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Change My Mind: Jason Garrett

Today’s Take: Jason Garrett is the worst NFL coach whose hung on to his job for more than five years.

The Argument:  Let’s start with a couple of undeniable facts.

  • FACT: Jason Garrett is the second-longest serving head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, behind only the legendary Tom Landry
  • FACT: Jimmy Johnson had as many play-off berths with the Dallas Cowboys in 5 seasons (3) as Garrett has had in 9.
  • FACT: Jason Garrett is in the last year of his contract

I’ve said it before, and I’m about to say it again…as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, God bless Jerry Jones. He’s kept the Cowboys hovering around mediocrity for the better part of a quarter-century, but I’m afraid he’s about to do two very smart things.

In a previous installment in this series, I addressed the Dak Prescott situation. But I cant’t help but notice Jones hasn’t re-signed Jason Garrett either. However, for some Cowboys’ fans, the end of the season isn’t soon enough. According to Daily Snark, some Cowboys fans have started a GoFundMe campaign to buy out the remainder of Garrett’s contract.

The Cowboys are in a downward spiral and fans in Dallas can only see one way out. Fire Jason Garrett.

After starting the year 3-0, to which we now understand was due to the strength of schedule being about as weak as you can get, the Cowboys dropped their third straight and find themselves sitting at .500 in a year they were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders.

Following the 24-22 loss to the Jets on Sunday, a fan came up with the idea to start a GoFundMe, creating a campaign to get Garrett’s contract paid off in order to be fired by Jerry Jones.

That “3-0 to 3-3” is important because nobody has ripped the hearts out of Dallas Cowboys and their two-decades-long thirst for play-off success more than Jason Garrett.  In a year where many considered the Cowboys to be a Super Bowl contender, Garrett’s first-ever 3-0 start and it’s resultant elevation of expectations suddenly became 3-3…for the third straight year and the sixth time under Garrett.

But what should be particularly troubling for Cowboys fans aren’t those three straight losses…it’s the fact they were foreshadowed by how much Dallas struggled in the win over Miami.  The Dolphins are an NFL team in name only, and yet the “Super Bowl contender” Cowboys got bullied for three-quarters of that game by guys who will be in the XFL next year.

One can make an argument the players are over-rated.  That’s certainly true of the aforementioned quarterback, I’ve seen the highly-touted offensive line get pushed around, and the “big-play making” defense gives up more big-plays than it makes.  But all that notwithstanding, the big problem is Garrett (and by extension his coaching staff) seems completely incapable of making adjustments to fit in-game realities.

Last Sunday’s showing against the Jets was just the latest example. It was clear the Jets were having trouble stopping the running game between the tackles, yet the Cowboys were slow to exploit that; rather they stuck to running the ball off-tackle and with run-pass option stuff for their aforementioned over-rated quarterback.  Even after the Cowboys’ mounted their “too little, too late”  comeback, they still didn’t go to the inside running game when it mattered most…the two-point conversion that if successful would have tied the game.

Like I said, you can point all the fingers you want at a team that gets fat on lousy teams, then struggles against competition which doesn’t roll over, you can point out Dak Prescott’s annual parade of over-rated, but at the end of the day, it’s impossible to say that a major part of the Cowboys’ consistent under-performance throughout the Jason Garrett era is not directly attributable to the coaching.

Change my mind.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

4 comments on “Change My Mind: Jason Garrett

  1. In true Garrett fashion, he did enough last night against Philly to at least quell the Fire Garrett chatter for another week or two.


    • J-Dub
      October 21, 2019

      In other words, he won a home game against a quasi-shitty team which handed him four turnovers.


  2. In true Garrett fashion, he did enough last night to at least quell the “Fire Garrett” chatter for at least another week or two.


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