What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

The Sports Sewer: Episode 17 – Mike Golic, Jr. (Again)

The other day, the ESPN turd-flume known as “The Golic & Wingo Show” broke in to a debate on the suspension of Oakland Raiders’ linebacker Vontaze Burfict. If you didn’t know, Kommissar Goodell and the NFL suspended Burfict for the remainder of the 2019 season for yet another of his attempted decapitation of a defenseless receiver. In an attempt to keep this story shorter than Burfict’s track record for this sort of stuff, The consensus amongst the “Golic & Wingo” set was Burfict’s suspension was justified because of his aforementioned “rap sheet.” If you want to see for yourself what a record of being a “cheap shot artist” Burfict has, simply go to YouTube and enter “Vontaze Burfict Cheap Shot” in the search field. Have a comfortable chair and a beverage handy, because you are going down a serious rabbit hole.

Once the consensus opinion had been established, the discussion shifted to Raiders’ quarterback David Carr coming to Burfict’s defense in a very impassioned way. At this point, Mike Golic Jr. asked a question about “How do you defend the indefensible?” Once I heard that, I knew I was going to be “all ears” for the next few minutes, because I knew Golic Jr. was getting ready to completely flip on positions he’s taken in the past.

The key word was “indefensible;” a favorite term for those who love to speak in absolutes. Well, guess who is just such a guy? Mike Golic, Jr, is the poster-child for just that. He’s a guy who loves to immediately dismiss opinions different than his own with blanket statements like “the people who disagree are the ones who don’t care enough to educate themselves on (insert issue here).”

A glaring example of Golic Jr’s mindset came a while back when the topic of NFL players protesting “social injustice” was being bandied about. Golic Jr. sprang to the defense of the “take a knee” crowd and those in their support. His line was all about having been in locker rooms with guys whose experiences with law enforcement “were very much different than mine” and that all they wanted was for somebody to “listen.”

I can completely understand that…everybody has a story, and everybody wants their story to be heard.  After all, would you expect a blogger to say anything different? I’m listening to any story…so  long as the person who wants me to listen is credible. Nobody gets to piss on my foot and tell me it’s raining. That’s where I ran into a problem with the “social injustice” protesters. After about the third instance I came across, I came to the realization that a guy who wants me to listen about his negative run-ins with the law shouldn’t have a significant criminal record.

For purposes of clarity, when it comes to the “take a knee” crowd, there are plenty of guys who don’t have criminal records.  I’m not even talking about guys who spent a night on the courtesy of the county because of the “Milwaukee Misdemeanor.”  Instead, I’m talking about guys wearing major drug charges or violent crimes like robbery, assault, and weapons charges. I would expect guys with multiple major arrests not to be fond of the cops, just like I wouldn’t think guys who step out on their wives aren’t keen on divorce lawyers, and people who cheat on their taxes wouldn’t have many IRS auditors on their Christmas card list.

The “Thanks for the job, Dad” club: Thom Brennaman Joe Buck, and now Mike Golic, Jr.

Having said that, credibility is the sole of Golic Jr’s (and my) dismissive attitude toward Carr’s defense of Burfict. I don’t care “what a great guy he is,” or how “he quickly became your ‘favorite’ guy in the locker room,” or…my personal favorite… “he is really just misunderstood.” I could fertilize the Sahara Desert with that load of crap. Even if Carr really believes those things, what difference do they possibly make when it comes to his well-documented transgressions? Burfict could be the guy who always makes coffee when he takes the last cup, holds the elevator door for you, and never parks in the handicapped space, but the fact remains he’s deliberately tried to spear the brains out of countless receivers…in clear violation of the rules of the game.

The term “spearing” is important because it means you can’t give me the argument about the rules having changed and players needing to adapt.  Trying to brain dudes with the crown of the helmet has been illegal in the NFL for quite some time; the first suspensions for it were issued in 2011, a full year before Burfict’s days in the NFL, and it was illegal in college football all throughout Burfict’s time at Arizona State.

In other words, here’s a guy whose known the rules all along, and yet chooses to scoff at them. This begs the question…if I agree with Golic Jr. on the Burfict suspension, then why am I calling him out? The answer to that is surprisingly simple. If you are somebody who has shown me time and time again that you are willing to play outside the rules, I’m not interested in listening to your story because it’s likely to be little more than a justification of why you make bad decisions.

It’s really too bad Vontaze Burfict doesn’t have some socio-political banner to hide behind. Nobody’s kneeling for guys who literally try to knock the brains out of tight ends…because if there were, Mike Golic, Jr. would be imploring you to listen to scoff-laws like Vontaze Burfict.

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