What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Open Letter to Minnesota Vikings Fans: Enough with the Favre-gasm Already

Consider this an intervention for some shit that has gotten seriously out of control. The O.J.-style slow-speed chase of the SUV that carried King Brett I from owner Zygi Wilf’s private jet to Winter Park was bad enough. The fact that hundreds of you surrounded the streets at Winter Park on a weekday afternoon, many of you already sporting purple #4 jerseys was a bit worse.

Then, 62,000 of you ponied up full-price to fill the Metrodome for an exhibition game against the usually dreadful Kansas City Chiefs. During this game, you saw King Brett I lead the Vikings for two series going 1-for-4 for 4 yards, with the sole pass he completed to Percy Harvin being thrown into at least double-coverage. Naturally, this prompted Vikings fans across the metro to spend a Friday night calling the local sports-talk station just to scream various and somewhat inebriated versions of “We’re goin’ to the Super Bowl, baby!” 

Let’s just be brutally honest. If the Vikings do in fact find themselves in Miami in February, King Brett I will likely have had as much to do with it as I did. First of all, the strength of this team is the running game and the defense. If the defense gives Adrian Peterson (the most dynamic offensive weapon in the league) a lot of short fields, and if the offensive line can allow him to make plays, it won’t matter much who your quarterback is or what he does. People, it is time to realize that your new savior is a 40-ish bag of bones who has demonstrated over the last 2 years that he no longer can get it done when it counts.

If the Vikes are going to win, Favre needs to do this about 40 times a game.

If the Vikes are going to win, Favre needs to do this about 40 times a game.

Flash the clock back to January 2008; the NFC Championship Game. King Brett I has just led the Packers to a miracle 13-3 season only to find his team trailing late against the Giants. At this point, the world was waiting for King Brett I to break out one of his All American-Wrangler-Jeans-Hall-Of-Fame-4th-Quarter-Can-Of-Comeback-Whoop-Ass on the Giants. Instead, he pulled something else that has become a Favre trademark of late; he picked a crucial moment with the game in overtime to throw an interception.

The following season with the New York Jets proved to be more of the same. Albeit there were some spectacular early successes, such as the 6 touchdown performance he hung on the Cardinals, accomplishments like this were overshadowed by his dissolving down the stretch. His last five games in a Jets uniform saw only 2 touchdowns against 8 interceptions. In short, he took a team that was in playoff contention down to a 9-7 finish.

brett favre jets 2

Keeping all that in mind, the question becomes “What is a good price, salary cap constraints and all, for a past-his-prime icon?” The NFL is one of the last meritocracies left; you get paid what someone thinks you’re worth, and performance on the field is the chief measure. The contract King Brett I signed with the Vikings reportedly pays him $25 million over 2 years. Compare that deal with Favre’s season, then take a look at the same information for some other QBs who might have been available.  

Favre – 22 TD, 22 INT, Passer Rating 81.0, $12 million (signed for $12.5 million for 2009)

Matt Cassel – 21 TD, 11 INT, Passer Rating 89.4, $539 thousand (signed for $14.65 million for 2009)

Jay Cutler – 25 TD, 18 INT, Passer Rating 86.0, $6.4 million

Kyle Orton – 18 TD, 12 INT, Passer Rating 79.6, $2.8 million

Tyler Thigpen – 18 TD, 12 INT, Passer Rating 76.0 $379 thousand

Tarvaris Jackson – 9 TD, 2 INT, Passer Rating 95.4, $686 thousand

 The bottom line: not only is this a questionable signing from an on-the-field standpoint, but one that doesn’t make much money sense.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

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