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The Dubsism 2011-2012 College Football Bowl Recap: My Wife Did In Fact Know More Than I Do

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original predictions that were made here back in August were based on an assumption the NCAA will would rule Ohio State, Miami (FL), and Auburn ineligible for post-season competition. These picks are noted, despite the fact that never happened; only Miami (FL) took itself out of bowl consideration. That’s not an excuse for my atrocious prognostication, but it’s what I’ve got.

As previously mentioned, since my wife gets to listen to most of these rants before they ever hit the interwebz, she thinks she actually knows more than me when it comes to college football. Of course, this meant a bowl-picking challenge…and she won.

Not only did she win, but like a typical joyless woman, she starts adding victory conditions after she knew she was likely to win. First, she tried to con me out of a dinner, one whose cost escalated with her increasing odds of victory.  Then, I had to listen to hour upon hour of her cackling crap, most of which was simply a lot of misplaced chatter compensating for her lousy fantasy football team. Then to top it off, there came demands to fill this post with images of glitter, unicorns, and some other stuff that was never going to happen.

And she wonders why she got slapped.

The Totals:

  • Dubsism: 23 correct picks out of 35 total
  • Mrs. Dubsism: 26 correct picks out of 35 total
The last week’s worth of gory details are shown here; previous lists detailing my epic domestic failure are here and here.

BCS Championship:

  • Monday, January 9th, New Orleans, Louisiana,  Superdome
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: BCS #1 vs. BCS #2 – Alabama (#1 SEC) vs. Wisconsin (#1 Big Ten)
  • Payout: $18,000,000
  • Actual Matchup: LSU (BCS #1, SEC #1) vs. Alabama (BCS#2, SEC #2)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: LSU
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Alabama
  • The Actual Outcome: Alabama 21, LSU 0

Fiesta Bowl:

  • Thursday, January 5th, Glendale Arizona, University of Phoenix Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Big 12 Champion/BCS vs. BCS At-Large – Oklahoma (#1 Big 12) vs. Boise State (#1 MWC)
  • Payout: $17,000,000
  • Actual Matchup:  Oklahoma State (#1 Big 12) vs. Stanford (#2 Pac-12, BCS at-large)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Oklahoma State
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction:  Stanford
  • The Actual Outcome: Oklahoma State 41, Stanford 38

Rose Bowl:

  • Monday, January 2nd; Pasadena, California; Rose Bowl
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup:  Big Ten Champion/BCS vs. Pac-12 Champion/BCS – Oregon (#1 Pac-12) vs. Nebraska (#2 Big Ten)*
  • Payout : $17,000,000
  • Actual Matchup: Wisconsin (Big Ten #1) vs. Oregon (Pac-12 #1)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Oregon
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Wisconsin
  • The Actual Outcome: Oregon 45, Wisconsin 38

* I thought Nebraska would replace the Big Ten Champion (Wisconsin) which would be in BCS Championship. Didn’t happen.

Orange Bowl:

  • Wednesday, January 4th; Miami, Florida; Dolphin Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: ACC Champion vs. Big East Champion/BCS – Florida State (#1 ACC) vs. West Virginia (#1 Big East)
  • Payout: $17,000,000
  • Actual Matchup: Clemson (ACC #1) vs. West Virginia (Big East #1, BCS at-large)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Clemson
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Clemson
  • The Actual Outcome: West Virginia 70, Clemson 33

Sugar Bowl:

  • Tuesday, January 3rd; New Orleans, Louisiana; Superdome
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: SEC Champion BCS vs. Big East Champion/BCS –  LSU (#2 SEC)* vs. Oklahoma State (#2 Big 12)
  • Payout: $17,000,000
  • Actual Matchupt: Michigan (Big Ten #2*, BCS at-large) vs. Virginia Tech (ACC #2, BCS at-large)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Michigan
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Michigan
  • The Actual Outcome: Michigan 23, Virginia Tech 20
*I thought LSU would replace the SEC Champion (Alabama) which would be in BCS Championship. Half-right…Michigan ends up here because of two SEC teams being in the BCS championship game.

Capital One Bowl:

  • Monday, January 2nd; Orlando, Florida; Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: SEC #2 vs. Big Ten #2 – South Carolina (#3 SEC) vs. Michigan State (#4 Big Ten)*
  • Payout: $4,600,000
  • Actual Matchup: South Carolina (SEC #3) vs. Nebraska (Big Ten #3)
  • The Dubsism Prediction:  South Carolina
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction:  South Carolina
  • The Actual Outcome: South Carolina 30, Nebraska 13

*I thought Michigan State would replace Ohio State since we assumed the NCAA would rule them ineligible. Total whiff. I’d like to thank the NCAA for getting my back on that one.

