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Your Jamie Moyer Update 5/12/2012 – One Can Only Defy Trends So Long

The question isn’t can Jamie Moyer pitch forever?  The question is how long can Jamie Moyer pitch effectively?

It has to end at at some point, doesn’t it? Over the first month of this season, Moyer was undeniably the Rockies’ best pitcher.  Despite the fact Colorado went 1-3 over his first four starts, it certainly wasn’t due to Moyer’s performance.  In those four starts he gave up only four earned runs,  but the Rockies committed three errors in his first start, two in his second, two in his third, and one in his fourth. They also struggled at the plate, averaging just 3.5 runs in those games.

In his fifth start, Moyer got roughed up by the New York Mets. Despite chucking seven strikeouts, Moyer also gave up 11 hits and saw the Mets spray his pitches all over the yard.

In his next start,  Moyer got rocked by the Atlanta Braves , Moyer was rocked again, allowing 10 hits and six earned runs over five innings.

Last night was more of the same.  Moyer surrendered  five runs and seven hits over five innings, with seven strikeouts and one walk.

Don’t look now, but that first month of the season is long gone. Since breaking former Dodger Jack Quinn’s record as the oldest pitcher to win a major league game, Moyer is winless in four starts with a 6.43 ERA and a WHIP which has surged over of 1.50.

Sadly, those numbers are trending badly, and there aren’t many pitchers who survive long heading that way.  For now, the Rockies must be hoping that these last three starts are simply off days and not a sign that the miracle is ending.  Colorado has a pitching staff which has been shakier that Jell-o in an earthquake, and until recently Moyer was the stabilizing factor.

The bottom line is the Rockies need Moyer to return to his opening month form.

The question is can he?

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

4 comments on “Your Jamie Moyer Update 5/12/2012 – One Can Only Defy Trends So Long

  1. I go to Dubsism for all of my Jamie Moyer related information, and sadly I am going to say that I really thing this may be it.

    Look I want it to continue just as much as Dubs does, but when I read the title of this article it sort of brought me down to earth. He can’t do this forever, and he won’t fo this forever.



  2. I hear Moyer won again tonight. Did you throw a party?

    And when are you coming up with the Jamie Moyer drinking game?


    • J-Dub
      May 17, 2012

      A Jamie Moyer drinking game…I picture lots of Geritol and prune juice jokes.


  3. KP
    May 27, 2012

    Have a hard time seeing the Nats ahead of the Rangers… Texas has been better with its pitching staff than people are saying.

    I agree with Baltimore’s offseason, at least how it looked on paper. Still, Hammel and Chen have been great in the rotation. Long term though, this bullpen is going to tire out and look some of its “umph”.



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