What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

The “Surprise the Cat” Movie Blog-A-Thon Is Here!

Today’s the day! In honor of International Cat Day on March 17th, this blog-a-thon is being directed by the official Dubsism house-cat, Surprise.  She came by her moniker from the day she ran out from under a bush in our back yard and adopted Mrs. J-Dub and me.  Surprise! We had a new cat, and the name stuck. That’s why I picked International Cat Day to mark such an occasion.

As such, this blog-a-thon is all about films with a feline theme.  But to keep things fun, we made this more than about being about just cats; it needed a “twist.” In keeping with the “Surprise” aspect, the fun part of this blog-a-thon was if you didn’t have a strong feeling to write about something “feline,” and if you felt lucky, you could send us a particular an actor or a genre of film, and Surprise the Cat would pick a movie for you.

To broaden the “Surprise” experience, what you got was totally random; it may not have anything to do with a feline there at all.  In other words…Surprise, I got a cat, and surprise…you got a topic.

Now that you get the premise, enjoy some great classic movie reading brought to you by an adorable little fuzz-bag who has already been immortalized in a pair of socks.



  • Paper Lion, 1968 – Alan Alda does a “day in the life” of an NFL quarterback

Reelweegiemidget Reviews

  • The Legacy, 1978 – A film with one of the greatest tag lines ever: “It is an evil beyond exorcism”

Cinematic Scribblings:

  • Tiger Bay, 1959 – A British crime drama which introduces the world to Hayley Mills

Silver Screenings:

  • Rhubarb, 1951 – An eccentric millionaire leaves a baseball team to his cat

Taking Up Room:


  • Glory Road, 2006 – Another person who took the “Surprise” option got this uplifting tale of the college hardwood in honor of the upcoming “March Madness” brought to us by the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Speaking of college basketball, since today is “Selection Sunday”  for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, why not join the bracket challenge brought to you by the best combination of classic movies and sports on the web? If you love to be part of March Madness and filling out a bracket, Dubsism is hosting a challenge which doesn’t cost one thin dime to join, but you can win a big mystery bag of “Dollar Store” basketball themed stuff! Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, check out some of the one-of-kind stuff created by Mr.s J-Dub and her Hot Glue Gun Club!

For future reference, you’ll also want to keep tabs on my Blog-a-thon page because that’s not only where future projects are going to be announced, but that’s also where you can see every blog-a-thon in which Dubsism has been a participant.

Got a question, comment, or just want to yell at us? Hit us up at  dubsism@yahoo.com, @Dubsism on Twitter, or on our Pinterest,  TumblrInstagram, Snapchat or Facebook pages, and be sure to bookmark Dubsism.com so you don’t miss anything from the most interesting independent sports blog on the web.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

10 comments on “The “Surprise the Cat” Movie Blog-A-Thon Is Here!

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  4. wjquiggy
    March 18, 2019

    Sorry I couldn’t get to this. Dad passed away and I was too busy


    • J-Dub
      March 18, 2019

      I thought that might be the case. No worries. Take care of yourself first.


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