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Open Letter To Indianapolis Colts Fans: Stop Your Hypocritical, Cry-Baby Crap

Indianapolis Colts Crybay

By “Jason From Indiana”

jason from indiana avatarEditor’s Note: “Jason from Indiana” has made several appearances on Radio J-Dub, and we have added him to the contributing staff here at Dubsism.  This decision was made as Jason will be our resident expert on the shenanigans of the main stream sports media. 

Jason listens to just about every major sports podcast out there, and his main claim to fame is that he has been Twitter-blocked by almost everybody at ESPN.  


The dictionary definition is: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. I have my own definition. An Indianapolis Colts fan.

Anyone who knows me, has heard me as a guest on Radio J-Dub, or read my previous post here knows I am a Patriots fan living in Indiana. And again if you know me, you know I pre-date the Brady/Belichick era. Hell, I even remember an old Boston Patriot by the name of Dick Felt.


Cue “Beavis and Butthead” laugh track here…

But I really became a Pats fan in 1984, basically because I wanted them to beat the Bears in Super Bowl XX to shut up the obnoxious Bears fans amongst whom I lived.  This matters becasue 95% of those obnoxious Bears fans became obnoxious Colts fans during the Dungy/Manning era.

Well, we know how that turned out in Indy, but unlike the Colts’ fans you can see in their Denver Bronco Peyton Manning jerseys, I stuck with the Patriots through some very lean years.  From that Super Bowl loss until the arrival of Bill Parcells in New England, the Patriots were THE worst organization in the NFL, and quite quite possibly in all of sports. So no, I do not apologize for enjoying the past 15 years of success. I feel like I paid for it.

So, you know where I’m going with this by now.  Deflate-gate.  I will admit,  I spend  way too much time on Facebook.  And I waste even more time reading comments on news articles.  I use the term “news” loosely here, because the local Indianapolis news outlets have run more stories about Tom Brady and the Patriots since last January than Peyton Manning has playoff losses.  Now I get that when the Deflate-gate story first broke EVERYBODY was running the stories. Even CNN led off with it.

But at this point, it seems like every time Tom Brady takes a piss, every Indianapolis media outlet all the way down to Schneider from “One Day at a Time” runs a story on it, and it’s always ridiculous “click-bait” garbage.

“What do you think Tom Brady’s punishment should be?”  It’s all crap contrived to get the Horseshoe Heads whipped into a frenzy, and clearly it works judging by the comments. I’ve seen everything from “Brady should be banned for life,” “suspended for the season,” “the Super Bowl should be vacated,” “the Patriots should be kicked out of the league,” and various other nonsense.

It’s not like I don’t get why they keep saying crap like this.  If the Patriots had been consistently kicking my ass for the better part of 15 years, I’d be a little salty too.   But that’s also why collectively, Colts fans need to head to the nearest pharmacy, get one of those “donut” pads and an industrial-sized tub of Preparation H, get over the world’s most documented case of “butt-hurt,”  and come to terms with the fact that you all have been spouting a bunch of hypocritical, factually-incorrect trash.

Let me break a two down for you.

1) The only reason Tom Brady has any rings is because of the “Tuck Rule.”

Not only is it very telling when you need to borrow butt-hurt cries from the Raiders fans, but the key word here is RULE.  The “Tuck RULE” was a RULE which was called correctly in that game against Oakland.  Hell, even I thought it was a fumble at the time.  But, it was the RULE.

It’s not as if the refs got together and made it up on the spot.  The RULE was a bad RULE, and has since been changed, but at the time, it was still a RULE. But by blaming a RULE, then the Raiders don’t have to come to terms with the fact that the REAL reason they lost that game was their inability play anything even slightly resembling defense after that?  The RULE didn’t make the Raider blow a lead.

For that matter, did the RULE choke Oakland’s offense? Did the RULE make Jon Gruden call a time out to ice Adam Vinatieri, which only gave the Patriots’ linemen time to clear a space in the snow for Vinatieri to kick the game winning field goal? They did that because they couldn’t bring a snow plow on to the field, because that was another bad RULE which was changed.

