What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization: So, You Want To Cut Your Own Balls Off?

We have far too much self-castration going on in the world of sports; so much so it is bleeding over into real life. Manny Ramirez cut his own balls off when he kept using banned substances. Jim Riggleman cut his own balls off when he had a temper tantrum and walked away from one of only 30 major-league managerial jobs.  LeBron James showed us all in the NBA Finals even “The Chosen One” is perfectly capable of checking his balls at the door. It seems we’ve been doing so much self-imposed de-balling in this country now prisoners think having their coin purse lopped off is a right.

Crouched in her cell, Ophelia De’lonta hoped three green disposable razors from the prison commissary would give her what the Virginia Department of Corrections will not — a sex change.

It had been several years since she had felt the urges, but she had been fighting them for weeks. But like numerous other times, she failed to get rid of what she calls “that thing” between her legs, the last evidence she was born a male.

Months after the October castration attempt, De’lonta filed a federal lawsuit Friday claiming the state has failed its duty to provide adequate medical care because it won’t give her the operation. She says the surgery is needed to treat her gender identity disorder, a mental illness in which people believe they were born the wrong gender.

Let’s just get the fundamental problem out there right now. If you peek into your shorts, and you see “Big Jim and the Twins”…well, despite what you would like to believe, you’re a dude. It’s that simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand being something that you don’t want to be; in fact, I would bet you this man woman person would love to not be a prisoner. But no matter how much De’lonta wishes that were the case, that decision is not up to him.

That’s the key to the whole issue. Just because you want something to be a certain way doesn’t mean that it will be that way – and it sure as hell doesn’t mean somehow I’m responsible for making your delusion a reality.

If she wins, De’lonta would be the nation’s first inmate to receive a state-funded sex change operation. Similar lawsuits have failed in a handful of other states, and lawmakers in some states are trying to ban the use of taxpayer money for the operations.

I love how in this country we’ve transmorgrified “rights” into a means of getting into my pocket to fund “wishes.” De’lonta isn’t a woman; he just wishes he was. But in order to make that wish a reality, he has to force the state of Virginia into accepting an elective surgical procedure and follow-up medical care – at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars to taxpayers – as a “right.”

Political correctness is the only reason nobody calls this the ridiculous bullshit that it is. You watch, I’m going to get called all kinds of names for even suggesting De’lonta is anything other than a victim of his own body. The kool-aid that has been swallowed by the “PC” crowd on this matter goes something like this: “A person’s gender is whatever they say it is, and anybody who says different is a bigot.”

That’s 100% pure, uncut bullshit.

First of all, anybody who is being intellectually honest knows that any argument that instantly dismisses any differing point of view usually does so because it can’t survive a challenge. The LGBT community has been trying to tell me for years these gender-identity issues are a matter determined at birth; one is born as a “woman trapped in a man’s body” as much as one is born black. Researchers at places like the University of Minnesota have been trying to prove that assertion for years; that there is in fact a physiological difference which makes this all a matter of  genetics, not choice.

Of course, they’ve never found it; had they done so, this is instantly becomes a moot point. Transgender people would instantly get the same civil rights protection as racial minorities do. But that doesn’t stop the attempt to play that card.

“This is not a choice. Transsexuals are born and not made,” said [East Tennessee State University psychiatry professor George R.] Brown, an expert in gender identity disorder. “If you didn’t have this condition, why would you want to have your genitals removed, if not by a competent surgeon but by your own hand?”

There’s a simple answer to that  – BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY, THAT’S WHY! Let’s take the whole gender thing out of this for a moment. Let’s say I have a heart attack and I need a bypass. But instead of going to doctor (let’s say because I have no insurance, not because I’m in prison where that bypass operation would be covered), I go out in my garage, fire up a jigsaw and split my own chest open. Now, it really doesn’t matter what the underlying medical condition was; it matters that carving yourself up like a Thanksgiving turkey is FUCKING CRAZY!

