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Coaches Death Watch 2016 – The Final Poll Numbers

coaches death watch 2016

Over the past nine weeks of the NFL season, Dubsism contributor JFI has offered his opinion on which coaches are either going to or should be fired. To bolster that, we ran a poll where you got to choose who you thought would be the first NFL coach to get his walking papers.  Much like Tuesday’s election, it’s time for the pools to close and see what really happens.

While we don’t know with any certainty what will actually happen, we can look at some real numbers from the Dubsists. In terms of simple raw numbers, there a clear winner.  Over 8,000 ballots were cast, 13 coaches total received votes, but it was the Indianapolis Colts’ Chuck Pagano who got almost half of them.

  1. Chuck Pagano 3764
  2. Jim Caldwell 2294
  3. John Fox 843
  4. Rex Ryan 596
  5. Mike McCoy 258
  6. Mike McCarthy 176
  7. Gus Bradley 137
  8. Hue Jackson 101
  9. Jeff Fisher 85
  10. Todd Bowles 60
  11. Jason Garrett 7
  12. Andy Reid 1
  13. Ron Rivera 1

However, the story gets a bit murkier when you look at the votes cast in relation to when the ballots were cast.  While Pagano still leads in the total number of votes, it’s pretty clear that Chicago’s John Fox is on a serious up-trend.


So, the Dubsists have spoken.  The question becomes which NFL general manager will be the first to say “you’re fired.”

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

One comment on “Coaches Death Watch 2016 – The Final Poll Numbers

  1. SportsChump
    November 14, 2016

    I think McCarthy gets fired on Monday.

    How are you gonna let the Titans score 50 on ya?


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