What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Join Surprise the Cat’s All-American U.S Open Golf Challenge!

Monday marks the beginning of U.S. Open week; undoubtedly one of the biggest events on the golf calendar. Before the pandemic screwed up everything, our very own Surprise the Cat hosted a challenge for the Masters…undoubtedly another of the biggest events on the golf calendar. But once the Masters got moved to November for the screwy year that was 2020, we realized that a Masters challenge was living in the shadow of our NCAA Basketball Bracket contest.

At first, we thought about simply not having a golf challenge. But Surprise loves to host a challenge, and for some reason she was really adamant about keeping a golf challenge. Somehow, she’s become a huge golf fan.  She’s already been a part of one of our movie blog-a-thons, and now that she’s been part of our sports challenges, Surprise isn’t giving that up.

While the time to enter is short because of the late qualifying process, this challenge is pretty straight forward. It’s essentially a one-tournament fantasy golf game.

Here’s What You Can Win

Let’s be honest. This is a free-content blog, so you may be a bit on the the delusional side if you think you’re getting a new set of Ping irons. But like our basketball challenge, you can still win some fun stuff.

Because Surprise likes to keep the contents of the prize package a “surprise,” we don’t know everything that’s included, other than all items are golf-related. But as a bit of a “sneak peek,” she did reveal the package includes a pair of officially-licensed PGA Tour socks.

Who doesn’t love socks?

Here’s How You Win

To join, follow these easy steps:

1) Pick four golfers

You can pick any four you want, but it has been our experience that picking four who are actually in the field helps.

2) Pick your tie-breakers

  • The total score for the tournament winner (the guy swinging clubs on the course, not the person winning this challenge)
  • The total score for the low amateur (again, the guy with the lowest score on the official U.S. Open scoreboard with the “A” next to his name, not the cast of amateurs in this challenge).

3) Scoring

Again, it’s pretty straight-forward.  The player who has the fantasy foursome with the lowest total score wins. Rounds not played due to missing the cut, withdrawing, or any other reason will automatically be scored as a “90.”

3) Send your picks and tie-breakers to us!

The deadline for entry is 7 a.m. Eastern U.S. time Thursday, June 16th, 2022. Any entries or changes submitted after that time will not be counted. You can send us your entry through the comment section on this post, the contact information listed below, or better yet, this simple contact form!

Best of luck and let the carnage begin!

In case you were wondering, we have no idea how a rescue cat became such a big small-ball fan. We think it’s a Tiger Woods thing…

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

2 comments on “Join Surprise the Cat’s All-American U.S Open Golf Challenge!

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