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Brady 6, Goodell 0


Our long national nightmare is finally over. Finally, this “Deflate-gate” nonsense is coming to an end.  Yeah, I know the NFL has already appealed Judge Berman’s decision to overturn  the 4-game suspension of Tom Brady, but the NFL and “Fidel” Goodell have as much chance of winning that appeal as a blogger does of winning a Pulitzer Prize.

There’s a few things about the reaction to this decision which are genuinely amusing.  First is that if you cared to notice, “Fidel” doesn’t have a very good track record on these disciplinary matters.  By my count, Ol’ Rog is currently 0-5.  At this pace, “Fidel” could  catch the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in terms of consecutive futility. To quote Steve Spurrier (who quarterbacked the ’76 Bucs), “That’s not teeeew gooood!”

But the most amusing part of this is the reaction of the fans. By that, I mean Colts’ fans.  I’ve already made my feelings about Colts fans known, and this decision is letting all the “Horseshoe Heads” show how full of horse shit they really are.  The last few days have allowed the “Horse Shit Heads” to say some truly ridiculous stuff.

colts butthurt nation

Let’s break down some of the best ones:

“The judge was paid off.”

So, in order to buy a “bribe” scheme, you have to also believe that bribes could come from either side.  If it becomes a bidding war, who’s going to win it? Tom Brady, who makes $14 million a year, “Fidel” Goodell who makes $40 million a year, or the NFL which makes well over $10 billion (that’s Billion with a B, kids) a year?  Puh-leeeze.

“The judge was a Patriots fan.”

Yeah, right. Chalk that one up to the same guy who cries that the refs cheated his team every week when they lose. This is a court of law, people. Even though Goodell and his minions may appear to be riding the short bus to work every day, I’m going out on a limb here and guessing this judge was fully vetted.  If there was even a whiff of clam chowder on his breath, the NFL would have requested a new judge.

“The Patriots got away with cheating again.”

patriot hating baby

Again? When was the first time? Before you say “Spygate,” consider that the Patriots were fined half a million dollar fine and lost a draft pick because of Spygate.  That’s hardly what I’d call “getting away with it.”

“What example does this set for kids?”

This is my personal favorite.  First of all, raise your own brats. Don’t leave it up to Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, LeBron James, or any other athlete or celebrity. Charles Barkley had it right when he said it wasn’t his job to be a role model.  Part of being a parent is not only to be a role model, but to teach your kids how to tell right from wrong. Do your job, and lets the jocks do theirs.

But this got me thinking. What DOES this teach our kids? Maybe, just maybe, it shows kids that if you’re falsely accused, bullied, and treated unjustly, its OK to stand up for yourself. Maybe if more kids learn this lesson, I won’t have to read stories about kids offing themselves because nobody ever taught them to stand up for themselves.

Why didn’t Tom Brady turn over his phone?  Because surrendering to bullying only leads to more bullying, and surrendering to tyranny leads to death. The same mentality which thought Brady should have just accept this and “take his punishment” is the same which came from those morons who on September 12th, 2001 were blaming America for what happened the day before.  Even Judge Berman called out “Fidel” for his heavy-handed approach.

That means Brady felt he was wronged and he did something about it.  By the way, he was right, which is why HE JUST WON. Scoreboard, bitches.

So, now you little whiny bitch Colts fans can keep drowning me in your tears. You can piss and moan all you want.  Keep booing the Patriots, wear all your little deflated football hats, and make all the signs you want. Get someone to proofread them though. Judging by your Facebook comments, you definitely need that.

Here’s a thought.  Why don’t you demand that your team actually do something to improve itself? It isn’t anybody’s fault but your own that you have settled for a mediocre team which can’t get to the next level.  Instead, you accept mediocrity and blame others for your own failings.  Doubt that? Then ask yourself what was the PSI in the ball that LeGarrette Blount ran down your throats in the AFC Championship game. Case closed.

If you don’t get the Colts to make those improvements, then I can refer to Clubber Lang to offer my prediction for when the Patriots come to Lucas Oil Stadium on October 12…

clubber lang pain

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