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The Dubsism Baseball Post-Season Preview: A Look Back at Yesterday and A Look Ahead To October

I’m just going to come right out and say it…if you didn’t find last night’s baseball drama to be one of the most exciting things you’ve seen since discount warehouse liquor stores, you either don’t like baseball or you have no pulse.

I’m such an old codger that I can remember first-hand the days of Charlie O. Finley, the chain-link outfield fence at Candlestick Park, and Bucky F–king Dent, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that last night was the single-most exciting four hours of baseball I’ve ever personally witnessed.  Being that old geezer, you have to understand this includes Game 6 of the ’75 World Series, Reggie Jackson hitting three homers on three swings against the Dodgers, the ’78 Red Sox-Yankees playoff (hence Bucky F–king Dent), Game 6 of the ’86 World Series, the 1987 World Series (preceded by the August weekend in Milwaukee in which Kirby Puckett supplanted Rod Carew as  my lord and personal savior), Game 7 of the 1991 World Series, and all things Bartman-esque.

But none of those things – not a single damn one of them – involved four games occurring simultaneously which held the structure of the post-season in the balance. The Cards took their game out of the mix early by drubbing the Astros, and it seemed the Yankees had done the same on the grand slam by Mark Teixiera. When Dustin Pedroia put the Red Sox in front of the Orioles with his homer, I don’t think anybody in America saw what was coming in the next few hours.

Except me.

If you are a follow of @Dubsism on Twitter, you saw the prophecy in action.

9:30 P.M. ET

Okay, so I missed on the playoff thing, but after Jon Lester somehow managed to get out of the 6th inning without giving away the ball game despite his complete inability to throw a strike, all you had to do was look into the Sawwwx dugout to see they knew they had just used up their miracle.

Again, the Orioles just won’t go away, and here comes Jonathan “I can blow that save, Terry” Papelbon.  But just moments before Papelbon has his soon-to-be-infamous meltdown, Dan Johnson has his moment in Tampa.

That’s right, the hero of the moment is a guy who was hitting south of .130 and hadn’t had a major league hit since April. Toss in the fact that he looked completely overmatched on pitches prior to that home run, and one couldn’t help but be reminded of Bernie Carbo.

Next comes the Papelbon catastrophe (raise your hand if you didn’t see it coming…by now it was painfully apparent). This left the only hope for the Sawwwx in a Rays extra-inning loss.

Then it happened.

12:00 A.M. ET

Evan Longoria stroked the Red Sox into the off-season, all while propelling us into what promises to be an incredible post-season. But it also will push us into a discussion about just what happened.

While the Braves collapse is just as embarrassing as that of Boston’s, it simply is more fun to rub some salt in the collective wounds of the Sawwwx nation. See, as an Angels fan, I’ve hated the Red Sox ever since the Dave Henderson homer in the ’86 ALCS.

You should understand that for the rest of us, those of us not fans of the Yankees or Red Yankees, those of us whose teams have spent a decade playing the Washington Generals to east-of-the-Hudson, bloated-payroll Globetrotters…when either team fails, it is the same sort of soul-filling pablum that makes people watch soap operas. We all love to watch the rich and famous stumble.

And after all that, here we are; another October full of post-season baseball. Let’s be honest, most of the crap I said about these teams six months ago was wrong, so why not go for month number seven proving I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Indeed, how many of those things turned out true? Remember when I said the Yankees and the Red Sox were mirror images of each other, and it would be a race between the two to see which collapsed first? Well, the Red Sox waited until September before they folded faster than Superman on laundry day, allowing themselves to get run down by a Rays team that could be this years answer to the San Francisco Giants.

But enough of looking back…let’s look ahead to the post-season. Here are your eight participants and their odds of coming home with a title.

1) Philadelphia Phillies – (Pre-season Rank #1, 102-60, NL East Champs) – Odds of Winning World Series: 2.5-1

This team is all about the pitching staff, with just enough offense to make it work. It worked to the tune of 100+ wins, and this is the proverbial “team to beat” until somebody does just that. The biggest concern is that in the National League, the team to finish with the best record hasn’t won the World Series since the 1986 Mets, and since the Phillies obviously won’t have the luxury of facing the Red Sawwwx…

2) New York Yankees (Pre-season Rank #4, 97-65, AL East Champs) – Odds of Winning World Series: 4-1

The Yankees are the photo-negative of the Phillies; they sport a monstrous line-up and a pitching staff made up of CC Sa-fat-tia and a lot of “not much else.”

Now, it’s time for some equal-opportunity hating: Are you now, or have you ever been a Yankees fan? Are you under the age of 45? Have you ever said “The Yankees sucked when I was a kid, so I’m not of one these new Yankee fans that came along when we started winning again”? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you are pretentious douche-nozzle and you would be doing the world a favor if you stuck a shotgun in your mouth.

