What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Dr. Brackett’s Basketball Bracket Challenge is Live and Waiting For You To Join!

dr brackett ekg machine The research is done, the data has been analyzed, and that can only mean we have a field selected for the annual dose of March Madness. That also means its time once again to see if you can take our Bracket Challenge. In other words, can you beat the bracket from the best independent sports blogger in a three-square block area in central Indiana? Not to mention, unlike many of those pool sites, we’ll even give you a sneak peek at the bracket you have to beat. For purposes of full disclosure, Dr. Brackett does not make a bracket of his own, rather he is here to offer advice on brackets once we get closer to Thursday. He is also here to treat the wounded when all those brackets collapse. Having said that, let’s take a look at the official Dubsism bracket you have to beat. Midwest Region: 2015 Midwest region Let’s just cut to the chase here. Kentucky is not only the #1 overall seed, but they are a prohibitive favorite to win this tournament. The last time I saw a set of brackets so stilted to one team winning was about fifteen years ago when I worked at a software development company in Minnesota where there were a disproportionately high number of Iowa State alums.  That just so happened to the year when the Marcus Fizer-led Cyclones came into the tournament as a #2 seed and looked like a legitimate contender. Well, that was until Iowa State gagged on it big-time to #15 Hampton. That meant I had to suffer through three painful weeks rooting for Duke to win it all, not because I love Duke; far from it.  I’ve written plenty of horrible things about Duke and Mike Krzyzewski, but I had to cheer Coach K and his squad because the death of the Cyclones took out 75% of the brackets in our office pool on Day One, and another Duke title was worth at least 500 bucks to me. Hate is hate, but business is business. That’s why the key to me in this region is under no circumstance can Kansas and Notre Dame advance.  These are two schools for which I have an eyeball-bursting level of hate (the Irish more for football, but their fans for all sports are the biggest collection of  dick-wipes this side of ISIS), but I also believe there is a legitimate chance one or both of them survives the first weekend. East Region: 2015 East Region Villanova might be the #2 overall seed, but I really think they have the best shot to get knocked out in the Sweet Sixteen.  Not only could Northern Iowa be a team that surprises Villanova, but there are three teams in the bottom of that bracket (Virginia, Oklahoma, and/or Michigan State) that could give the suburban Philadelphians a problem in the regional final. South Region: 2015 South Region Fuck Duke. There, I said it.  I’ve already mentioned how I feel about Duke, but the problem is there’s nobody in the top of that bracket who will take them out.  Oh, and I’m shaky at best on the bottom as well.  I made the mistake a few years back falling in love with Gonzaga’s “Twin Towers” in Kelly Olynyk and Przemek Karnowski. That didn’t work out so well. Now, the Zags sport Karnowski with another 7-foot-plus human side of beef in Ryan Edwards, and I just can’t resist going all “moth to the flame” over a team with that kind of size. So, you may ask, why am I not having the same love-fest for Purdue’s dueling 7-footers in A.J. Hammonds and Isaac “Seven-Ton Chunk of Granite” Haas?  Because Gonzaga doesn’t have to deal with Kentucky until the final. West Region: 2015 West Region Another issue which is no secret here on Dubsism is my open man-crush on Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky. It started last year when Kaminsky took the Badgers all the way to the Final Four, when they lost by a single point to Kentucky. Sadly, I think the same thing is going to happen this year, because I think the only team that can handle the combination of Kaminsky (the best player in the country) and Sam Dekker (an “Up North” version of Blake Griffin) is John Calipari’s collection of first-round NBA draft picks. There you have it.  That’s the bracket you have to beat to win our bracket challenge.  Not to mention, thanks to Dr. Brackett, this is America’s only medically-sanctioned Basketball Bracket. And it doesn’t cost a goddamn thing. So what are you waiting for? Join today!

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

2 comments on “Dr. Brackett’s Basketball Bracket Challenge is Live and Waiting For You To Join!

  1. I’m in… and clueless.



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