What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

The Duality Of Being A Cubs Fan Expressed in Copyright Law


In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title since the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.  But you don’t go all back to the days of the Young Turk Revolution absent winning without having some sort of misfortune.  While the team seems to have shaken all vestiges of “Billy Goats” and whatever other bullshit the fans have rafted onto for over a century, not everybody shared in the victory.

Everytime the Cubs win, they have a song they play called “Go Cubs Go!”  If you know anything about music, you know this song is a completely pedestrian piece of shit so bad it makes “99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall” sound like a Mozart concerto.  To say it sounds as if it were written by a third-grader would be an egregious insult to third-graders everywhere.  If you could turn rectal cancer into sound waves, it would sound exactly like “Go Cubs Go!” And thanks to the Cubs victory, the only way I could hear that sonic shit-pile any more than I already do is to put in a Peyton Manning commercial during an NFL game.

But the crap-alicious nature of that song isn’t important.  In fact, that’s one of the beautiful things about America.  Something doesn’t have to be good to be profitable.  After all, this is the country that brought you NASCAR, Lite Beer, and Hardee’s.  The trouble here is the only thing worse than that song was the timing of selling it.

“Go Cubs Go!” was written recorded over thirty years ago by a folk singer named Steve Goodman, who died of leukemia in 1984 only weeks after having recorded it.  Goodman’s family owned all the rights to the song until earlier this year when they sold the publishing rights.

What the fuck were they thinking? They sold those rights in the year the Cubs had the best chance to win a World Series in a long fucking time.  Did they not realize that if the Cubs won (which they did), that song might sky-rocket in sales (which it did)? According to Nielsen, the song has climbed to No. 21 nationally in digital sales. The family still gets the songwriter’s share of royalties, but the publishing rights are where the lion’s share of the money is, which means Goodman’s family just gave away a small fortune because they don’t seem to own a calendar.

Leave it to a Cubs fan to find a way to win and still lose.


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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

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  1. SportsChump
    November 21, 2016


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