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Today’s “Schadenfreude” Moment: Casey Anthony and Ohio State

"Could there be anybody worse to be seen in our stuff?"

scha·den·freu·de – [shahd-n-froi-duh] – noun:  satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

It really shouldn’t surprise anybody that when you see a lot of a particular team’s gear out there, occasionally a picture will surface featuring some less-than-palatable creature sporting said gear. Welcome to the world Ohio State find itself in.

This isn’t a new development. It first came to my attention a few years ago, thanks to an investigative reporter in Cleveland named Carl Monday who exposed (so to speak) a ring of pervos whacking it to kiddie porn in the public libraries.

We all know that there are a ton of issues surrounding Ohio State’s program these days, so the last thing they really need is this:

I’d really hate to be Ohio State’s public relations guy right about now.  First, there’s just the obvious stuff swirling around Columbus now with the whole Memorabilia-gate saga. Then, it comes out the players intend to wear bracelets to honor the memory of disgraced former coach Jim “Cheatypants McSwetervest” (how long before those end up in a pawn shop in the greater Columbus area?). Just as he’s reaching for the Rolaids, that picture hits the internet.

That level of stress helps to explain the tone of this response.

A rep for the university tells TMZ, “We are never surprised to see Buckeye pride displayed across the world.  Buckeye hoodies and hats have traditionally been spotted across the world, and we understand that as a result, our logo will be seen in a wide range of news situations, whether positive or negative.”

Of course, that wasn’t his first response. That probably went more like “Oh, that’s just great…not like I have enough problems, now I have the most hated woman in America showing up wearing my logo.”

Then they showed him this picture.

“Oh, now that’s just fucking terrific! Why doesn’t she just perform a live sex act on that jersey with O.J., then bury her dead kid’s body in it?! I need a fucking drink…”

Casey Anthony is a reprehensible human being who got away with murder, but she is doing for Ohio State what Jonestown did for Kool-Aid, and I must approve of that.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

8 comments on “Today’s “Schadenfreude” Moment: Casey Anthony and Ohio State

  1. tophatal
    August 4, 2011

    Tressel and Casey Anthony ? Not my idea of cookies and cream much less anything else but I guess it’s working somebody ! The state is deserving of both ! As for the university president E Gordon Gee and the AD Gene Smith as that duo …… now make …. Ross Perot and James Stockdale seem like friggin’ geniuses !

    You’ve gotta laugh at the do-fuss !

    tophatal …………..


    • JW
      August 6, 2011

      Way to go, shithead. By attacking a war hero like Stockdale, you have proven to me all you blather about military men and the treatment of veterans is just more of your hypocritical bullshit.


      • tophatal
        August 8, 2011

        Stockdale may well have been a war hero but the political landscape wasn’t the place for him .He was out of his depth completely !

        Hypocritical ? What’s hypocritical in actually speaking about an issue that’s ignored by the masses and only used a political sound byte by the candidates to gain votes ? Trust me I’ve spent a great deal of my time working with vets over the past six years in assisting them get benefits that they’ve been denied by the government .

        Just because some guy has some medals adorning his uniform because of heroism on the field it doesn’t necessarily make him all the more credible in the political arena at all . Remember that !


  2. tophatal
    August 4, 2011

    Is Casey Anthony aware that she looks a lot like Jen Sterger ? Oh s_@i here comes Brett Favre with his wiener .

    tophatal ….


  3. tophatal
    August 4, 2011

    Is Casey Anthony aware that she looks a lot like Jen Sterger ? Oh s_@t here comes Brett Favre with his wiener .

    tophatal ….


  4. sportsattitudes
    August 4, 2011

    The jury is still out on all this…but early verdicts rendered reveal another black eye for the Buckeyes.


  5. Diehardsport
    August 7, 2011

    Can’t believe the Carl Monday creeper. As of course, Anthony. Two perfect examples of Buckeyes!


  6. Technically, Tressel, Pryor and the entire Ohio State program got penalized worse than her.


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