What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

J-Dub Gambling Challenge – The Final Cut


Now that were are past the Twelve Greatest Saturdays of the Year, it time to quote the immortal Roger Waters…”Fuck all that, we’ve got to get on with this.” This is about gambling, and gambling is about winning and losing.  The original bankroll of $5,000 ended the Challenge at $4,741…a net loss of $259.

That’s not bad when you consider it as the net cost of three months of entertainment.  For the cost of a top-shelf steakhouse dinner for two or a cheap TV at Wal-Mart, I got the joy of victory, the agony of defeat, and the chance to say “that’s not too shabby for a gambler emerging from a six-year hiatus from wagering on college football.”

If you’ve been following this year’s Challenge, you know this was a seasons with more ups and downs than Oprah Winfrey’s cholesterol numbers.  Speaking of numbers, there’s a set of them which tell an interesting story. For example, this year’s Challenge featured a “Lock of the Week” bet; one which I felt the surest about, and therefore placed the largest bet on it.   I went 6-6 for a net profit of $290 on those bets.  Not really “lockish,” is it?

Having said that, here’s the twelve bets that made or broke each week.

  • Week 1 – Net Loss -$408: LSU at Wisconsin (+10) -$275
  • Week 2 – Net Profit  +$375: Connecticut at Navy (-3.5) *+$135
  • Week 3 – Net Loss  -$369: Florida State at Louisville (+2) -$550
  • Week 4 – Net Profit +$393: Florida State at South Florida (+6.5) +$450
  • Week 5 – Net Loss -$336: Kansas State at West Virginia (-3) -$220
  • Week 6 – Net Loss –$278: Colorado at Southern California (-5.5) -$550
  • Week 7 –  Net Profit +$115: Mississippi at Arkansas (+7.5) +$225
  • Week 8 – Net Loss -$25: Texas A&M at Alabama (-16.5) +$450
  • Week 9 – Net Profit +$103:  Clemson at Florida State (+5.5) +$270
  • Week 10 –  Net Profit +$485: Navy at Notre Dame (-6.5) +$900
  • Week 11 – Net Loss -$53: Mississippi at Texas A&M (-10) -$550
  • Week 12 –  Net Profit +$600: Virginia Tech at Notre Dame (-1), O/U 55 –$425
  • Week 13 – Net Loss -$863: TCU at Texas (-3) -$550

* The only “non-Lock” bet because it was hedged with a play on the over/under

Obviously, you have to win more that you lose.  Going 6-6 on “big bets” doesn’t meet that criteria.  Going 6-7 on profit/loss by week certainly doesn’t meet it.  An even bigger problem is that in gambling, you have to win more than you lose plus 10%, because you have to pay “the juice,” a.k.a the fee for placing a bet.  When you stop to consider that in this year’s Challenge, the total cost of wagers placed including “the juice” was  $21,932, coming up short by only $259 bucks isn’t that bad. It’s still a loss, but it means there’s enough money for next year’s Challenge without having to sell a kidney.

That’s a good thing, since the amount of bourbon I drink means my kidneys have the resale value of a 1983 Yugo with warped brake rotors and a cracked engine block.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

2 comments on “J-Dub Gambling Challenge – The Final Cut

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  2. sportsattitudes
    December 25, 2016

    I can’t find an ’83 Yugo WITHOUT warped brake rotors and a cracked engine block. Must have come standard.


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