Cotton Bowl Classic:

  • Friday, January 6th; Dallas, Texas; Cowboys Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Big 12 #2 vs. SEC #3 or #4 – Texas A&M (Big 12 #3) vs. Arkansas (SEC #4)
  • Payout: $3,625,000
  • Actual Matchup: Kansas State (Big 12 #2) vs. Arkansas (SEC #4)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Arkansas
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Kansas State
  • The Actual Outcome: Arkansas 29, Kansas State 16

Outback Bowl:

  • Monday, January 2nd; Tampa, Florida; Raymond James Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Big Ten #3  vs. SEC #3 , #4, or #5  – Penn State (#5 Big Ten) vs. Mississippi State (#6 SEC) 
  • Payout $3,500,000
  • Actual Matchup:  Michigan State (Big Ten #4) vs. Georgia (SEC #6)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Michigan State
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Michigan State
  • The Actual Outcome:  Michigan State 33, Georgia 30

Gator Bowl:

  • Monday, January 2nd; Jacksonville, Florida; Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Big 10 #4 or #5 vs. SEC #6 – Michigan (#7 Big Ten) vs. Florida (#8 SEC)
  • Payout: $2,700,000
  • Actual Matchup: Ohio State (Big Ten #6) vs. Florida (SEC #7)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Ohio State
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Florida
  • The Actual Outcome: Florida 24, Ohio State 17

TicketCity Bowl:

  • Monday, January 2nd; Dallas, Texas, Cotton Bowl
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Big Ten #7 vs. C-USA #2 – Illinois (#9 Big Ten) vs. Tulsa (#2 C-USA)
  • Payout: $1,100,000
  • Actual Matchup: Penn State (Big Ten #7) vs. Houston (C-USA #2)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Penn State
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Penn State
  • The Actual Outcome: Houston 30, Penn State 14

BBVA Compass Bowl:

  • Saturday, January 7th; Birmingham, Alabama; Legion Field
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: Big East #5 vs. SEC #8 – Connecticut (#4 Big East) vs. Alabama – Birmingham (C-USA #5*)
  • Payout: $900,000 SEC; $600,000 Big East
  • Actual Matchup: Pittsburgh (Big East #5) vs. SMU (C-USA #4*)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: SMU
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: SMU
  • The Actual Outcome: SMU 28. Pittsburgh 6
* Replacement team for a conference that does not have enough bowl-eligible teams to fulfill all of its obligations.

GoDaddy.com Bowl

  • Sunday, January 8th; Mobile, Alabama; Ladd Peebles Stadium
  • Traditional/Contractual Matchup: MAC #1 0r #2 vs. Sun Belt #2 – Toledo  (#1 MAC) vs. Troy (#2 Sun Belt)
  • Payout: $750,000
  • Actual Matchup: Northern Illinois (MAC #1) vs. Arkansas State (Sun Belt #2)
  • The Dubsism Prediction: Northern Illinois
  • The Mrs. Dubsism Prediction: Northern Illinois
  • The Actual Outcome: Northern Illinois 38, Arkansas State 20

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13 comments on “The Dubsism 2011-2012 College Football Bowl Recap: My Wife Did In Fact Know More Than I Do

  1. sportsattitudes
    January 10, 2012

    Mrs. Dubsism’s blog will debut in late January, 2012 at an Internet near you.


    • JW
      January 10, 2012

      It will likely be better than this one…after all, she is an English major.


  2. I’ve never been married, but not for fear that my future (ex) wife would know more about football than me.

    No wonder you haven’t won any SportsChump pools yet.

    It’s okay, we still love you, man. We just won’t be going to you for advice on how to gamble away our hard earned money.

    On a related note, we’re looking forward to subscribing to her new URL http://www.myhubjdubdontknowsquataboutsports.com


    • JW
      January 10, 2012

      You are beautiful man…really beautiful…


  3. chappy81
    January 10, 2012

    I kept waiting for that unicorn picture somewhere in the post. You should’ve put Neil Patrick Harris in there when he was on Mushrooms looking at a unicorn!


  4. brief22
    January 10, 2012

    You got served! You both did pretty good, but looks like the blog name should be changed to Mrs. Dubsism.


    • JW
      January 10, 2012

      Just wait until you have to deal with women on a regular basis…like when one lof your choosing ives in your house…


  5. “Hit her pretty hard there, didn’t you Rick…?”

    Chappy is a unicorn expert: He specializes in figments of the imagination. Perhaps I can hire him as a detective to try and investigate all of those blowjobs I don’t seem to be getting.



    • JW
      January 10, 2012

      First of all, you couldn’t get a blowjob in a women’s prison if you had a fist full of keys But you still have a better shit at a blowjob than any married guy…

      But I absolutely love the obscure “Simpsons” reference…


      • On that note, I caught the end of one of those MSNBS Lockup shows where one of the inmates had made a dildo out of soap. Shit you not. Doesn’t prove anything, but it is true.



  6. Blog Surface
    January 10, 2012

    I got faith in you JW! I always will back my guys up… you seriously have to start beating Mrs. Dubsism though… c’mon mannn!! hehe


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