There’s soooooooooo many reasons to hate the Yankees. First, there’s the aforementioned loyalty-less assloafs who think just because the Yankees sucked in the 80′s means they aren’t some dickhead who needs to be on the winning side.  But least there is one less reason to hate them, since that piece of deep-fried monkey nuts known as George Steinbrenner is dead. At least he has a burn-in-hell worthy legacy, like sodomizing New York City out of a billion dollars to build a replica of a 90-year old mausoleum of decency, then filling it with insufferable dickweeds who are now actually proud of their Ruthian douche-baggery.

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned this yet, but you have no idea how much it pissed me off that after Steinbrenner assumed room temperature that I kept being told “You didn’t have to like him, but you had to respect him.”  Eat me. The same people who said this are the same people responsible for the impending death of America.  George Steinbrenner was a criminal who deserves the same respect a dog pays to a fire hydrant.

3) Tampa Bay Rays (Pre-season Rank #18, 91-71, AL Wild Card) – Odds of Winning World Series: 5.5-1

This is clearly a reactionary pick. Last year I picked the Giants as the least likely team to win, and I’m not making that mistake again. This team plays just like last years champions. They get big hits when they need them, and they get enough pitching to make those hits stand up. Not to mention, if you believe in momentum AT ALL, you can’t bet against this club.

4) Milwaukee Brewers (Pre-season Rank #12, 96-66, NL Central Champs) – Odds of Winning World Series: 7-1

This is the first appearance the Brew Crew has made in the post-season  since Harvey’s Wallbangers in 1982. The Brewers finished with a 57-24 record at home, which was both best in the major leagues and a franchise record.  Since they will host the Diamondbacks in the first round, that should bode well for the boys from Beer City.

5) Arizona Diamondbacks (Pre-Season Rank #11, 94-67, NL West Champs) – Odds of Winning World Series: 8-1

Don’t look now, but this is a franchise that wins with pitching. They won the 2001 World Series with Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson, and Arizona moundsmen have earned five Cy Young Awards in 13 seasons.  This year, the D-backs sport right-handers Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson, as well as left-hander Joe Saunders who have all racked up 200 innings.

With all those innings-eaters at the top of the rotation, the D-Backs always more often than not have a fresh bullpen, which means manager Kirk Gibson often can get desirable individual late-game matchups. This also means Arizona tends not to get far behind in ball games, which is part of the reason for the team’s big-league-high 48 comeback victories.

Oh, and as a life-long Dodger-hater, I’m obliged to bring up the quintessential Kirk Gibson post-season moment…I may need a bucket…

6) St. Louis Cardinals (Pre-Season Rank #16, 90-72, NL Wild Card) – Odds of Winning World Series: 9-1

Only the Yankees have won more World Series titles than the Cardinals, and both have won in the last five years. This means the Cardinals are a team with plenty of post-season experience.

They also have that momentum factor I mentioned with the Rays. The Cardinals got hot in September after being 10 1/2 games behind the Braves on Aug. 25.   This means they won 23 of their last 32 games.

7) Texas Rangers (Pre-Season Rank #13, 95-66, AL West Champs) – Odds of Winning World Series: 12-1

Texas hit .320 in September, the highest batting average after September 1st, which is the best since this statistic has been kept beginning in 1946. We all know this team can hit, and even though the Ranger pitching staff has the fifth best ERA in the American League, I’m not sure a Cliff Lee-less rotation scares anybody.

8 ) Detroit Tigers (Pre-Season Rank #14, 91-71, AL Central Champs– Odds of Winning World Series: 14-1

Like the Brewers, the Tigers are another team showing up in October after a long absence. The last time the Motor City Kitties graced October with their was 1987. Of all the great moments in my own personal baseball history I listed earlier, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Game 4 of the ALCS, when Tiger third baseman Darrell Evans became the goat to end all goats.

As far as this year’s Tigers are concerned, you can’t argue that Justin Verlander is the most dominating pitcher in the league, and Miguel Cabrera is the most potent offensive weapon, but the Tigers have some thump in the lineup beyond that. They have a supporting cast to go along with Verlander. The trouble is I simply don’t think they can beat the Yankees.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

14 comments on “The Dubsism Baseball Post-Season Preview: A Look Back at Yesterday and A Look Ahead To October

  1. tophatal
    September 29, 2011


    The airwaves of WEEI must be burning up this morning with the fans probably calling in for the head of Francona to be placed on a spike .

    tophatal ……………


    • JW
      September 29, 2011

      There will be a whole winter of scape-goating in Boston, and hopefully they will get to some of the real culprits, such as Papelbon and Carl Crawford.


