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A Few Thoughts On The Retirement of Andrew Luck

First and foremost, on the off chance you live under a rock in a cave on the dark side of the moon that only gets service from Comcast, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck shocked the football world when the news came out last night he was hanging up his cleats.

Vaya con Dios, Andrew.  I’m not a Colts fan, and after they way they behaved when the news broke, I have yet another reason to be thankful I am not…but I’ll come back to that.  I now live in Indiana, which means thanks to the NFL’s regional coverage rules, I saw every snap of Luck’s NFL career.  Being a huge devotée of college football, I came to be a fan of Andrew Luck during his days at Stanford.  All the signs of this guy being a generational talent were present, but what absolutely sold me on him was watching him completely destroy an opposing defender who was unfortunate enough to have recovered a Cardinal fumble.

Once Luck got to the National Football League, it was clear he was everything I expected.  This guy could do things on a football field 99.5% percent of people who played quarterback couldn’t get away with; but sadly that also meant his body took a pounding that all who never played the game can’t even imagine. From the events of last night, it was clear that the toll taken on his body outweighed Luck’s love of the game.

If you are truly a fan of football, this is truly a day of loss.  Luck’s ability to play this game at the level he did represented the kind of greatness whose glimpses are all too rare in a lifetime.  But as it ends today, one can only look at Luck’s career and wonder what might have been.  Instead of going down that rabbit hole, I’d rather look at the things as football fans AND people we’ve all lost today.

I hope that bidding farewell to Andrew Luck doesn’t also mean a goodbye to one of the best Twitter follows ever.


Captain Andrew Luck was such a breath of fresh air in a world of social media grown stale with dimwittery and “hater-ade.” I fear the Captain may go the MacArthurian route and “just fade away.”

Speaking in terms of doing some different and/or positive, I hope that as Andrew Luck fades from the limelight of the NFL, his book club does not share a similar fate.  If you read the club’s  mission statement, you immediately see it has no other purpose that promoting the passion for reading.

The mission of the Andrew Luck Book Club is to share some of the books I’ve enjoyed, and to build a continually-growing community of readers of all levels by engaging through social media.

Speaking of “breaths of fresh air,” here’s a guy using social media for nothing other than uniting people sharing a common interest. Again, the world needs much more of that, and much less of the electronic sewage which is far too prevalent.

And speaking of sewage, it’s time to address the Colts’ “fans” who booed Luck as he walked off the field after last night’s game. For purposes of full disclosure, I can’t stand the Indianapolis Colts and everything about that team including their fans, and last night was just another example of why.

The “court Jester” look is no accident. Morons.

If you are one of the mouth-breathing dipshits who booed Luck last night, there isn’t a toilet pipe big enough down which to flush all of you.  It doesn’t surprise me that you would pull shit like this.  That’s because of all the fans in the NFL, Indianapolis Colts fans are easily the least knowledgeable about football. That’s why they made an idol out of easily the most over-rated quarterback in the history of the league and doubled-down on that by pairing him with the biggest fraud ever as a head coach.

If you’re a Colts fan who takes umbrage at that statement, consider the fact your owner agrees with me.

What it all boils down to is this…Colts fans have no loyalty.  After all, the easiest way to spot a Colts fan is from their Denver Broncos Peyton Manning jerseys.  The Colts fan base are such band-wagon types they don’t understand how wrong that is.

There’s a reason why you were voted by the readers of this blog as the worst fans in the NFL.  One of them sent us an e-mail which nailed it.

I don’t give a shit how much you loved Manning, there’s no fucking excuse for wearing Broncos gear and calling yourself a Colts fan.  Eagles fans are easily the worst people on the planet, but at least they are loyal.  I’d like to put about 500 Eagles fans in the Colts’ stadium, and give them every fucking battery they could throw.  Anywhere in Indiana, if you see somebody wearing a Manning jersey from the Broncos, it should be legal to set them on fire.

