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Since The College Football Playoff Committee Can’t Get It Right, Dubsism Is Here To Fix It

college football playoff

You heard it here first.  The new College Football Playoff poll is just another stupid poll put together by people who think they know something about college football. Any list proclaiming to tell you who is good in college football this year which includes Notre Dame in the top ten is simply fraudulent.  It’s pretty obvious this committee wants Notre Dame in the play-off regardless of whether they belong there.

First, here’s the official Dubsism CFB Playoff Rankings.

  1. Alabama
  2. LSU
  3. Ohio State
  4. Baylor
  5. Clemson
  6. Stanford
  7. Michigan  State
  8. Iowa
  9. Oklahoma  State
  10. Florida
  11. TCU
  12. Florida State
  13. Notre Dame
  14. North  Carolina
  15. Mississippi  State
  16. Oklahoma
  17. Michigan
  18. Utah
  19. Navy
  20. BYU
  21. UCLA
  22. Houston
  23. Wisconsin
  24. Washington State
  25. Northwestern

Now, let’s take a hard look at the rationales behind this list.

1) No Won-Loss Records

Why didn’t I list teams won-loss records? Because I don’t care about them.  They are a notoriously poor tool for comparing teams on a national scale because teams don’t play the same competition.

2) I’m Not a “Strength of Schedule” Hypocrite

Specifically, I’m talking about the mind-set which decries that teams who play a conference schedule enjoy a lot of “cream puffs.” The part those people never mention is that in order to win one of those conferences, eventually you have to beat one of the “big dogs.”  Want to win the B1G Ten?  At some point you have to beat Ohio State.  Want to win the SEC?  At s some point, you have to beat Alabama.  Did you ever notice nobody ever applies this standard to Notre Dame?

Think about it.

I don’t know how they do it, but in recent years when they are highly-ranked, Notre Dame always manages not to have to beat that “big dog.” The best example is the 2012 team which made it to the National Championship game.  While the Irish were getting fat on the likes of Purdue and the ghost of Miami football, nobody had any idea that Oklahoma, Stanford and USC were all dreadful.  The first time they ran up against a “big dog” in Alabama, they got chomped.

If you want to see a repeat of 2012 this year, just put Notre Dame in the play-off, because there is simply no way Notre Dame can compete with pretty much ANY team I ranked ahead of them.  If you doubt that, don’t forget the Irish were ranked ahead of Clemson when they lost to the Tigers in Death Valley.

3) This List is About Who I Think Can Beat Who

united states of college football

It’s really that simple.  Line ’em up and see who wins, and this list is who I think does just that.  I don’t care about won-loss records because what a team did three weeks ago doesn’t necessarily represent what they do tomorrow, because great teams make adjustments.  I don’t give a shit about the politics of college football, which means there’s no quotas based on conference alignments, regional preferences, TV audience potential, or any other not-on-the-field criteria.  If I thought Washington State could beat Alabama, I’d rank them #1.

But they can’t.  I don’t think anybody can. That why I have the Tide at the top.  In my opinion, the two best teams in the country played last Saturday, Alabama and LSU.  Just because Alabama won handily doesn’t mean LSU isn’t good; but it can very much mean the Tide are that much better than everybody else.  On top of that, nobody behind LSU did anything to make me think they could beat the Tigers, hence why they remain at #2 on my list. Likewise, all the Clemson fans who are going to come after me with their torches and pitchforks need to realize that I would have never put them number one in ANY poll because beating an over-rated Notre Dame and a down-trodden Florida State is not what championships are made of.

4) Don’t Like My List? Tell Me Yours

You can also leave us your thoughts in the Comments section.

Lastly, how awesome would a Washington State-Alabama championship game be? The “Mike Price Swiping a Credit Card in a Stripper’s Ass-Crack” jokes damn near write themselves.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

5 comments on “Since The College Football Playoff Committee Can’t Get It Right, Dubsism Is Here To Fix It

  1. sportsattitudes
    November 13, 2015

    The Notre Dame mystique goes way back to when “my household” (RIP Mom) helped produce their highlights package syndicated across the country each and every weekend. There was nothing else like it. And growing up I got that the AP and UPI annually held them to a lower threshold to be considered great because they simply loved having them to cover. They were America’s love-or-hate lead story weekly…flash forward to modern times now where they have their own home national TV network and each additional game they play finds rights to them need to be evenly distributed to avoid anarchy. The Irish attract eyeballs. The playoff is a made-for-TV event and if they only have one loss in a year they are always gonna be one of the four even if they play all the service academies home-and-home in the same season and the bottom rung of the ACC. I’m admittedly having a tough time getting a read on college ball this year. The Michigan State loss last weekend stunned me. I thought they would be in the hunt especially after that wild Bowl rally versus Baylor a year ago. I agree about Clemson. I have no idea if they can beat any of the top teams on your list. Really thought TCU was the real deal this season but they lost one of those pinball…uh, football Big 12 charades.


  2. SportsChump
    November 14, 2015

    he he, the ghost of Miami football.

    Good one, my friend.


  3. Ravenation
    November 14, 2015

    Reblogged this on First Order Historians.


  4. Neil Roberts
    November 16, 2015

    The Clemson hate in that poll is astounding too me. The ACC isn’t nearly as weak as it was the last two seasons, and Clemson thourghly undressed Notre Dame and Florida State.


    • Neil Roberts
      November 16, 2015

      In the voted on poll.


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