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The “I Told You So” Speech on Randy Moss – The Breakdown

Seriously, when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings, I’m getting tired of giving the “I Told You So Speech.” The very first post in the history of this blog was a rant about the attention being paid to a beat-up “has been” who stood little chance of getting the Vikings into the Super Bowl.  Even when the Minnesota Favre-Gasm was in full roar during the high times, I was the one telling you that it would all be for not.  Nobody in Minnesota wanted to accept reality; for the same amount of comprehension I was getting from Viking fans, I might as well have been speaking to a pile of cinder blocks.

Now, if he were getting paid to look like a black version of "Sideshow Bob..."

Now, there’s the Randy Moss catastrophe. Face it, Viking fans, I tried to warn you this was a train wreck, but you just had to drop a 3rd round draft pick for 13 receptions….count ’em, 13  receptions. Why did you do that? Hmmmm, could it be because you were DESPERATE?

For right now, understand what an exceptionally stupid move this is on the part of the Vikings. Whether you are playing poker or making a business deal, showing your desparation is never a good thing. The Vikes showed that in spades when they begged Brett Farve to come back for another year. Now that Purple offense has looked like a fraternity touch-football team well into its third keg of beer, Minnesota decides now is the time to chase bad money with worse money. Why? Because even Stevie Wonder can see the desparation dripping off of this franchise.

I mean, who the hell couldn’t see this was a disaster waiting to happen? The reason were crystal clear.

Forget that Minnesota ran Moss out of town in 2004. Forget that Randy Moss has never once passed the “Net Difference” test. And for now, forget that Randy Moss is in a contract year. We’ll come back to those points in a bit…

…Now, let’s get back to those opening points I told you to forget. You only need read back to yesterday’s post on this blog to see what I think about Minnesota sports fans.  Moss was another classic case of a guy who got run out of town for albeit stupid stuff, but stuff that white guys got away with. So, now you’re going to bring back a guy with whom you already burned a previous bridge and expect that trying to sign this guy to a contract is going to be a smooth process. Good luck with that. Ask yourself what happens when those contract talks break down? Expect Randy Moss to be Randy Moss, meaning he will go right back to the petulant crybaby routine that is getting him kicked out of New England.

The only thing I was wrong about was it would be contract talks that derailed the relationship. Rather, it just took the passing of 26 days for Moss to stop running routes, give up on catchable balls because he got bumped, raise his hand as if her were open in double-coverage, then have the “petulant crybaby routine” in his post-game press appearance. Then there’s that pesky “Net Difference” problem.

Then there’s the whole “Net Difference” test. This is something Moss shares with Favre on the last two teams he’s joined. Ultimately, the “Net Difference” test is a measure of what happened to the team you joined. For example, Brett Farve joined a mediocre New York Jet team that wasn’t a playoff contender, and took them all the way to being a mediocre team that wasn’t a playoff contender. In Minnesota, Brett Favre joined a division-winning team that couldn’t win a road playoff game and took them all the way to being a division-winning team that couldn’t win a road playoff game. Now, it really isn’t fair to apply that test to Moss’ days in New England because you can’t really improve a legitimate Super Bowl team, but look at his stops in Oakland and Minnesota. Moss took the Raiders from terrible to terrible, and he took the Vikings from a team that couldn’t win a big game to a team that couldn’t win a big game.

Hmmm…did those 13 receptions make a difference? Yeah, those 5 catches for 55 yards were the difference in the Vikings sole win during Moss II, or it might have been the fact it was against the complete implosion known as the Dallas Cowboys. Much like Moss’ impact, it matters little whether he has actually been released, or if we are just waiting for some paperwork to clear somebody’s desk; the relationship is over, the damage is done. For the Vikings, the season is lost, the locker room is split, and the coach is beginning to give the whiff of  “dead man walking.”

And it all could have been avoided…

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