      • tophatal
        September 29, 2011


        Fans in Boston have not only been calling WEEI but also a number of suicide hot-lines in the greater Boston area . The real blame lies with Beckett and Bard amongst the Red Sox pitching as it has been diabolical throughout the month of September .

        tophatal …………


      • JW
        September 29, 2011

        Any list of scapegoats must include Jon Lester and John Lackey.


  2. ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)
    September 29, 2011

    NostraDubsis, nicely done.

    Let’s just say, even I stopped singing karaoke last night to pay attention.

    And that’s sayin’ somethin’.


    • JW
      September 29, 2011

      A Rays fan at a karaoke bar on a night when their season hung in the balance…So, you were one of the 15,000 empty seats at the JuiceDome…


  3. sportsattitudes
    September 30, 2011

    Even in the most dramatic of circumstances the fish in the “Rays Tank” continued to lead in attendance versus the number of humans in the stands (a third rooting for the Yankees and the Red Sox at that). Now we get to see more baseballs clank off the walkways in the ceiling and wonder…is that a live ball or not…? Carl Crawford clearly put down a big bet in Vegas before the season his old team would make the playoffs…and then Carl spent his season ensuring the Red Sox would not get in their way.


    • JW
      September 30, 2011

      Horrible ballpark and no fan interest = this team moves if a new park ins’t built. Shame we have to talk about that now, though…


    • chappy81
      September 30, 2011

      What do you have against the Rays man!?!


      • JW
        September 30, 2011

        I have nothing against the Rays, but the reality is MLB would love to either get a new ball park in Tampa (not likely) or move that team somewhere else.


      • chappy81
        September 30, 2011

        Oh I meant Sportsattitudes! He seems to have something against them!


  4. tophatal
    September 30, 2011


    What’s the price tag of that pitching roster of the Red Sox in comparison to the O’s ?

    tophatal ……………


    • JW
      September 30, 2011

      Overall Team Salaries:

      Boston $161,407,476
      Baltimore $85,304,038
      Tampa Bay $41,932,171

      Pitching Staffs:

      Josh Beckett $17,000,000
      John Lackey $15,950,000
      Jonathan Papelbon $12,000,000
      Daisuke Matsuzaka $10,333,333
      Bobby Jenks $6,000,000
      Jonathan Lester $5,750,000
      Dan Wheeler $3,000,000
      Tim Wakefield $2,000,000
      Junichi Tazawa $1,500,000
      Dennys Reyes $900,000
      Matt Albers $875,000
      Clay Buchholz $555,000
      Daniel Bard $505,000
      Felix Doubront $417,000
      Total $76,785,333

      Mike Gonzalez $6,000,000
      Jeremy Guthrie $5,750,000
      Kevin Gregg $4,200,000
      Koji Uehara $3,000,000
      Brian Matusz $1,350,000
      Jeremy Accardo $1,080,000
      Jim Johnson $975,000
      Justin Duchscherer $700,000
      Josh Rupe $475,000
      Brad Bergesen $434,000
      Jason Berken $426,500
      Jake Arrieta $419,000
      Chris Tillman $417,000
      Total $25,226,500

      Tampa Bay
      James Shields $4,250,000
      Kyle Farnsworth $2,600,000
      David Price $2,084,671
      J.P. Howell $1,100,000
      Joel Peralta $925,000
      Andy Sonnanstine $912,500
      Jeff Niemann $903,000
      Juan Cruz $850,000
      Wade Davis $434,100
      Adam Russell $420,800
      Jeremy Hellickson $418,400
      Cesar Ramos $416,700
      Jake McGee $415,200
      Total $15,730,371

      Now, the question is back in March, which of those staffs would you have rather had?


      • tophatal
        September 30, 2011

        And now it makes you wonder what’s going on within the minds of the front offices in the Red Sox in comparison to that of the Rays and Orioles Mind you when you have Peter Angelos as an owner winning isn’t exactly everything as he simply loves to hobnob with the congressional member in DC . ? I know that the Red Sox with them being able to NESN to write off the baseball operational losses but there’s only so much you can do when you continue to go down that route after a while . Lucchino and Epstein had better begin to rethink that whole philosophy.

        See link on the NESN site ?

        Theo Epstein: ‘There Are No Immediate Plans for an Announcement’ Regarding Terry Francona

        Terry Francona still has a job as manager of the Boston Red Sox. For now.

        Despite rampant speculation that Francona and the Sox would part ways this morning after a meeting with ownership, general manager Theo Epstein has released a statement indicating otherwise.

        “John Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino, Ben Cherington and I met with Terry Francona this morning at Fenway Park to exchange thoughts and information on the 2011 season and discuss areas for improvement going forward,” Epstein said in a statement. “We all plan on taking some time to process the thoughts expressed in the meeting. There are no immediate plans for an announcement.” ….. Click on either of the links provided to read article its entirety.


        tophatal …………


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