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Our Football Hall of Fame Results Are In – Dubsism Readers Don’t Agree Much With Football Writers

football hall of fame

Back when the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced their list of 15 finalists for induction, we here at Dubsism offered our readers a chance to cast a ballot as if they were a member of Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA). Well, the Dubsists have spoken, and there’s some major differences between what they believe and what the PFWA members voted.

If you recall, the list of finalists read as follows:

Contributor Division:

  • Bill Polian, General Manager
  • Ron Wolf, General Manager

The Pro Football Hall of Fame 2015 Induction Ballot:

  • Morten Andersen, PK
  • Jerome Bettis, RB
  • Tim Brown, WR
  • Don Coryell, Coach
  • Terrell Davis, RB
  • Tony Dungy, Coach
  • Kevin Greene, DE/LB
  • Charles Haley, DE
  • Marvin Harrison, WR
  • Jimmy Johnson, Coach
  • John Lynch, S
  • Orlando Pace, OT
  • Junior Seau, LB
  • Will Shields, OG
  • Mick Tingelhoff, C
  • Kurt Warner, QB

According to the Pro Football Writers of America, the Hall of Fame Class of 2015 will consist of contributors Bill Polian and Ron Wolf, senior selection Mick Tingelhoff, along with Junior Seau, Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Charles Haley, and Will Shields.

The PFWA voting process happened in two stages. In the first, the selection committee reduced the list finalists by cutting Morten Andersen, Terrell Davis, John Lynch, and coaches Don Coryell and Jimmy Johnson. Five more nominees were eliminated in the final stage: Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Marvin Harrison, Orlando Pace, and Kurt Warner.

Had the balloting been left to the Dubsists, the results would be quite different.

In the Contributor Division, the vote was split equally between Wolf and Polian, which means neither of them were elected. Senior selection Mick Tingelhoff garnered the second-most overall votes, finishing only behind Junior Seau.  The Dubsism Hall of Fame class of 2015 also features Tim Brown, Orlando Pace, and Will Shields. The leaderboard in terms of total Dubsist votes goes like this:

  1. Junior Seau
  2. Mick Tingelhoff
  3. Tim Brown
  4. Orlando Pace
  5. Will Shields
  6. Marvin Harrison
  7. Jerome Bettis
  8. Kurt Warner
  9. Charles Haley
  10. Morten Andersen
  11. John Lynch
  12. Terrell Davis
  13. Jimmy Johnson
  14. Don Coryell
  15. Kevin Greene
  16. Tony Dungy

Having disclosed all that, there’s some interesting facts which come to light.

First of all, it was quite telling that the Dubsists didn’t induct either contributor, while the PFWA inducted both of them. That’s the first indicator that the Dubsists and the PFWA have a serious difference of opinion.

Secondly, it is also significant that neither body elected any of the coaches on the ballot, but the Dubsists had a big difference in the total of the votes each received. Tony Dungy made it to the second round in the PFWA vote, while he finished dead last in the Dubsist voting. That also means that in terms PFWA voting, Tony Dungy finished ahead of two-time Super Bowl Champion Jimmy Johnson. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Then there’s the case of Orlando Pace.  Arguably the most dominant offensive lineman of his day, Pace was easily inducted by the Dubsists, while he didn’t even make the first cut with the writers.

Finally, there was a huge difference of opinion between the Dubsists and the very author of this blog. Marvin Harrison escaped induction by the Dubsists on the slimmest of margins, all while I’m on record as saying I simply can’t vote for him.

At least the PFWA got it right in inducting Tinglehoff, Tim Brown , and Jerome Bettis; that fixes three of the biggest snubs they’ve had.  Now, it’s time to do something about Jerry Kramer.

Here’s where we turn this over to the comments section…I can hardly wait.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

2 comments on “Our Football Hall of Fame Results Are In – Dubsism Readers Don’t Agree Much With Football Writers

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  2. My vote goes to Jamie Moyer.


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