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BREAKING NEWS: Mistrial Declared in Roger Clemens’ Steroid Trial

Perfect…this is just what we need. Over the next 24 hours, you can expect ESPN to overflow with lawyers numbing your brain about the legal nuances in play here. We here at Dubsism intend to do no such thing. Rather, we will expose you to what is being reported and then translate it into what it really means.

The judge in the Roger Clemens federal perjury trial abruptly declared a mistrial on the second day of testimony after the government inadvertently allowed the jury to hear statements from a U.S. congressman discussing the credibility of one of the key witnesses against the former All-Star baseball pitcher.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton was livid Thursday that a video screen was left on in the courtroom while he and the lawyers privately discussed an issue away from the jury, and yet the jurors could clearly see written comments by U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) during a 2008 House hearing in which Clemens testified he never used steroids or other enhancement drugs.

“Sadly, I have reached this conclusion,” Walton said.

Anybody who believes the government “inadvertently” let that evidence be seen by the jury, stand on your head.  Let’s cut through the guano here, this piece of evidence cuts the knees out from under any assertion Clemens isn’t lying.

At issue was an earlier ruling in which the judge said he would not allow outside testimony or evidence from others about the credibility of certain key witnesses, including Andy Pettitte, a former teammate of Clemens.

Yet appearing on the screen was a transcript of comments by Cummings discussing Pettitte’s wife and Pettitte’s credibility as one of the lead government witnesses against the seven-time Cy Young award winner.

The government was supposed to have redacted such comments, and was instructed to keep them away from the jury of 10 women and two men so as not to prejudice their deliberations.

In other words, Pettitte comes off as a credible witness who contradicts anything Clemens says, and even legal novices like me can tell Clemens doesn’t need anymore shovels digging his grave.

“We’ll never know what impact that will have on how this jury decides this case, when we have a man’s liberty’s at stake,” said Walton, visibly angry. “I am troubled by this. The government should have been more cautious.”

He added, “I don’t see how I unring the bell” and keep the jury from considering what Pettitte’s wife said and what Cummings thought of it.

“In my view, Mr. Pettitte’s testimony is going to be critical as to whether this man goes to prison, and I can’t in good faith leave this case where a man’s liberty is at risk when the government should have assured we are not in this situation.”

If you don’t know by now that Pettitte’s testimony is the “smoking gun” in these proceedings, you likely also think a deal in the NFL lockout is imminent, that professional wrestling isn’t scripted, and that Casey Anthony isn’t a baby-killer.

Prosecutors said the error was inadvertent. But Rusty Hardin of Houston, Clemens’ chief defense attorney, seized on the problem and immediately asked for a mistrial.

There’s no way it was a mistake. The simple fact that now this information is now out in the media ensures any potential jury pool for a retrial has seen it.

On the screen were written comments from Cummings discussing how Laura Pettitte has said her husband “told me he had a conversation with Roger Clemens and Roger admitted to him using human growth hormones.” Clemens has insisted he never told Pettitte that he used HGH or steroids, even though his friend and former New York Yankees teammate has said otherwise.

Yet Cummings, from his comments, seemed to believe Pettitte over Clemens.  Cummings’ comments were then addressed to Clemens, and his sworn statements that he never told Pettitte he used the drugs.

“If that were true,” Cummings’ comments continued on the video, “why would Laura Pettitte remember her husband telling her about that?”

There’s the million dollar question – one that Clemens has no answer for, and that his defense lawyer hoped to keep from being asked. So much for that.

Clemens had been charged with perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements in the latest criminal trial dealing with Major League Baseball players and steroids and other enhancement drugs.

The judge continued a gag order precluding Clemens and attorneys and prosecutors discussing the case — at least until a hearing on Sept. 2 to decide how or whether to jump start the case.

Clemens’ best hope at this point is the judge decides not to re-try the case, or that his lawyers can cut a deal with prosecutors before a new trail date is set. Otherwise, signs point to “The Rocket” getting convicted.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

12 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Mistrial Declared in Roger Clemens’ Steroid Trial

  1. tophatal
    July 14, 2011


    Is there a load of dumb mutha’ fu##ers working within the Justice Department on behalf of the US Attorney General ?

    Justice isn’t so much blind as it has more to do with a bunch of friggin’ trial attorneys/ government prosecutors who on their best day couldn’t indict a ham sandwich must less get laid !

    Why hadn’t prosecutors sequestered the jury right up to the start of the trial ? God knows they must have already spent enough damn money on the investigation to begin with ! So what’s a few thousand dollars more ? Our tax dollars at work thanks a lot ! Can’t wait for the 2nd August to see if the country can be officially classified as being in default . I am sure China is really looking forward to it all ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


    • I could indict a ham sandwhich…for being fucking delicious.



      • tophatal
        August 3, 2011

        Ham sandwiches are delicious ! However I believe that our Hassidic friends do not prescribe to that at all !

        Did Lew Wolff have a simultaneous brain f_rt and freeze when he recently make the statement that Frank McCourt …….. has been bad for baseball ? God damn it , this is the owner of the A’s lambasting the owner of the Dodgers ! What am I missing here ?

        Last I checked the A’s were in something of a tailspin . But then again it doesn’t beat your team owner declaring bankruptcy solely for personal reasons !

        tophatal …….


  2. tophatal
    July 14, 2011

    Eric Holder please suck on this ! And no ….. it’s not left my nut it’s actually Rosie O’Donnell’s ….. left tit .


  3. ChrisHumpherys
    July 14, 2011


    Like I said over on Al’s site, at least the mistrial saved us a whole lotta taxpayer dollars and time having to listen to all that bullshit to begin with.

    He wasn’t going to jail any way so why bother?.


    • chappy81
      July 15, 2011

      The funny part is if he went to jail he’d actually be costing taxpayers more money. I would’ve liked to see Rodger get sentenced to some good ol community service…


    • tophatal
      July 15, 2011


      What money has been saved ? Have you forgotten the man hours put by the investigators at the taxpayers’ expense ? These are after all civil servants working for the federal government and who in essence are being paid essentially by taxpayer . When and if there should be a second trial look for the prosecution to go by the book in terms of procedure .

      Has Bonds been sentenced as of yet ?

      Don’t worry they don’t want to be embarrassed a second time that’s why Clemens will go down !


  4. toosoxy
    July 21, 2011

    this whole case made me so mad. i blame people like bud selig who may talk the talk about being anti-steroids… but do very little. and the mistrial saved NO money. because it’s money wasted for the extra long jury selection… and money wasted trying to figure out where this goes… money, money, money.


  5. tophatal
    July 21, 2011


    There’s no truth to the rumor that Casey Anthony has come out of hiding to spend time with Clemens is there ? Apparently Mindy McCready was in rehab so she couldn’t oblige “Rocket” .


  6. tophatal
    July 21, 2011


    Do you honestly believe that the money ($1 billion) set aside by the NFL for the retired veterans will be spent for their benefit ? Niners’ Forrest Blue like John Mackey died age 65 living in an assisted facility . No apparent cause of death but the guy had been suffering with dementia . Why am I not surprised ?

    tophatal ……


  7. If we’re admitting the size of his forehead as evidence, he’s guilty as fucking helll



  8. JW
    August 2, 2011

    Well, some of us got giant heads the old-fashioned way…ham-sandwiches and beer.


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