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Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization: Steve Clevenger Gets Suspended For Being Right

End of World

Let me open with this: GET YOUR FUCKING POLITICS OUT OF MY SPORTS! This piece is going to go in a wide, full circle, but that’s the primary theme.  I’ve made it clear in several posts and on the About Dubsism page on this very website that I eschew politics whenever possible, except when they are thrust upon me via the world of sport.  We all know entertainers love to bloviate about the political beliefs.  Not only are they easy enough to ignore; it’s even easier to discredit the ones who swore they were leaving America if George W. Bush got elected, and yet…they’re still fucking here.

Now, athletes are doing the same thing, and the politically-correct sludge pump known as ESPN couldn’t be happier to advance that agenda.  It’s time to stop.  Seriously.  Just stop.

In the words of Bill Belichick, just do your job.  Just because you can act in a movie, tell a joke, or throw a ball doesn’t mean I give a frog’s watertight ass what you think. You are getting my money to provide me with a level of entertainment, and you run completely counter to that when you start waxing political.

Here’s the part where this starts to get ugly.  Right now, there’s some PC jerk-off penning me some lofty load of shit about “free speech,” “the right to expression, or just plain old “I get to say whatever I want whenever I want.” I’ve already addressed the balancing act between what you say and where you say it in my exposure of the fraud that is Colin Kaepernick.  Another dictate was mentioned both in the Kaepernick piece and in my defense of Hope Solo…either you’re for “free speech” or you’re not.

Before we go any further, don’t be that guy who writes me the shop-worn argument about “free speech” as it pertains to the 1st Amendment.  We’ve been down that road 100 times, but more importantly, that argument doesn’t apply here; this is about the PC-police who tyrannically and hypocritically attempt to stifle speech they don’t like.

The latest episode involves Seattle Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger.  Clevenger offered his opinions on Twitter about the rioting occurring in Charlotte.  In the span of 24 hours, Clevenger went from a guy most Americans had never heard of to a guy now being labeled as a “racist” by the PC police.  The only reason he’s a “racist” is because he’s EXACTLY right.  Here’s the two “controversial” Tweets…completely unedited, since taking things out of context is the modus operandi of the PC police.  I’ll take them one at a time.


Say what you will, but he’s factually accurate on the main points here.  I understand we’re still having a debate over whether or not this guy was holding a gun, but the fact the witness accounts shifted quickly away “he was holding a book” suggest there’s a credibility issue with those witnesses.  But that’s not the point.  The problem this tweet presents is two-fold.  It screws up the narrative from Black Lives Matter that white cops have declared a race war on black men. The fact the police officer involved here is black is problematic not only from a race angle, but it opens the door to the real “turd in the punch bowl” the purveyors of the “racist white cops” bilge don’t want to get anywhere near.  The easiest way to discredit any group which claims even the remotest inkling of caring about the fate of black people in America is to expose the fact they act like they’ve never even heard of Chicago.  Blaming the racial boogeyman is far easier than dealing with the fact that in the city of Chicago alone, more people were murdered between 2001 and 2013 than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan during that same time combined.

The article cited for that number doesn’t even account what’s happened in Chicago since then, but this one does.  It’s mind-blowing to look at the Chicago gun crime statistics, but there’s two areas important to this discussion; the number of black murder victims in the city and the trend in the number of officer-involved shootings over the last 6 years.  While you are taking in those numbers, remember we are only talking about one city; we aren’t even touching on the crime plaguing every inner-city in this county.

In short, understanding that the numbers don’t support the Black Lives Matter narrative (especially when you look at all officer-involved shootings in this country in 2016) doesn’t make anybody a “racist”…it simply means they can count.

As for “controversial” Tweet #2, Clevenger is guilty of breaking three cardinal rules held sacrosanct by the New American Left and it’s McCarthyism known as “political correctness.”


First of all, no white person is allowed to be critical of anything done by black people either singularly or collectively.  In this case, even alluding to the fraudulent nature of Black Lives Matter as demonstrated by the cited statistics is a banish-able offense.  Secondly as such, no criticism of President Potato-Head is ever allowed under any circumstances.

I can't wait for the hate-mail I get for this...

I can’t wait for the hate-mail I get for this…

As for the third rule, Clevenger is guilty of pointing out that the “protesters” in Charlotte are in fact criminals. The math is easy.  “Protesters” hold up signs, chant slogans, and generally make their presence felt.  Smashing windows, looting, and setting fires is not “protesting;” that’s called “rioting,” and it’s against the law.  People who break the law get put behind bars.  The PC police need to get around all that, so they are inventing the idea that calling a rioting mob “animals” is somehow racist.

I’d really love to know just how they can determine intent in 140 characters, then again, it doesn’t really matter.  Clevenger is a white person who spoke his mind; that’s enough to cast him into the same bucket with Curt Schilling and Hope Solo.

I guess we know officially know who the real proponents of “free speech” are…and who they aren’t.  Having said that, can we get back to the days when I would get hate-mail for saying nasty things about Florida State?

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