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Open Letter to Minnesota Gopher Football – Stop “Kill”-ing Your Coach

How fitting is is that Gopher Nation is already settling into hating Jerry Kill, despite the fact that all he’s done is win wherever he’s been, including beating the Gophers 34-23 at TCF Bank Stadium. Yes, the “Killer” doesn’t even have his bags unpacked yet, and there’s already a “Fire Coach Kill” Twitter feed. Why? Because you Gopher fans are stuck in 1962.

Honestly, Gopher fans should be grateful they can still get a coach like the "Killer."

There’s two really funny things about all of this. One is this is the first time a coach who hasn’t even patrolled his new sideline even once is already on the Dubsism Coaches Death Watch list. It’s sad, but when everybody already wants your head, your future can’t be all that bright. Sadder still is the “Killer” seems like a nice guy and a good coach; too good for the shitbags that form Gopher Nation.

If you need an example of such shitbaggery, look no further than former Gopher footballer Jack Brewer. Since you never heard of him, Brewer’s football career consists largely of one decent season as a Gopher, followed by five season of being an anonymous special teams type for four different teams.  All you have to do is look at his website to see he’s got some serious delusions of grandeur. Or you can read the following quotes:

“I’ve never heard of him,” Brewer said. “I was hoping we’d actually go out and get a coach that was bigger than our program.”

Uhh, Jack, you did. Plkease note that Kill has never had a losing season as a coach, and has been to a bowl game more recently than the Gophers have.  Oh, and don’t forget that he took Northern Illinois into your house and beat you. He is bigger than your pathetic, raisin-sac program. But so is my 9-year old niece.

”I’m not sure who this guy has recruited,” Brewer said. “To be able to find top talent, you have to coach top talent. And to be able to go down to Texas and Florida and California and get premier athletes, you’ve got to be exposed to that. And that’s just not the situation at the University of Minnesota right now.”

You mean top talent like you, Jack? I must have slept through all those Big Ten titles you led the Gophers to back in the day. You are right that the Gophers can’t attract top talent, and that isn’t Jerry Kill’s fault.  It is the fault of you and the guys like you that make Gopher Nation. It is your steadfast refusal to admit that Gopher football hasn’t meant anything in nearly a half-century that has led to such delusions that Minnesota can attract a big name coach. Do you really think you can go out and get a Jim Harbaugh type? You can’t, and until you realize that, you will never take the steps needed to get back to the salad days of Gopher football.

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12 comments on “Open Letter to Minnesota Gopher Football – Stop “Kill”-ing Your Coach

  1. Mr. Phillips
    December 7, 2010

    Love the article. Kill is a good man and will do hopefully well in Minnesota. It is just pure ignorance that Jack forgot that Kill brought NIU into TCF stadium and whooped them. He has brought every team that he has coached for from a piss poor program to a conference contender. NIU SIUC Saginaw . Hopefully he gets Minnesota to that level before they “kill” him.


  2. Morgan Mundane
    December 8, 2010

    If you think Brewer is a tool you should check out Adam Kelley, and he was just a punter.


  3. Robert
    December 8, 2010

    People are warming up to Kill fast. Initially, some people were very negative, but the more people took a look into Kill’s record, the more people liked him.


  4. GOB
    December 8, 2010

    I was unaware that being “top talent” at the safety position was only possible if you win a conference title. Brewer was an All-Big Ten Conference selection, so he was at least arguably better than every safety in the conference.

    You really didn’t delve into the reason why Gopher fans assumed they were to land a big name hire, and that is because of statements by AD Joel Maturi. Fans are only turned off by the hire because Maturi was quoted upon firing Brewster as saying he was looking for a “Tubby Smith like hire.”

    Gopher fans don’t necessarily dislike Kill, they just don’t trust Joel Maturi. If you don’t get that, you’re an idiot.

    This article displays a fair amount of ignorance. The Gophers have by-and-large been a consistent bowl team over the past decade, though you make it seen like they haven’t sniffed 6 wins in 30 years.


  5. Tricks
    December 8, 2010

    Very good read. Jack Brewer and Adam Kelley make Gopher fans like myself look bad.


  6. BuddyLee
    December 8, 2010

    I have to agree with GOB in that this “article” reeks of ignorance.

    I was unaware of a “Fire Coach Kill” feed on Twitter, but what you’re doing is grouping an uneducated and overly emotional few with the whole MN fan base. By treating Jack Brewer as an official fan spokesperson for the Gophers, you’re not being representative of the population, statistically speaking; you can’t assume we all think like this guy.

    Also, some clarifications to right some of your ignorance. Jerry Kill HAS had losing seasons as a head coach, but hopefully what you meant was that he’s never had an overall losing record at each school he’s led. The other thing is that in the last couple decades Minny has been to plenty of bowl games, delivered plenty of huge upsets, and has been in and out of the top-25 rankings quite a bit in the last decade. To say that Gopher football hasn’t meant ANYTHING is completely false.

    I, along with a good majority of fans, like Kill, and will stand by him in hopes he’ll succeed. In the meantime, clean up your attitude a little, otherwise we’ll all feel bad for your 9-year-old niece.


  7. JW
    December 8, 2010

    I stand firmly by the assertion that the Gopher fans who are trashing Jerry Kill and think the Minnesota can land the “Big name” hire are delusional.

