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The Sports Sewer – Episode 6: Jemele Hill

What if I told you that yet another turd-spewer from the World Wide Bottom Feeder known as ESPN made it a point to say something really stupid?  If you’re shocked by that, you’ve clearly not been paying attention.  And in the immortal words of Harry Doyle, judging my ESPN’s rating, you haven’t.

A little over three months ago, ESPN launched a version of SportsCenter at 6 p.m. Eastern time that was billed as being about “sports, culture, and more.” Well, literally no one is watching it, because anybody with even a sliver of a functioning cerebral cortex knew exactly what they were going to get.   That’ s why the World Wide Bottom Feeder’s Jemele Hill has to use Twitter to remind you how intellectually deluded she is.

Like many other left-wing sports commentators, ESPN’s Jemele Hill is incensed that anti-American protester Colin Kaepernick is still left unsigned by the NFL. But during a tweet about the former San Francisco 49ers’ status, Hill went even further by agreeing that America’s police are exactly the same as the racist, plantation slave catchers of the civil war era.

I’m not to get deep into this non-sense because I’ve already done that.  I’ve already offered the definitive breakdown of what the Kaepernick situation is all about. I’ve also been one of the harshest critics of the World Wide Bottom Feeder.  In other words, we all know why Colin Kaepernick can’t get a job and why the Jemele Hill’s of the world hate cops.

Since we keep hearing the anti-cop crap, it’s time for a solution.  Let’s be honest, this isn’t a tough problem to solve.  The reason why we haven’t done it yet is also rather simple.  The mistake we are making is trying to get the New American Left to accept and to effectively deal with the problem of black crime.  That discussion goes nowhere fast and for a host of reasons which yet again we all know.

The bottom line is this: if you hate cops, we are going to create the “safe spaces” the social justice ass-brains are always wanting.  That’s right, sports fans…we need to create “cop-free” neighborhoods where all the cop-haters can live free from fear of any sort of interaction with the police.

I’m even willing to sweeten the deal by offering a tax cut to everybody who moves into the “no cops” zone.  After all, it wouldn’t be fair to make people who want nothing to do with the police to pay for them.  On the other side, if you continue to be an “anti-cop” type and you don’t move to the “safe space” we’ve set up for you, your taxes go up to offset the people who put their address where their mouth is.

Imagine it now, SJWs…a world without cops so you are free to construct your “oppression-free” Utopia. That’s exactly what you keep telling us you want, so here it is.

There’s only two catches…

First, don’t bother calling 911 when you have a problem, because we won’t be sending our first responders which we paid for.  You can set up your own EMS and fire service with the tax reductions from not paying for the police.  Naturally, we all know what’s going to happen in a “no cops” zone, which is why we won’t send our medics and firefighters into what will quickly become a third-world war zone…you know, just like Chicago is now.

Once that happens, here’s the second catch.  You can’t move out of that “safe space.” Once you decide to live in the “no cops” zone because you think the police are the problem in this country, you stay there…unless of course, you pay in full the tax break you got from not paying for law enforcement.

What do you think the odds are that Jemele Hill is willing to put her ass where her mouth is?  Yeah, I don’t think so either.

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