What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 126: The “‘Robbing’ of the Los Angeles Lakers Dignity” Edition

I’ve been a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers since before the “Showtime” teams of the 1980’s. I remember the Lakers in the pre-Kareem era. I go all the way back to Jerry West and Elgin Baylor. In other words, I’ve been watching this team longer than most of the current fan base has been alive, and I’m here to tell you I’ve never seen this franchise in this much disarray.

We could go on all the live long day as to why that is; I’m also here to tell you that I think all the drama is coming from general manager Rob Pelinka. What better source for drama is there than a guy who looks just like actor Rob Lowe?

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For our full series of Doppelgangers, you can see the most recent entries here, or the archived versions here.

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What your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions

2 comments on “Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 126: The “‘Robbing’ of the Los Angeles Lakers Dignity” Edition

  1. SportsChump
    June 13, 2019

    Don’t worry, Pelinka will soon land the deal of a lifetime, landing Anthony Davis where they were unable to do so before.

    Only problem is they’ll be playing every other team in the league 2-on-5.


    • J-Dub
      June 13, 2019

      Maybe the Lakers could sign Kevin Duratn, and he and LeBron could get a “Buy One, Get One” deal on wheelchairs.


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