What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Question Jay Cutler’s Toughness

After spending three hours of last Sunday watching what had to be the worst NFC Championship I can remember, I have had very few sports conversations that didn’t touch on the whole Jay Cutler saga.  Just today, I’ve had at least three people parroting the line being heard all over sports media; the line about “it isn’t fair to question a player’s toughness.”

To all the players, coaches, commentators and sports fans who have said that, I have two words: Fuck you.

First of all, as a fan, I am the one who through his purchase of tickets, cable TV packages, various paraphanalia, and through his general interest even make Jay Cutler and any other professional athletes’ existence possible.  So don’t tell me  I cannot voice an opinion.  Feel free to dispute my position via a reasoned argument, but don’t you dare go all Stalin on me by saying I have no right to express my thoughts.

Secondly, flash the clock back to November. Remember how everything then was about celebrating toughness? That was when the media sh0ved Brett Favre and that utterly meaningless consecutive games played streak down my throat.  If toughness is a quality to be admired in one, its presence can be questioned in another.  To that end, if there was ever a guy for whom these sorts of questions are fair, it’s Jay Cutler.

Face it, Cutler has built a reputation for himself that begs for this sort of skepticism.

It’s well-known that Cutler doesn’t handle the tough situations well. He’s at his worst as a quarterback in the red zone and in 3rd down situations.  He rolled up in a pouty ball and demanded a trade when he didn’t get enough affirmation from the Broncos.  Even Brian Urlacher, the guy who offered the most empassioned defense of Cutler after Sunday’s performance has been rumored to have called him a “pussy” on prior occasions.

Sunday before the “injury” spoke to his “big game” proclivities; afterward this could easily be what defines his career. But they both speak to his “toughness,” and you can’t tell me otherwise.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

4 comments on “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Question Jay Cutler’s Toughness

  1. Chris Humpherys
    January 26, 2011

    Well argued, sir.

    Remind me to Tweet this to Maurice Jones Drew (not sure where to put the hyphen).


    • JW
      January 26, 2011

      Not sure if irony is the right word here, but consider what I wrote about Cutler hardly 24 hours before the NFC Championship game…

      “8 ) His Incredibly Annoying Survivability

      “Cutler has made a living playing behind offensive lines that look more like the row of turnstiles in a subway station. Yet, he keeps coming back. Let’s be honest, how he didn’t get yanked during that pick-fest against the Redskins is beyond me.”

      “I mean, Tony Romo at least had the common decency to suffer a season-ending injury, and Lord knows the Giants gave Cutler every chance to do the same. But, no, Cutler couldn’t do the honorable thing; rather he has subjected us all to a season of barely competent quarterback play.”

      “God help us all if the Bears beat the Packers on Sunday, because that would only serve to further the illusion that Jay Cutler and this band of frauds known as the Chicago Bears are a legitimate championship-caliber football team.”


  2. Chris Humpherys
    January 26, 2011

    You jinxed him, dude.

    Remind me to sift more carefully through your Super Bowl preview for clues on how to bet the game.



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