What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

More Evidence of the Hypocrisy of NFL Fans

If the calls for the head of Ben Roethlisberger when he has yet to be charged with ANYTHING weren’t bad enough…if the the phony hand-wringing over Michael Vick’s dog-fighting when nobody, repeat nobody, gave a frog’s fat ass about Ray Lewis being involved in a murder and Rae Carruth killing his girlfriend just because he didn’t want to pay child support didn’t exemplify this, then I don’t know why a story of a guy raping his 15-year old sister should matter.

The Sports Pig’s Blog has the tale of NFL offensive lineman prospect Tony Washington, who apparently is such a hot property that people are willing to ignore the fact he is a registered sex offender.

I’m still trying to understand the logic; so far it seems you aren’t allowed to be a white guy or hurt puppies, but anything else goes.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

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