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Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization: The Josh Hader/Trea Turner Twitter “Scandal”

A couple of weeks ago during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, some tweets from Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader surfaced during the game which were deemed to be “racist and homophobic.”  Hader immediately addressed the matter, issued an apology, and the story promptly died (well, except for places with even less credibility than ESPN –  like Deadspin).  However, just this very morning, more crap like this is coming out about Trea Turner and Sean Newcomb.

Originally, the question I wanted answered was why is this even a story in the first place? Last night, I thought this was an isolated incident, but this morning, that’s clearly not the case.  Somebody somewhere has taken it upon themselves to dredge whatever dirt they can find.  Why they are doing that raises a whole other set of questions, but I’m sticking with my original.

In case you’re wondering, yes…there was a reason why I waited until now to discuss this.  Having been a blogger this long, I have come to learn that asking challenging questions on controversial topics in the heat of the moment isn’t very effective for starting a dialogue.  However, it is an incredible generator of hate-mail and name-calling. My intention was to avoid that; the hope being that waiting a couple of weeks would give me a better shot at getting answers to some important, if not uncomfortable questions. But given the fact this is no longer an isolated incident, it’s time to tackle this.

1) Why won’t anybody tell me what was actually said?

I’m sure I could drop into a web-search worm hole and find out for myself, but that really isn’t the point.  The lame-stream media made it a point to tell me this story with the idea being I’m supposed to be offended by the comments.  Sorry, but if you want a reaction out of me, you’re going to need to get over your “pearl-clutching” and tell me what was actually said.  The fact of the matter is that in America today, the edge of the envelope of “political correctness” has been pushed beyond specific words into opinions.

Anything the “PC Police” don’t like is immediately slapped with a label such as “racist” or “homophobic;” worse yet, these are the same people who get absolutely apoplectic if I would rather not blindly take their word for what is supposed to offend me.  I’m not a child; don’t just give me the labels.  Tell me the verbatim “bad words” to me and let me decide for myself if they piss me off. But also understand that I have a “red-line” level of skepticism on anything taken out of context.

Obviously, this means I’m questioning the motives of anybody dredging up crap from a social media platform, but I don’t want to get off-topic.  This isn’t about why the dirt is being dug up; it’s about why is the media reporting it.

2) Do you mean to tell me nobody can see this is a “hatchet job?”

It’s either that, or worse yet, the lame-stream media knows and doesn’t care. Lets take those options in order.

Josh Hader is a great pitcher; hence why he was in the All-Star game. Sean Newcomb had this stuff come out after he missed pitching a no-hitter by one out.  Neither of them are household names, so it’s pretty unlikely somebody out of the clear blue sky decided to dig up stuff from seven years ago (more on that in a bit). Not to mention, the fact this stuff came out during what was most assuredly the high-points thus far of their careers.  On top of that, Trea Turner is a rising young star, so doesn’t it seem a bit obvious these are targeted attacks?

Again, I’m not looking to get into the motives of the dirt-diggers.  When it comes to the media, shouldn’t have it occurred to somebody this might be coming from people looking to gain maximum attention for this stuff, and by reporting it, the only outcome is to fan flames which today in America need absolutely no fanning? Yeah, that would require a shred of journalistic integrity, which the American media, sports or otherwise, cashed out years ago.

When this crap first surfaced with Hader, I saw this being reported by professional ESPN shit-hack Stan Verrett, who always seems to get these stories because he’s a special kind of sanctimonious ass-wipe.  The way he read this story, you would think Josh Hader was worse than Hitler, Stalin, and The Godfather III combined.  Naturally, that’s easy to do when they wouldn’t actually tell me what was in those tweets, and it’s important when the narrative is every single white person in America is a racist and even the weakest example is used as “see, I told you so”-quality “evidence.”

3) Isn’t there such a thing as a “statute of limitations?”

Let’s go back to the part about these tweets being seven years old.  do all the “pearl-clutching” you want, they are just words.  There are serious crimes for which people can’t be prosecuted after a period of time because a statute of limitations kicks.  For example, in Josh Hader’s home state of Maryland, manslaughter can’t be prosecuted after three years.  In other words, you could kill a guy and be “scot-free” in under half the time from which these tweets were dredged…because obviously, using a word is worse than deliberately running over somebody with a car.

I’m going to save all you “internet lawyers”  some time.  I already know the purpose of statutes of limitation is to ensure convictions occur only upon evidence that has not deteriorated with time.  I also understand Twitter never forgets.  But I also know that despite what the “PC police” want to believe, calling somebody a name is not a crime.

If that’s true, why am I making legal comparisons? Because it’s a great way of demonstrating how misguided the priorities of the “PC police” are.  There really isn’t a better example of this than the People’s Democratic Republic of California, where knowingly infecting somebody with potentially-fatal HIV is not a crime, but using a plastic drinking straw will get you six months in jail.

In actuality, it would be better for Hader if what he did was a crime, because at the time these tweets were sent, he was a juvenile.  By digging up stuff from somebody’s youth, we are establishing a world in which we judge people based om shit they did when they were kids.  Preventing that is the entire point of the juvenile justice system.  Again, this isn’t about legalities; rather this is another demonstration of the selective outrage and warped sensibilities of the “PC police.”  If while he was 17, Josh Hader had shot a liquor store clerk during an armed robbery, these people would be screaming about how we need to “rehabilitate juvenile offenders.”  But because he used words they don’t like, they want him boiled in his own sauce.

The Bottom Line:

The fact this story exists and rose to it’s current level speaks volumes about who the people are in this country who are fanning the flames of racism and why they are doing it.  This is an absolutely classless class of people who need the survival and advancement of the idea that all white people are inherently racist because it is the very underpinning of their socio-economic world view. Not only is it incredibly ironic these people are “combating” racism by being obviously racist, they are so blinded by their ideology they are doing things which are so intractably stupid they are losing the ability to win converts to their point of view.

Nobody worth a shit approves of racism, and that same rule applies to people who attack kids to advance their agenda.

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