What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Dan Hawkins Just Became a Better Coach

Hawkins: Better, but still in a death spasm.

In a sound-bite world, Colorado coach Dan Hawkins has offered some real belly-busters. At the beginning of last season, after a 2008 campaign that saw his Colorado Buffaloes hang a 5-7 mark, Hawkins told players and fans that he envisioned “10 wins and no excuses” this season.  Well, he almost got the Buffs there…if you consider 3 wins close.

“It was not a guarantee, ” Hawkins explained.  “It was a motivational ploy, aimed at raising internal expectations.”

Of course, that doesn’t sound at all like an excuse or an admission that 10 wins in the Big 12 was a pipe dream. The reality is the last time Colorado won 10 or more games was in 2001, when the Buffaloes finished 10-3 and knocked off Texas 39-37 in the Big 12 Championship Game. Other than the upset of Oklahoma in 2007 that was the last time the Buffaloes looked respectable against the Big 12 South. In fact, it was the Longhorns’ Drew Kelson that may have laid the signature moment in the last decade of Buff football squarely on the jaw of Joel Klatt back in 2005.

Even under Hawkins, Colorado’s best record is the 6-7 they carved out in 2007. But this year’s campaign promises to be different as Dan Hawkins has already found a new strategy for success. In fact, Stage One is already complete.

Now that the Buffaloes are stampeding west to the promised land of the Pac-10, Hawkins doesn’t have to stand on the sidelines while the Cornhuskers of Nebraska and each member of the Big 12 South (except Baylor) take turns cornholing the Buffaloes.

Now, if Hawkins can succeed in scheduling only Washington State for conference play…

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

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