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Your Jamie Moyer Update 7/8/10 – He’s the Best 47-Year-Old Pitcher You Are Going To See Today

As your home for the Jamie Moyer for the Hall-of-Fame Campaign, Dubsism will continue to bring you updates on the ageless wonder. Even though Moyer took a loss against Atlanta on Wednesday night, it gives one pause to take a look at what Moyer has accomplished in this, his 24th season in the Major Leagues.

He did give up three homers, to bring his all-time record total to 509, but as we all know, everybody else who is high on that list is in the Hall-of-Fame, because to give up that many dingers means you consistently had to be around the plate, and for a long time. The rest of his stats on this season bear that out.

His 9-8 record combined with the fact that he’s already pitched 107.2 innings means he has been an inning-eater for the Phillies. In fact, in his 17 appearances to date, he has gone less than six innings only twice. He’s also 4-1 when pitching more than seven innings.

He’s showing solid control, giving up only 20 walks against 62 strikeouts. His walks/hits per innings pitched (WHIP) is only 1.08, which is below the league average of 1.37 and when you look at the seasons being had by the few on the list in front of him, you can see that Moyer has been quite effective on the hill.

National League WHIP Leaders (as of 7/8/10)

  1. Josh Johnson, FLA 0.96
  2. Mat Latos, SD 0.96
  3. Adam Wainwright, STL 1.00
  4. Carlos Silva, CHC 1.07
  5. Jamie Moyer, PHI 1.08

While Moyer’s ERA of 4.51 places him above the league average of 4.16, look at some of the notable arms with which he is sharing the neighborhood:

  • Dan Haren, ARI: 7-6, 4.38
  • Derek Lowe, ATL: 9-7, 4.40
  • Jamie Moyer, PHI: 9-8, 4.51
  • Ricky Nolasco, FLA: 8-6, 4.69
  • Edwin Jackson, ARI: 6-7, 4.92

Now, for the fun part…Did you know that Moyer’s Batting Average Against (BAA; a measure of how often opposing batters get hits) is statistically identical to that of Tim Lincecum, the 14-year-old two-time defending Cy Young Award winner. In fact, the two pitchers make for an interesting comparison given the fact they also have an identical win total.

The point of all this: don’t look now, but Moyer has quietly become one of the most effective pitchers in the National League regardless of his age.

As for the Moyer-o-Meter, the veteran lefty struck out three Braves in his loss against Atlanta, which now puts him ahead of another Hall-of-Famer, Dennis Eckersley.

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