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Your Jamie Moyer Update 3/27/2012 – The “Fact-o-Palooza”

A lot of people know Jamie Moyer is the oldest player currently in spring training. If you’ve been following our Jamie Moyer coverage, you know that he’s got a pretty good shot at making the roster of the Colorado Rockies.  But simply sticking to that one number obscures some real “WTF” type facts. Here’s 16 Jamie Moyer facts that you may not have known.

FACT: Jamie Moyer was born November 18th, 1962, which was four months before the Beatles released their first album in Britain.

FACT: Moyer was one year and four days old on November 22nd, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assasinated; and was six years old during the first moon landing on July 20, 1969.

FACT: Former Notre Dame head basketball coach and current ESPN talking head Digger Phelps is Jamie Moyer’s father-in-law.

FACT: You need to be careful when doing a web search for “Jamie Moyer.” A simple typo can lead you to a comedian named Jaime Moyer.

FACT: In his 25 seasons in the Major Leagues, Moyer has pitched in a total of 49 different ballparks, including 14 that no longer exist.

FACT: Jamie Moyer was the starting pitcher for the Cubs on the last day Wrigley Field didn’t have lights (Wrigley didn’t have night baseball until 1988).

FACT:  While most pitchers age like milk, Moyer aged like a fine wine. From ages 27 to 29,  Moyer sported a record of 2-11. From ages 38 to 40, Moyer went 54-21.

FACT: Jamie Moyer is second in career wins after the age 40, with 103 (Phil Niekro is the record-holder at 121).

FACT: Jamie Moyer’s best fastball (most recently clocked at 82 mph) would have a hard time getting a speeding ticket in some counties in Texas.

Moyer's fastball wouldn't even get pulled over in Pecos County.

FACT: The Colorado Rockies franchise is entering its 20th season. Jamie Moyer pitched in 141 Major League games before the Rockies ever played their first in 1993.

FACT: 46 players appeared in games for the Rockies in their inaugural season. Only seven of them are older than Jamie Moyer (49) is today.

  • OF Dale Murphy, 56
  • P Bryn Smith, 56
  • P Bruce Hurst, 54
  • 1B Andres Galarraga, 51
  • P Mark Knudson, 51
  • C Danny Sheaffer, 50
  • P Jeff Parrett, 50
  • OF Daryl Boston, 49
  • P Gary Wayne, 49
  • LF Jerald Clark, 48
  • P Bruce Ruffin, 48
  • P Greg Harris, 48
  • P Mark Grant, 48
  • RF Dante Bichette, 48
  • SS Nelson Liriano, 48
  • 3B Charlie Hayes, 47
  • C Joe Girardi, 47
  • OF Gerald Young, 47
  • P Steve Reed, 47
  • CF Alex Cole, 46
  • CF Chris Jones, 46
  • P Armando Reynoso, 46
  • P Darren Holmes, 46
  • P Mike Munoz, 46
  • P Willie Blair, 46
  • SS Freddie Benavides, 46
  • 1B Jay Gainer,45
  • 2B Eric Young, 45
  • P Mo Sanford, 45
  • P Scott Service, 45
  • C Eric Wedge, 44
  • P Andy Ashby, 44
  • P Curt Leskanic, 44
  • P Keith Shepherd, 44
  • P Lance Painter, 44
  • P Scott Aldred, 44
  • P Scott Fredrickson, 44
  • SS Vinny Castilla, 44
  • UT Jim Tatum, 44
  • C Jayhawk Owens, 43
  • P Butch Henry, 43
  • P David Nied, 43
  • P Kent Bottenfield, 43
  • IF Pedro Castellano, 42
  • P Marcus Moore, 41
  • 2B Roberto Mejia, 40

FACT:  The average age of a Major League manager is now 50. Did you spot the two current managers in the above list? Those aren’t the only current major league managers to whom Moyer is senior. In addition to Eric Wedge and Joe Girardi, Moyer is older than:

  • Fredi Gonzalez (Braves), 48
  • Dale Sveum (Cubs), 48
  • Ozzie Guillen (Marlins), 48
  • Robin Ventura (White Sox), 44
  • Manny Acta (Indians), 43
  • Mike Matheny (Cardinals), 41
FACT: Moyer is older than 16 of the 30 Major League general managers
  • Ruben Amaro, Jr. (Phillies), 47
  • Kenny Williams (White Sox), 47
  • Jeff Luhnow (Astros), 45
  • Dayton Moore (Royals), 45
  • Brian Cashman (Yankees), 44
  • Jerry DiPoto (Angels), 43
  • Neal Huntington (Pirates), 43
  • John Mozeliak (Cardinals), 43
  • Josh Byrnes (Padres), 42
  • Michael Hill (Marlins), 41
  • Jed Hoyer (Cubs), 38
  • Chris Antonetti (Indians), 37
  • Ben Cherington (Red Sox), 37
  • Andrew Friedman (Rays), 35
  • Alex Anthopoulos (Blue Jays), 34
  • Jon Daniels (Rangers), 34
FACT: Jamie Moyer is legitimately old enough to be the father of his competition; look at Moyer’s age when the pitchers he is competing against for a spot in the rotation were born:
  • Tyler Chatwood (27)
  • Jhoulys Chacin (24)
  • Esmil Rogers (22)
  • Jorge de la Rosa (18)
  • Jeremy Guthrie (16)

FACT: Moyer has pitched 4,020.1 innings, which is exactly 3,000 more innings than his most seasoned competition Jeremy Guthrie (1,021.1).  Moyer’s total is also 1,586  more innings pitched than Guthrie, Jorge de la Rosa (769.2), Jhoulys Chacin (342.1), Tyler Chatwood (142.0),  and Esmil Rogers (159.0) combined.

FACT: Not only do Jamie Moyer and Bear Grylls share a resemblance, they also share survival skills.

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4 comments on “Your Jamie Moyer Update 3/27/2012 – The “Fact-o-Palooza”

  1. chappy81
    March 27, 2012

    Great post. They were talking him up on Baseball Tonight saying he’s been throwing great all spring and SHOULD take that 5th spot. It’s not like that rotation is all that great anyways…


  2. sportsattitudes
    March 28, 2012

    Jamie was interviewed by the All-News radio station in Philly yesterday (for their Sports segment…which really doesn’t make them All-News after all now does it…?). He sounded a little quiet and reserved about his chances to stick. You never know what to draw from a sound bite in a larger interview…and you can’t see the facial impressions on the radio…but his words were confident enough. If anything, maybe he’s more tired of talking about his age than the game is making him tired. I know from his Phillies’ days he is such a competitor I know he wants to make this team on merit and not because he’s just a great story…but sorry Jamie…it IS a great story.


  3. Okay, so now I want to know if Digger has matching tie and oven-mitt for Thanksgiving dinners.


    • J-Dub
      March 28, 2012

      Yes, and the oven-mitt comes with a matching high-lighter and a tube of Brylcreem.


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