    1) As I type this, the “Fire Coach Kill” Twitter guy is clamoring about how now Minnesota can now hire Urban Meyer. Anybody who thinks that is possible, stand on your head.

    2) I honestly thought we could take that no self-respecting “big name”
    coach would even return a call from Joel Maturi as a given. Did you see the report that Maturi tried to offer the job to Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez. If that’s true, that is either pure balls or pure delusion.

    3) I absolutely love the following quote:

    “The Gophers have by-and-large been a consistent bowl team over the past decade, though you make it seen like they haven’t sniffed 6 wins in 30 years.”

    Nothing quite like reaching for the stars, is there? Getting to a bowl game in the “6 and you’re in” era is pretty low-rent as a measure of success; it gets even more Baltic Avenue when you consider what the Gophers did with it in the last decade:

    1999 – Lose Sun Bowl To Oregon 24-20
    2000 – Lose Micron PC Bowl To N.C. State 38-30
    2002 – Win Music City Bowl Over Arkansas 29-14
    2003 – Win Sun Bowl Over Oregon 31-30
    2004 – Win Music City Over Alabama 20-16
    2005 – Lose Music City Bowl To Virginia 34-31
    2006 – Lose Insight Bowl To Texas Tech 44-41 (OT)
    2008 – Lose Insight Bowl To Kansas 42-14
    2009 – Lose Insight Bowl To Iowa State 14-13

    A 3-6 record in bowls that are reserved for no better than a 4th place Big Ten finisher isn’t exactly the foundation of a program that can even get the “big name” to pick up the phone.


  8. Gopher Fan
    December 8, 2010

    You only expose the minority thinking of Gopher fans. But I have to agree with you. There are dillusional fans everywhere, and we have our share. To be honest Kill was in my top 10, but I didn’t get overly excited about his hiring, but every day since he was hired I am liking this guy more and more. Gopher fans are sick of mediocrity, and a season like 1962 cant come back fast enough. Will kill get us to the promise land, who knows, nobody has since Murray Warmath did it over 50 years ago. The problem is I was like – 6 years old then. So all of my grand football memories come from books from way back in the old days.


  9. Gophs
    December 8, 2010

    It’s apparent you spouted off without doing your homework on this one.

    A lot of people have warmed up to Kill. If anything, a number of people are disappointed in our AD for multiple reasons that go beyond the football program. He’s a PR nightmare.

    BTW – Citing Jack Brewer and the existence of a Twitter account that could’ve been created by anyone(Badger, Hawkeye, YOU, etc…) is hardly representative of the fanbase.


  10. ahaug99
    December 8, 2010

    Whether Jack Brewer and those like him represent the minority or not, they get more air time and quotes in the Twin Cities media than any positive (yet realistic) sect of Gopher fans. What Brewer and his cronies fail to understand is that they were not on any great Gopher teams. Purely because you had a winning season and went to a bowl, or because you hold punting records since the 80’s (I’m looking at you Adam Kelly) doesn’t change the fact that we haven’t had a conference title since the 60’s and only two (off the top of my head) winning conference records in the past 43 years.

    The truth hurts for many like Jack, Adam Kelly, etc. The sad realty is that many like them have the seeming inability to look in the mirror and realize that their teams, and now their attitudes and methods of support further entrench the University in mediocrity (at best). There are PLENTY of other fans that support Minnesota wholeheartedly, want the best, and believe there is no reason that we can’t return to the glory days of yesteryear while also admitting what we are and what it is going to take.

    Coach Kill is a solid hire, and many in Gold Country may not support the man who hired him, but will do whatever it takes to support and join Jerry Kill in turning Minnesota into a winning and respectable program again, myself included.


  11. Tom
    December 9, 2010

    Please don’t confuse Gopher Nation with SaveGopherFootball.com, the organization that Brewer and other former Gopher players created in order to have a say in the selection of a new Coach. While I share their concern over our buffoon AD being allowed to make yet another selection, SGF’s approach belongs beneath a toilet seat in an uncleaned public restroom. Contacting potential coaches and their ADs with rumors and out-an-out lies is not the way to bring stability to the program you say you support. Had they wanted a true voice at the table they should have taken their concerns to the University President in private and made their feelings known through that format. These clowns have actually done great damage to our football program, as we can only speculate as to whom they may have frightened away prior to the selection of Coach Kill. Many of the SGF gang are in business in this area and a large segment of Gopher Nation will remember the antics of Jack Brewer, Adam Kelly, Steve Thompson, Doug Kingsriter, et al and will repay them in kind over the coming months and years.
    Many of us were less than thrilled by the announcement of Coach Kill’s hiring, particularly due to his never previously having recruited at a level necessary to compete in the Big Ten. Most fans, after seeing and hearing him, and having a chance to learn something about him, are now on board. Much of the broohaha had to do with our lunatic ADs boast that we would make a “Tubby Smith type hire”, thereby driving expectations through an unrealistic ceiling.
    You are spot on in your criticism of what happened here but paint too wide a stroke with your brush. Gopher Nation IS NOT SaveGopher Football.com and doesn’t deserve the rip job that belongs to SGF. BTW–just for laughs, do you know who Brewer’s choice for a new coach was? He wanted his former coach, Glen Mason, returned to the job he botched previously. So much for Jack Brewer!


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