What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Radio J-Dub, Volume 25 – The “NFL Is Becoming Crap” Edition

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In today’s episode, J-Dub talks about how the J-Dub Gambling Challenge is illustrating how much he doesn’t understand the NFL anymore, largely because the NFL is pumping out a crap product, which leads to a hot take on the Greg Hardy situation you surely will never get from ESPN.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

5 comments on “Radio J-Dub, Volume 25 – The “NFL Is Becoming Crap” Edition

  1. sportsattitudes
    November 9, 2015

    The NFL is garbage. Geez, even these undefeated teams all have giant Swiss-cheese like holes in them. The television ratings aren’t going anywhere but I wonder if this sport has peaked in terms of performance. The players look like they are more interested in extending their careers to get to the big payday than going all out in some cases and in others for whatever reason the guys on the field simply aren’t any good. Is it a result of college football? With so many kids playing college football why can’t there be not only a quality QB on each team but a quality back-up? Aside from QB, it seems when a star player is hurt the drop off to his back-up is like falling off a cliff. Is the whole sport dropping off? Thanks for the space to rant…maybe I’ll actually put this feeling on my site now…power rankings even seem like a joke. You could lump 26 teams into one rank.

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    • jbsptfn
      November 11, 2015

      I wonder if it’s the systems they run. The coach in college runs the system that best for him, not best for the pro development of his players.

      Look at Tim Tebow. He probably stayed at Florida too long, and kept re-inforcing bad mechanics. I wonder what he could have been if he quit the team after the 2007 season, and had someone like Bill Walsh coach him for a few years. Fouts gave credit to Walsh for improving his game (Dan said that Bill re-built him as a QB from the ground up).

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  2. jbsptfn
    November 9, 2015

    J-Dub, do you remember the show Playmakers (it was on ESPN 12 years ago, but they cancelled it due to pressure like League of Denial)? There was a LB on the show named Olcyzk who was sent to a psychiatrist by the team because he was struggling with several issues (Brother was killed in HS during a practice in 100-degree weather because their dad worked them too hard and didn’t give them water. He was also dealing with an incident where he paralyzed a guy during a game).

    Olcyzk should have quit the game because he wasn’t really playing for himself. The psychiatrist got him to realize that. However, the coach yelled at him, and told him that his job was to get him to play. If the Cowboys sent Hardy to a psychiatrist, I’m afraid that they would do the same thing, even if Greg shouldn’t be playing.

    Also, with that analogy you used with the salesman, I don’t see him getting away with hitting his girlfriend or his wife like what Hardy did. He would be thrown in jail because his job probably doesn’t have a security division like the NFL does that intimidates wives and girlfriends into not coming forward.


  3. Christopher
    November 12, 2015

    Great episode– could not agree more about the current quality of the league. I’ve been shouting this to the heavens the past couple years, the NFL’s product just ain’t that good anymore. It might be cyclical, but like you said, you can count the contenders on one hand.


    • jbsptfn
      November 16, 2015

      I wonder if the NFL should contract two teams (Jacksonville, and either the Jets or Bills depending on if the Bills can stay in Buffalo long-term or not), move Carolina to the AFC, move the Raiders to LA, and go back to three divisions per conference with five teams per division.


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