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Jay Cutler Isn’t the Only Quarterback Who Quit Yesterday

Yes, its true…while Culter’s “injury” is getting all the talk today, another NFL signal-caller has punched out on his team. However, in this case, nobody should blame him. According to ESPN, Carson Palmer says his time with the Cincinnati Bengals is over.

Carson Palmer will ask the Cincinnati Bengals to trade him and will contemplate retirement if he does not get his wish, according to several sources.

Palmer, the No. 1 overall pick by the Bengals in 2003, was unavailable for comment as he and his wife, Shaelynn, were awaiting the birth of their third child.  A  Bengals spokesman had no comment. The team has Palmer under contract through 2014. Palmer has become the object of fan frustration in the past two years and sources said he has grown frustrated with the team’s inconsistencies. The Bengals finished 4-12 in 2010.

Sources familiar with Palmer’s plan and mindset said he is financially secure for the rest of his life and willing to follow through and retire.

Let’s be honest. This marriage has been over for a while. To me, the addition of Terrell Owens always seemed like a couple that decided having a baby would solve all their problems. In and of itself, that move wasn’t the complete train wreck I thought it would be, but at the end of the day it suffered the same fate of every other “fix-it baby.” It didn’t fix it. There’s an old saying that winning fixes everything, and lately the Bengals haven’t been doing much of either.

Sometimes to understand where you are, you have to look at how you got there. From their inception, the Bengals were happily mediocre until the hit their heyday in the 80’s when thanks to two Super Bowl appearances The Bengals moved to the good side of the NFL Monopoly board. Sure they weren’t Boardwalk, but Marvin Gardens with a hotel still brings a nice bit of change. But then came the 90’s and a string of “savior” draft picks; such colossal busts like Ki-Jana Carter, Dan Wilkinson, Akili Smith, and David Klingler doomed this team. Now, it is clear Marvin Lewis and “Savior” Palmer can’t bring back the Marvin Gardens days.

Since the Bengals have already decided to keep Lewis, it is time for Palmer to take his talents elsewhere; it not like there isn’t some talent left in him. Palmer isn’t far enough past being a Number 1 overall pick of the 2003 draft, and even though he suffered a major knee injury in a first-round playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the end of the 2005 season, and an elbow injury in 2008 so severe he considered the “Tommy John” surgery, Palmer hasn’t missed a quarterback start in the past two years with Cincinnati. He has thrown for 22,694 yards, 154 touchdowns and 100 interceptions; the Cincinnati Bengals have won two division titles with Palmer, but they are 0-2 in the play-offs.

Palmer is under contract through 2014; Palmer is owed anywhere between $11 and $14 million for each of the remaining years on his current deal. But that shouldn’t be a problem as the Bengals should be able to get plenty in return for Palmer because even though his stock isn’t as high as Boardwalk, he ain’t Baltic Avenue either.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

6 comments on “Jay Cutler Isn’t the Only Quarterback Who Quit Yesterday

  1. chappy81
    January 24, 2011

    Interesting, I didn’t even see that they were going to get rid of him. It’s not really shocking like you said. A change of scenery would be good for Palmer, I’m just not sure how many people would want to pay him that much money when the lockout is on the way…


    • JW
      January 24, 2011

      Vikings are a perfect fit. They love shopping for the “used car,” and at $14M/year, Palmer is still $6M cheaper per season the the last quarterback the Vikes sank their fortunes on…


      • chappy81
        January 24, 2011

        That’s a good point, the Vikes could use him. Although I was somewhat impressed with Joe Webb at the end of the year. Not that you’d want to pin all your hopes on him, but he seemed like he might have the potential to get the job done there. I was thinking maybe SF might want to look into getting him…


  2. Chris Humpherys
    January 24, 2011

    There’s lots of teams out there that will be willing to take a chance on Palmer, depending upon his price tag.

    It’s amazing that we still really don’t yet know how good or bad this guy really is. I mean, he is a decent quarterback, right?


  3. Huge Jassel
    January 25, 2011

    I doubt many teams are going to pick him and his Bengal contract up. He’s not worth it. If he’s willing to lower his price, he could be a solid back-up QB for a lot of teams.

    He’s turned into a little bitch. Can’t take the mid-west and he needs to go back to somewhere warm where the fans are too high on marijuana to care about his lousy play.


    • JW
      January 25, 2011

      Just now on NFL Live, Ochocinco said the trouble in Cincinnati “may not just be the players on the field.” He didn’t elaborate on what specifically he meant, but it seemed very likely he meant the management.

      Let’s be honest, the Bengals are a train-wreck of a franchise, and I’m not in a big hurry to blame anyone for wanting to get out of there.


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