I’m an Eagles fan, and he’s not wrong.  There’s nothing…and I mean nothing…worse than a football with no loyalty.  Let’s be honest, battery-throwing, brawling, and general hooligan-ism aren’t the world’s most redeeming qualities, but at least they stem from loyalty.  One of the things football team strive for come play-off time is home-field advantage…so they can play in front of and feed from the energy coming from a stadium full of loyal fans. Maybe that’s why the Indianapolis Colts historically have been shitty once they hit the post-season.  Their fans have a complete lack of loyalty; a football fan without loyalty is like alcohol-free beer…they both have no fucking reason to exist.

After the way you booing Colts’ fans treated Andrew Luck last night, we all wish you didn’t exist either.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

11 comments on “A Few Thoughts On The Retirement of Andrew Luck

  1. jbsptfn
    August 25, 2019

    The Luck tenure in Indy reminds me of Bert Jones and his tenure with the Colts. Both replaced a Colt legend, were drafted high (Luck #1 overall, Jones #2), and had their careers derailed by injury. They also led average to below average teams to the playoffs three straight years (although the 75-77 Colts may have been a little better than the 12-14 versions, especially at OL and RB).


    • J-Dub
      August 25, 2019

      Holy shit, is that a great call! Bert Jones might very well be the best guy I’ve ever seen in terms of sheer ability to play the QB position, and Andrew Luck had that same kind of “complete package.”


  2. SportsChump
    August 25, 2019

    Good one, Dubs.

    I was at work on a busy Saturday watching my Gators eke by the artist formerly known as the Miami Hurricanes when a customer told me the news about Luck. He has just read it on the ticker.

    I figured him to be wrong. I checked my phone and there it was.

    Milhouse and I were on his patio last night for a well-needed post-work cigar and nip of scotch and were trying to compare this to something we’d seen in the past.

    This wasn’t Sanders or Brown or Koufax. All due respect to Luck, I can’t quite say he accomplished as much over his career as they did.

    The only thing I came up with was Robert Smith, a smart guy who showed incredible promise in both college and the pros who finally said, fuck it, I’ve made my money and playing this game is no longer worth the pounding I’m taking.

    It’s reason 1,238,962 why in 15 years, or perhaps even less, the NFL will no longer be king of this country.


    • J-Dub
      August 25, 2019

      There’s a long list of guys who can go on that “fuck it, I’ve made my money and playing this game is no longer worth the pounding I’m taking” list. But I think the list of reasons why the NFL will be de-throned stays at 1,238,961 because this goes all the way back to Jim Brown. However, that’s still enough reason to get ready for my new “growth sport” of the next decade…nude female full-contact karate.


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  4. Ashley G.
    August 31, 2019

    I admittedly don’t follow the colts. I honestly follow my fantasy football players and that’s about it. Saves me a lot of heartache but I have learned a lot about a lot of players and teams this way. And to my knowledge colts fans can blame their owner for never investing in O line players. The way luck got clobbered over and over and over, more than other QBs is due to their Swiss cheese O line. I don’t know how he even got himself to go back out on the field knowing he was going to get nailed all the time a few years ago.


    • J-Dub
      September 1, 2019

      You are absolutely right about the Colts and their low-dime efforts with the O-line contributed to the Luck situation. This actually dovetails nicely with the conversation we had on your site. A lot of the cheapery of the Colts and the O-line you mention involved at least two attempts to convert college basketball players into offensive linemen.


      • Ashley G.
        September 1, 2019

        That’s bizarre. I get a soccer player as a kicker or even rugby players into football but basketball doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean if basketball it at all translatable, which is a stretch, I would think they would be WRs not on an o line.


      • J-Dub
        September 1, 2019

        Because they were 6’7″ and 250 pounds. Bulk them up to 300 pounds and you’ve got the perfect physical specimen for the position, especially since having long arms is a tremendous advantage for pass-blocking. But simply having the tools isn’t enough.

        Liked by 1 person

    • J-Dub
      September 2, 2019

      I’d like to say I’m shocked by this, but this crap happens all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

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