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…And Now For a Bracket Completely Different…College Hockey 2015!

john cleese completely different bracket

Many people don’t realize it, but the NCAA College Hockey Tournament is timed exactly to give you, the bracket loving public, another shot to fill out a bracket, albeit a completely different one.  What you know about college hockey matters little; most of you who fill out brackets for basketball don’t know shit about that either.

What you do need to know is that college hockey is chock full of awesome rivalries. For example, the opening round game in the West region features Michigan Tech and St. Cloud State, two schools who have a tradition of being door-mats in the old WCHA.  Now that the WCHA saw most of its big schools depart for the NCHC or the newly-formed Big Ten (which balances out the football conference which opened this season with 14 teams by only having six),  this tournament gives us first-round match-ups that hark back to the old days, like the Minnesota-Duluth – Minnesota match in the Northeast Region.  It’s really too bad Wisconsin didn’t make the field this year, because anytime the Badgers meet North Dakota, I get to make reference to the “water bottle incident.”

Regardless of the match-ups the tournament gives us, it is a later-day group of Sioux supporters that give us the best college hockey bracket out there. To enter, you need to sign up, but that’s free.  So you really don’t have a reason not to do it, unless you are some sort of wussy Wisconsin Badger fan.

There’s another reason to get in on this bracket. You can never say you could take out the J-Dub if you don’t sign up, and that’s not such a tough task, given my slavish loyalty to the rink-bound exploits of the artists formerly known as the Fighting Sioux. Of course, since the PC police have waged war on the North Dakota mascot, I’ve got an alternative…

north dakota fighting who

If they can’t be the Fighting Sioux, why not the Fighting Who? So, now that I’ve maxed out on British television references, and I’ve gone 100% nerd here, perhaps it’s time to get down to the Dubsism bracket picks.

West Region:

Frozen Four West Region 2015

Midwest Region:

Frozen Four Midwest Region 2015

Northeast Region:

Frozen Four Northeast Region 2015

East Region:

Frozen Four East Region 2015

Frozen Four:

Frozen Four 2015

The Finals:

Frozen Four Final 2015

It’s pretty obvious that since this is a North Dakota fan site that a majority of the brackets will feature North Dakota as a winner. But I’m hoping since I have a lot of fans in the greater Massachusetts area that they might represent since there are three Boston teams in this tournament.

Where you’re from matters little, Go to Sioux Sports and sign up (el freebo) and try to take out Dubsism’s bracket. If you don’t want to fill out a bracket, then at least grab a water bottle, foil up your knuckles, and take your best shot.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

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