Make no mistake, De’lonta has a laundry list of behavorial issues.

De’lonta first tried to cut herself when she was 12. By 17, she was robbing banks with the hopes of getting enough money to have a sex change operation. By 18, she was in prison, sentenced to more than 70 years for robbery, drugs, weapons and other charges.

Hmmm, think maybe there’s more than meets the proverbial eye here? Think the possibility exists this gender issue could be a smoke-screen for some other major psychological issues?

Secondly, the logic of the LGBT argument falls apart the minute you use it on something other their own agenda. For example, I’ve always wanted to be a major league manager, and now that Jim Riggleman walked away from the Nationals, and that the team has announced Davey Johnson is only managing the club until the end of this season, therefore if the Nationals don’t hire me as manager, they are denying my right to manage in the major leagues…oh, and since I’m a black guy, they are also racists.

But to really see the big problem here, focus in on this individual and not the general philosophical issues in this discussion.  In other words, if you think this person represents a great cause in the history of social justice, you are totally betting on the wrong horse. If you doubt that, look at the implicit threat in the following quote.

If she loses, she says she will continue to try self-surgery — acknowledging another attempt could kill her.

“That’s a possibility,” the 50-year-old said during a recent prison interview, pausing then smiling contently. “But at the end I would have peace.”

There’s a classic bit of childish thinking – “give me what I want or you’ll be sorry.” This is the same tactic used by the kid who threatens to have a temper tantrum in the store because the parent won’t give in to their wishes.  Do whatever you’ve got to do, I’m not giving in to blackmail. In any event, that sort of behavior in a 50-year old adult again suggests there might be some larger mental health issues in play.

Here’s the bottom line. Even if I bought Jim Riggleman’s self-severed balls on eBay, De’lonta is still as much a woman as I’m a major-league manager. Wish upon all the stars you want, like it or not, that’s the way it is.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

5 comments on “Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization: So, You Want To Cut Your Own Balls Off?

  1. tophatal
    July 11, 2011

    Let De’lonta be what he/she wants to be . Personally I’d like to see Selig’s balls removed and be fed to him as an hors d’oeuvres !

    Unbelievable the circumstances surrounding John Mackey’s death in an assisted living facility at age 69 . Suffering from dementia , early onset of Alzheimers as well as severe bouts of depression but not only that the benefits forthcoming from the NFLPA were said to be running out and there was talk of the facility were about to place him out on the streets . Ah well that’s the union and the NFL for you ! They care about as much as you or would care about a piece of fecal matter getting stuck to the sole of our shoe . Once you get rid of it that’s it and it’s the same way that the NFL and union has chosen to treat these retired veterans .

    Simply look at the conditions as to how Mike Webster and Dave Duerson met their passing ? Duerson (suffered severe bouts of depression) took his own life and Webster died like a drooling vegetable defecating and urinating on himself because he couldn’t control his bodily functions .

    tophatal ……….


    • JW
      July 11, 2011

      Guy can be what ever he wants to be – as soon as he gets out of prison and does it on his own dime.


      • tophatal
        July 11, 2011

        Let him do it on his own dime ? Well whose dime is he now incarcerated on ? Fu#k we can’t even take of homeless military vets and afford them the proper benefits and other such things they rightfully deserve but yet it costs $15,000 – $25,000 on average to keep an inmate incarcerated in a state prison facility for one year . And that’s only to house their ass !

        tophatal ……….


  2. ChrisHumpherys
    July 15, 2011

    Actually, I’m perfectly fine with my balls just the way they are but thanks for asking.

    No wonder I didn’t make it as a professional athlete.


  3. “A person’s gender is whatever they say it is, and anybody who says different is a bigot.”

    That’s 100% pure, uncut bullshit.”

    What does being a bigot even mean anymore? Like, if somebody tries to rob you at knifepoint are you a bigot if he tells you no? Does that make you insensitive to robbers?

    I am also fine with Humphreys’ balls the way they are, but only because I don’t want to be called a bigot.



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