Don Shula once coached the Colts, adn has a lot of anti-Patriot butt-hurt. Sense a theme here?

Don Shula once coached the Colts, and has a lot of anti-Patriot butt-hurt. Sense a theme here?

2)  The Patriots have always cheated.

This one is just code for “Spy-gate.” So, for millionth time, let’s define Spy-gate. It’s amazing to me how many people are so ignorant as to what “Spy-gate” actually was. “Spy-gate” refers to an incident during the 2007 season when the Patriots were disciplined by the league for videotaping New York Jets’ defensive coaches’ signals during a September 9, 2007 game.  Videotaping opposing coaches is not illegal in the NFL, but there are designated areas allowed by the league to do such taping. The Patriots were videotaping the Jets’ coaches from their own sideline, which is not allowed.

That’s all it was. They were in the wrong place. That’s it.

I’m not disputing that, and I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have been punished for that.  They broke a RULE.  They paid for it.  After an investigation, the NFL fined Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick $500,000, which just so happened to be the maximum fine allowed AND the largest fine ever imposed on a coach in the league’s 87-year history.  The NFL also fined the team $250,000, and docked the Patriots out of their original first-round selection in the 2008 Draft.

Am I the only one who doesn’t see Tom Brady’s name associated with this? I’ll split the blame on the ignorance for this between fans and the World Wide Bottom Feeder for misreporting this.

Hmmm… I wonder why misreporting by ESPN sounds familiar? Hmm why does that sound familiar? They even ran with a story that the Patriots had taped the Rams’ walk through before Super Bowl 36.   This story was absolutely false, and the guy who reported it even had to admit that it was a fabrication.  By the way, the World Wide Bottom Feeder still has the discredited story on their web site (with absolutely NO mention that it was proven false).

But that doesn’t stop Colts fans, who right now are meeting at a Steak N’ Shake asking “I thought you were talking about hypocrisy, Jason?”

Here’s the fun part.  According to the site www.yourteamcheats.com, the Colts rank 10th in the league in “violations.”Where are the cheating Tom Brady and the Patriots? 22nd.

According to the that site, the Colts have had 5 players suspended for PEDs since 2012, the biggest name here being Robert Mathis.  Let me give the “Brady is a liar” crowd a short refresher here.   Mathis tried to sell a story that he was taking the drug as the result of a fertility issue.  The problem is that the drug in question, Clomid, is a fertility drug for WOMEN. Men take it too, but not for the same reason.  Men taking Clomid are coming off a cycle of artificial testosterone because it kick starts your body to start naturally making the hormone again. It’s the same thing Manny Ramirez and a lot of other baseball players got busted for.  Is it a coincidence when Mathis got popped he was coming off a Defensive Player of the Year season?

Let’s not forget about the time the saintly Colts got caught pumping fake crowd noise into the RCA Dome during the 2007 Colts-Patriots game.  The national TV broadcast even caught the crowd noise “skipping.”  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello responded that he was told by NFL partner CBS that the weird noise was “tape feedback” from the CBS production truck, and the sound was limited to the television broadcast and was not heard inside the stadium. Riiiiiiiight.  “Feedback”

austin powers feedback meme

Yourteamcheats.com takes care of this.

A Colts security guard, however, blew the whistle on the team, according to WBZ photojournalist Bryan Foley. At least initially, the Colts refused to explicitly deny that they pumped in faked crowd noise to the RCA Dome.

Am I saying the Patriots are actually angels and the Colts are the dirty cheaters? Absolutely not. It would just be nice if Colts fans (and fans from other teams as well) would take the time to learn what they are talking about, we could all avoid a lot of the crap the World Wide Bottom Feeder puts us through.  Every team in this league could get it’s own version of Deflate-gate.  Remember that before you start pointing fingers.

Jason from Indiana’s opinions are his own and may or may not reflect those of Dubsism.  However in this case,  J-Dub has written plenty of his own terrible opinions about the Indianapolis Colts.  You can contact “Jason From Indiana” directly on Twitter at @jbhickle.

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