by innings pitched, active parks in italics): Houston Astrodome (25 IP), Cleveland Municipal Stadium (16 2/3), Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (14), Candlestick Park (13 2/3), Busch Stadium III (12), Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) (3 1/3), Comiskey Park I (2 1/3)


Moyer is the active leader in innings pitched (4,005) and is 42nd on that list all-time. His longevity and durability during the greatest home-run-hitting era in major league history have more to do with this record than Moyer’s penchant for giving up the long ball. His career average of 1.1 home runs per nine innings pitched is just a hair above the major league average (just over one home run per nine innings) for the duration of his career.

All that being said, here’s your current Moyer-o-meter readings. It also important to note that even after giving up Moyer still notched a win, thus passing yet another hall-of-famer, Bob Feller. Moyer also looks likely to pass Sandy Koufax in career strikeouts tonight.

When viewed through that prism, it is easy to see that this is really just another example of why Moyer is really a baseball immortal. The legend of Jamie Moyer continues tonight with a scheduled start in Pittsburgh. Nobody knows what stones will be laid on the road to Cooperstown tonight; it’s just too bad this last milestone had to be in Canada.

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