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It’s Time For The Dubsism NHL Stanley Cup “TJ Oshiete Puck Pool”


The field for the National Hockey League’s Stanley cup play-offs has just been officially announced this morning, and the puck drops on the post-season on Wednesday, April 10th. That means it’s time for yet another Dubsism sports challenge.  Despite the carnage this year’s basketball bracket brought us, we’re going right back to the most popular format for these sort of tournament challenges. This time, you are picking the teams round-by-round which will advance through the play-offs until we narrow it down to that one team who hoists Lord Stanley’s cup.

A popular reason not to join these pools is “I don’t know anything about (insert sport here).” We here at Dubsism debunked that a while ago.  While we used college basketball in that example, it applies to any of our sports challenges.  On top of that, there’s a reason this challenge is named “The TJ Oshiete Puck Pool.”

First, this in is honor of former University of North Dakota (J-Dub’s alma mater) standout TJ Oshie, who is now a key component of the Cup-contending Washington Capitals.  But more importantly, we made the name “oshiete” for the Japanese term meaning “to teach, inform, or instruct.”

Having said that, here’s ten things to know about this years Stanley Cup Tournament.

  1. The Tampa Bay Lightning are the prohibitive favorites to win the Cup.  They won the President’s Cup by tying the single season record for wins with 62.
  2. The team that wins the President’s Cup almost never wins the Stanley Cup.  J-Dub and Lightning-o-phile SportsChump have already discussed this.
  3. TJ Oshie’s own Washington Capitals are the defending Cup Champions. The last team to win-back-to-back Cups were the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2016 and 2017.  Before that it was the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998. The point is the defending champ rarely wins.
  4. The St. Louis Blues have played the best hockey in this league since the first of the year.
  5. The Toronto Maple Leafs may have the most young talent in this tournament.
  6. The Winnipeg Jets are the biggest, most physical team in this tournament.
  7. The Calgary Flames could be the most interesting young team in this tournament
  8. Trust the Boston Bruins at your own risk.
  9. #8 also applies to the Nashville Predators.
  10.  Just like in March Madness, everything else is “Plinko-Chip”-type luck.

As we’ve mentioned, today is the NHL’s equivalent to Selection Sunday, which means the play-offs are right around the corner.  Also just like March Madness, as part of the tenth anniversary of Dubsism, there’s a prize involved!

Here’s what you can win…An Honest-To-Goodness TJ Oshie University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Sweater!

Trust me…we didn’t actually pay for this.  As we’ve noted before, the average income for a blogger is somewhere between a  junior-high school drop-out and a street mime.  But thanks to a mistake made by some poor slob in a Chinese forced labor camp run by Amazon, they doubled-down on a Christmas present Mrs. J-Dub got for me.  An error which probably got the aforementioned Chinese prisoner parted out as a “voluntary” organ donor is your stroke of luck.  For the low price of absolutely nothing, you can win a real-deal, made in Canada CCM sweater.  This isn’t some cheap-ass replica, this has the heavy-duty stitched lettering and logo with Oshie’s name and #7 on the back.

Here’s How You Win

To join, follow these easy steps:

1) Click on this link

2) Enter this pool credential information

  • The Pool ID is: 165792
  • The Pool Password is:  You don’t need one

3) Make your picks

  • Picks are live right now!
  • You only need to pick which teams advance in each round, you don’t have to pick each individual game does not pick the “First Four” games held on Tuesday March 19th or Wednesday, March 20th.
  • The deadline for entry is Wednesday, April 10, 2019 7:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time.

4) Scoring

For each successive round, points double:

  • 1 point for each correct pick in the First Round
  • 2 points for each correct pick in the Second Round
  • 4 points for each correct pick in Conference Finals
  • 8 points for the correct pick in the Stanley Cup Finals

The tie-breaker is correctly picking the total number of games which will be played in the entire tournament.

Best of luck and let the carnage begin!

Got a question, comment, or just want to yell at us? Hit us up at  dubsism@yahoo.com, @Dubsism on Twitter, or on our Pinterest,  Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook pages, and be sure to bookmark Dubsism.com so you don’t miss anything from the most interesting independent sports blog on the web.

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