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The Sports Sewer – Episode 2: Mike Greenberg


By Jason From Indiana (JFI)

I promise you I am not specifically picking on ESPN, but that network produces more turds than Al Roker on a juice cleanse.  Today is all about the World Wide Bottom Feeder’s resident sissy-boy Mike Greenberg.

Mike and Mike, or “The Dummies”as I refer to them,  had Mark Schlereth on the show a few days back.  I don’t listen to this show intently because it’s just hot takes and nonsense.  I have it on for background noise while I’m getting ready to do what most sports fans have to do…go to work in the morning.  But the day they had Schlereth on the show, I became interested in listening to him talk about offensive line play.

He was explaining how we all hear about how defenses try to hide their coverage and blitzes, and about how offensive linemen do the same thing when it comes to disguising their protection schemes.  I didn’t play football at all, and in the fantasy football world we live in, nobody ever talks about the line.  I felt like I was actually learning something.  Mike Golic was even chiming in talking about the “cat and mouse” game defensive linemen play with their offensive opponents. It’s not the type of talk you normally get, and I thought Schlereth was doing a good job of not “dumbing it down,” while not going too “technical” either.

Apparently, that’s not allowed at the World Wide Bottom Feeder.

That was made obvious by crap-spewer extraordinaire Mike Greenberg who derailed an interesting discussion with gems like “this is going over people’s heads” and “we’re losing listeners.”

What was burning a hole in Greenberg’s tongue?  Let’s talk about Dak Prescott and is he the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.  First off, I don’t give a frog’s fat ass who the MVP is at the end of the season, much less  with 1/4 of the season yet to be played.  Here’s an idea.  How about we go ahead and play the games and see what happens? That’s not going to happen because we need to fill up the sewage treatment plant that is ESPN with hours of subjective crap intended to bait sports fans into pointless debate, which usually turns into a giant exercise in homerism.  Any such MVP debate is all about who their guys is; Patriot fans are going to tell you Tom Brady, Cowboys fans are going to say either Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliot.  If you sent out a search party to find all eight Falcons fans in the world, they’ll tell you Matt Ryan.  Yeah, that’s interesting.

She's not alone.

She’s not alone.

In yet another example of why ESPN’s rating are plunging, here’s a very rare time I was actually interested in something and this pencil-neck geek has to squash it. In my opinion, if you’d rather hear about “Who’s the MVP” over some basic knowledge of line play, you aren’t really a football fan. You’re a fantasy guy. There aren’t any fantasy stats for linemen, which is why fantasy guys don’t care about them even though they are essential to anything which happens in any offense.

You might say Greenberg knows his audience and wanted to change the subject to cater to the meat heads that listen to that show. We get that kind of useless gas-baggery all the time.  Would it have really been that big of a ratings killer to have some intelligent football talk instead of tirelessly trying to predict the future? Schlereth is a smart guy, as are most offensive linemen.  He’s been on 3 Super Bowl teams in 2 different cities. He knows his stuff, which is exactly why jerk-offs like Greenberg think he doesn’t fit the lowest common denominator of the ESPN audience.

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One comment on “The Sports Sewer – Episode 2: Mike Greenberg

  1. SportsChump
    December 17, 2016

    You mean ESPN’s Morning Sports for Dummies?

    Yeah, I stopped listening to this show long ago.

    Liked by 1 person

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