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The J-Dub Gambling Challenge 2022: The “Week of the (Under) Dog” Edition

Back in the 70s, a Scotsman named Al Stewart had a hit song called “The Year of the Cat.” Well, if you were gambling college football last week, it was the “week of the dog.” It was a veritable buffet of underdogs; complete with favorites not covering the spread, with a heaping helping of flat-out upsets.

The bark of “dogs” like Mississippi. Texas Christian, and even the usually punitive Purdue echoed all the way to the bank, but none made more noise than non-cover hopeful turned outright winner Vanderbilt. The Commodores (speaking of 70’s music references) broke a 26-game in-conference SEC game losing streak when all I thought they would do was lose by less than 11.

But that’s the pay-off for taking the points…never fear, the underdog is here!

You just might recognize that sax player…

Now, I couldn’t buy a brick house on last week’s winnings, but there was a time not that long ago when the $868 pocketed by the J-Dub Gambling Challenge Bankroll would have made a solid mortgage payment. But it does have Surprise, the official blog cat of Dubsism, rolling in the dough, as on the season the bankroll is up to $6,566 from the original $5K. At the end of this version of the Twelve Greatest Saturdays of the Year, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer cats or dogs…it’s all about keeping the Franklins coming in the door!

The Dubsism Legal Department…complete with extra cheese.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER (mandated by our very own Small Town Pizza Lawyer):

Thanks to the Supreme Court, gambling is no longer illegal at Bushwood, sir. However, the Supreme Court can’t really help me unless one of them is willing to keep Mrs. J-Dub from braining me with a cast-iron skillet if she found out how many dimes I’m dropping on college football.

That means that as far as she knows, all wagers are mythical in nature and this is in no way, shape, or form a gambling advice column. In other words, if you lose your own “real” money, that’s nobody’s fault but yours, so don’t yell at me when we meet at the plasma center on Monday.

If you think you have a gambling problem, go find the 800 number on your own. I’m not a goddamn public service announcement.

The Standard Plays

  • Florida (-14) at Vanderbilt O/U 57 $100 Vanderbilt, $100 Under
  • Wisconsin (-10) at Nebraska O/U 39.5 $100 Wisconsin
  • Texas Christian (-2.5) at Baylor O/U 57 $250 Texas Christian
  • Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Duke O/U 50 $150 Pittsburgh
  • Indiana at Michigan State (-10) O/U 47 $100 Under
  • Kansas State (-7.5) at West Virginia O/U 55 $100 Kansas State, $100 Over
  • Washington State (-3.5) at Arizona O/U 68 $125 Under
  • Texas (-6.5) at Kansas O/U 63.5 $200 Texas
  • North Carolina State (-3.5) at Louisville O/U 45 $75 North Carolina State
  • Stanford at California (-4.5) O/U 46 $50 California, $50 Under
  • Texas Tech at Iowa State (-3.5) O/U 47.5 $75 Texas Tech
  • Boise State (-14) at Wyoming O/U 44 $100 Wyoming, $100 Under
  • Oklahoma State at Oklahoma (-7.5) O/U 66.5 $150 Oklahoma State
  • Mississippi (-2.5) at Arkansas O/U 65 $100 Mississippi
  • Southern California (-2) at UCLA O/U 76.5 $250 Over
  • Utah (-2.5) at Oregon O/U 61 $150 Utah

The Almost Always Punitive Purdue Bet

Since I live in the heart of Big Ten country, almost literally in the shadow of Ross-Ade stadium, those around me who know I’m a gambler will invariably ask me about the Boilermakers, so I might as well bet on them…

Northwestern at Purdue (-18) O/U 44.5 $50 Northwestern, $50 Under

The Royally Ridiculous Line of the Week

Introduced by our own guest columnist King George VI (the grandfather of the current King Charles III), this feature is all about the line of the week that’s so outrageous it’s almost as crazy as we Americans find the idea of a monarch.

Iowa at Minnesota (-2.5) O/U 31 $50 Iowa, $50 Over

The Dubsism College Football Heavyweight Champ Bet:

We went back to the very first college football game in 1869, and the premise is simple…you’re the champ until somebody beats you. The current champion is the Washington Huskies.

Colorado at Washington (-31.5) O/U 64.5 $50 Under

J-Dub’s Payday of the Week:

It’s like the game says…the idea is to hang on to your cash. That means this is the “big play” of the week; the one that should make today “Payday.”

Illinois at Michigan (-16.5) O/U 40.5 $1,000 Illinois

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

6 comments on “The J-Dub Gambling Challenge 2022: The “Week of the (Under) Dog” Edition

  1. Matt Lawton
    November 19, 2022

    In a non-related, but related story…

    What do you make of the Cowboys as a ROAD FREEKING FAVORITE against the 8-1 Vikings?!?!?!? Does this mean:

    1) The Vikings are completely fraudulent and their 8-1 record is is as unlikely and unimpressive as someone going 8-1 in coin tosses. Variance is a real thing.

    2) Vegas is placing a value bet on the Marks in the sports betting world. This is the equivalent of holding the nuts on the river in Hold’Em and betting $10 into a $600 pot. Even though your opponent missed their draw and holds just ace high, they can’t help but call the bet because of such an enticing odds…

    3) Mike McCarthy coaching Dak Prescott, Zeke, DeMarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons is the rough equivalent of Sun Tzu coaching the Justice League vs. Litterers and Jaywalkers.


    • J-Dub
      November 19, 2022

      4) There’s too much Cowboy money out there. The Skoal and beef jerky crowd loves them some FanDuel (although I really like #3).


  2. SportsChump
    November 19, 2022

    I see anyone willingly watching that Iowa-Minnesota game as Malcolm McDowell at the end of Clockwork Orange, forced to watch as drops are putting into his eyes.


    • J-Dub
      November 20, 2022

      Over unders in cold weather B1G Ten gams are almost always a lock on the under…but there’s always one that won’t hit. I picked the wrong one.

      I thought after Iowa went 7-3 against South Dakota Sate in which ther was not a touchdown scored, then went 9-6 with Illinois thee were due for an over. Who the hell saw Michigan State – Indiana going to two overtimes?


  3. walkingoffthechessboard
    November 19, 2022

    Illinois with the points. Sweet. Oh, I also enjoyed Al Stewart while I was here. One of my favorite tunes from the college days.


    • J-Dub
      November 20, 2022

      Big point spreads in cold weather B1G Ten games…almost always a payday.

      And I’ve always ben a Al Stewart fan. Very underrated in my opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

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