What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

The J-Dub Gambling Challenge 2017: The “Monopoly” Edition

We all know the the classic Parker Brothers board game.  We all know what happens when you don’t go to jail and get to pass “Go.”  That’s the perfect description for last week’s action in the J-Dub Gambling Challenge…I netted a cool $200.

After some tough weeks, this is the roughest season the Challenge has ever known. Every season sees the Challenge start with a bank roll of $5,000, and as it stand now, the balance sits at $3.365.  That means while I’m not at the point where I need to mortgage my railroads, landing on the wrong space with a hotel on it means I spring a major leak.

Without further adieu, let’s see if this week is Baltic Avenue or Boardwalk.

Having said that, let’s get ready to gamble…

DISCLAIMER: Because gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir…  and when it comes to gambling,  I slice like Jack the Ripper working the deli coumter on crystal meth.  That’s why this in no way, shape or form is a gambling advice column, and all “bets” are mythical in nature.  In other words, don’t come crying to me when you lose your house payment betting real money like I’m “betting” Monopoly money.

  • Washington State (-15) at California O/U 53.5 $100 Washington State
  • South Carolina at Tennessee (-1.5) $150 South
  • Texas Christian (-6.5) at Kansas State  O/U 51 $100 Texas Christian
  • Oklahoma (-8.5) at Texas O/U 49 $250 Oklahoma
  • Baylor vs. Oklahoma State (-22) O/U 70 $200 Oklahoma State
  • Purdue at Wisconsin (-15.5) O/U 50 $150 Purdue
  • Georgia Tech at Miami (FL) (-4) O/U 53 $100 Miami (FL)
  • Missouri at Georgia (-19) O/U 56.5 $100 Georgia
  • Utah at Southern California (-14) O/U 52.5 $100 Utah

The Dubsism College Football Heavyweight Champ Bet:

Clemson (-22.5) at Syracuse  O/U 56.5

$100 Over

J-Dub’s Payday of the Week:

Auburn (-7) at Louisiana State O/U 44.5

$500 Auburn 

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

2 comments on “The J-Dub Gambling Challenge 2017: The “Monopoly” Edition

  1. Ahem…

    ‘Cuse-Cal two-teamer last night on the moneyline paid 87:1 if you had it.

    Which I did.



    • J-Dub
      October 14, 2017

      I’m gonna want to see proof on that.


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