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The Deep Six: Boyd Bergquist’s Post-Mortem on The Philadelphia Eagles

EDITOR’S NOTE: Boyd Bergquist was the sports director at KETS-TV in East Tree Stump, Nebraska for almost 40 years.  Known across the Husker state as the voice of the Boy’s High School Basketball Tournament, Bergquist was a four-time winner of the Marv J. Butz “Golden Cob” Award For Excellence In Nebraska Broadcast Journalism.  That background, along with his quick if not cliché-riddled wit and love of single-malt scotch makes Bergquist a perfect fit to be our “Question” guy.

Hey, sports fans…it’s your favorite 70s TV Sports anchor Boyd Bergquist here. In case you don’t know, the guy who runs this blog is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. But he couldn’t bring himself to do the autopsy on his now-dead football team, but he also thought Eagles’ fans need to see some hard realities about their football team.

1) The Philadelphia Eagles prove expanding the play-offs was a bad idea.

Maybe it was a Pennsylvania thing, but both the Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers got man-handled in their play-off games. In particular, the Eagles showed why they didn’t belong in the play-offs. From the kick-off, there was a never single moment anybody could have looked at that game at thought the Eagles had any chance of winning. Not one. They didn’t even look like they belonged in the same league with Tampa Bay.

2) Two words: Howie Roseman.

I swear this guy’s middle name is “Transition.” It seem like no matter what, the Eagles are always in a state of “transition.” Here’s the explanation for how you take a team from the Super Bowl to the Toilet Bowl in only five years. This guy could screw up a cup of coffee, and somehow he’s still getting away with not taking his share of the blame. With all the people who have been run out of the Eagles organization, Roseman remains as the common thread.

The dramatic proof is coming when this team has three first-round picks in the upcoming draft. Raise your hands Eagles’ fans if you think he’s going to blow at least two of them.

3) Two more words: Jalen Hurts

Remember this time last year when Jalen Hurts was supposedly the savior? Well, it didn’t take long to figure out he’s not…unless your definition of success is limping into the play-offs only to get prison-raped by a real football team. In terms of their style of play, Jalen Hurts is just a more athletic Dak Prescott…and that’s no compliment.

Just look at Hurts’ “garbage-time” production in that last play-off loss to Tampa Bay. Plenty of passing yards and two touchdowns when it clearly didn’t matter. But to be fair, what does Jalen Hurts have to work with compared to Dak Prescott? Prescott has a stable full of “high-buck” weapons, meanwhile on offense, the Eagles are little more than “(insert position here) by committee.” That goes back to the original two words: Howie Roseman.

4) They need somebody in the front office who understands the free agent market.

Kerrigan at mile marker 99.

There’s almost no better example of the futility of Phildelphia’s free-agency pursuits than the skeletal remains of Ryan Kerrigan. This guy used to wreck NFL backfields, but now he’s just a wreck. I know they got him on a very salary-cap friendly deal, but this was like getting a great deal on a used car only to have the engine fall out 100 miles later. I mean, opposing teams don’t even have to put a man on him any more. He can be stopped with one of those velvet ropes they have at the movie theater. This is going to be important because as I’ve said the Eagles have three draft picks coming, but…

5) They have more holes than three draft picks can solve.

The Eagles’ offensive line: Almost as naked as their pass protection.

Holes? There’s a least five in that picture alone. Pick a position where the Eagles don’t have a need. You can make Jalen Hurts works as the quarterback, but you have to protect him and give a bit more firepower than Miles Sanders and Dallas Goedert. Don’t get we wrong, I love both those guys. And who knows, DeVonta Smith might just become a “rip the top off the defense” kind of guy.

But beyond that, both Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson are ready for the “stud farm,” and opposing offensive coordinators don’t exactly lay awake night scheming for the likes of Boston Scott and Greg Ward.

6) Despite that, winning the NFC East is still a realistic goal

The NFC East: All you have to do to win is not be a trash fire.

Thea’s the best news in all of this. If you’re the Philadelphia Eagles, you don’t have far to go to be the best team in your division. The Giants suck. The Redskins Football Team are mediocre at best. Beat the Cowboys twice and this division is yours.

Seriously, look at who the Cowboys beat in 2021 outside of the NFC Least: the Los Angles Chargers, the Carolina Panthers, the New England Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings, the Atlanta Falcons, and the New Orleans Saints. There’s exactly one play-off team in that bunch.

It’s even more telling to look at the cowboys losses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Denver Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Arizona Cardinals. There’s exactly one non-play-off team in that bunch.

That’s all there is to it. Dallas is chronically over-rated, and you can depend on them to lose to good football teams. Beat them twice, and break even against the common opponents and anything is possible.

Even Howie Roseman should be able to navigate that.

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