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The Dubsism 2011-2012 College Football Bowl Recap: Did My Wife In Fact Know More Than I Do? The First Week’s Results

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original predictions that were made here back in August were based on an assumption the NCAA will would rule Ohio State, Miami (FL), and Auburn ineligible for post-season competition. These picks are noted, despite the fact that never happened; only Miami (FL) took itself out of bowl consideration. That’s not an excuse for my atrocious prognostication, but it’s what I’ve got.

As previously mentioned, since my wife gets to listen to most of these rants before they ever hit the interwebz, she thinks she actually knows more than me when it comes to college football. Of course, this meant a bowl-picking challenge…one that she is in fact winning at the time.


Here’s the gory details.

The Totals:

  • Dubsism: 6 out of 7 games this week (33 total)
  • Mrs. Dubsism: 7 out of 7 games this week (33 total)

MAACO Las Vegas Bowl:

  • Thursday, December 22nd; Las Vegas, Nevada; Sam Boyd Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: MWC #1 vs. Pac-12 #5 – TCU (#2 MWC) vs. Arizona (#6 Pac-12)
  • Payout: $1,100,000
  • Actual Matchup: Boise State (MWC #1) vs. Arizona State (Pac-12 #6)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Boise State
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Boise State
  • The Actual Outcome: Boise State 56, Arizona State 24

Hawaii Bowl:

  • Saturday, December 24th; Honolulu, Hawaii; Aloha Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: At-Large  vs. WAC #3 or Hawaii – UCLA (#9 Pac-12) vs. Hawaii (#2 WAC) 
  • Payout: $750,000
  • Actual Matchup: Nevada (WAC#2) vs. Southern Miss (C-USA #1*)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Southern Miss
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Southern Miss
  • The Actual Outcome: Southern Miss 24, Nevada 17

Idaho Potato Bowl (Humanitarian Bowl):

  • Saturday, December, 17th; Boise, Idaho; Bronco Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: WAC #1 or #2 vs. MAC #3 – Idaho (#3 WAC) vs. Temple (#3 MAC)
  • Payout: $750,000
  • Actual Matchup: Utah State (WAC #3) vs. Ohio (MAC #3)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Ohio
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Ohio
  • The Actual Outcome: Ohio 24, Utah State 23

New Mexico Bowl:

  • Saturday, December 17th; Albuquerque, New Mexico; University Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Pac-12 #7 vs. MWC #4 or #5 – Oregon State (#7 Pac-12) vs. Colorado State (#5 MWC)
  • Payout: $750,000
  • Actual Matchup: Wyoming (MWC #4) vs. Temple (MAC #5)*
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Wyoming
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Temple
  • The Actual Outcome: Temple 37, Wyoming 15
* Replacement team for a conference that does not have enough bowl-eligible teams to fulfill all of its obligations.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St. Petersburg Bowl:

  • Tuesday, December 2otht; St. Petersburg, Florida; Tropicana Field
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Big East #6 vs. C-USA #4 – Central Florida (#4 C-USA) vs. Cincinnati (Big East #5)
  • Payout: $500,000
  • Actual Matchup: Marshall (C-USA#5) vs. Florida International (Sun Belt #3*)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Marshall
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediciton: Marshall
  • The Actual Outcome: Marshall 20, Florida International 10
* Replacement team for a conference that does not have enough bowl-eligible teams to fulfill all of its obligations.

Poinsettia Bowl:

  • Wednesday, December 21st; San Diego, California; Qualcomm Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Navy vs. MWC #2/WAC #4 OR MWC #2 vs. WAC #5 –  Navy vs. Nevada (#4 WAC)
  • Payout: $500,000
  • Actual Matchup: TCU (MWC #2) vs. Louisiana Tech (WAC #1)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: TCU
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: TCU
  • The Actual Outcome: TCU 31, Louisiana Tech 24

New Orleans Bowl:

  • Saturday, December 17th; New Orleans, Louisiana; Superdome
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Sun Belt #1 vs. C-USA #5 – Florida International (#1 Sun Belt) vs. East Carolina  (#7 C-USA)
  • Payout: $500,000
  • Actual Matchup: Louisiana-Lafayette (Sun Belt #1) vs. San Diego State (MWC #5*) 
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Louisiana-Lafayette
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Louisiana-Lafayette
  • The Actual Outcome: Louisiana-Lafayette 32, San Diego State 30

* Replacement team for a conference that does not have enough bowl-eligible teams to fulfill all of its obligations.

Stay tuned for the next update to see who is ahead in the House of Dubsism of Challenge. Hell, tune in to see if there is still a House of Dubsism.


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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

7 comments on “The Dubsism 2011-2012 College Football Bowl Recap: Did My Wife In Fact Know More Than I Do? The First Week’s Results

  1. brief22
    December 25, 2011

    Looks like you got beat! I’m only 4-3 :(. What are your BCS picks?


  2. ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)
    December 25, 2011

    Maybe she’s getting it through osmosis, ya know? Your drool from the pillow.

    You do both sleep in the same bed, right?


    • JW
      December 25, 2011

      Maybe not after this post…


  3. diehardsport
    December 28, 2011

    Bowl games have always been tough for me to pick, you’re doing pretty well though.


  4. sportsattitudes
    December 29, 2011

    Yeah, I can see where the post might influence her regarding future accommodations…of all types. Bowl games are the flat-out hardest sporting events to pick winners on. You simply can’t tell what is going on in those young, impressionable helmets…as well as the older, looking-out-for-the-future coaches. Hell, it seems like at least a fifth of the teams don’t have the coach they started the season with or he is a lame duck. Kudos for going out on the limb.


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