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The 2022 Baseball Trading Season – The “Shark Week” Comparison

By Joe McGrath

Editor’s Note: Mr. McGrath has long and storied history in the management of professional sports franchises, most notably as the general manager of the Charlestown Chiefs of the now-defunct Federal League.

Hey, sports fans. It’s been a while since I’ve graced these pages. But when I got the word that J-Dub was going on the shelf for a bit, I was glad to pitch in and help keep some of this blog’s usual features going. Frankly, I’ve never really understood this comparison, but to be honest, I’ve never really understood J-Dub. That guy’s brain doesn’t work like anybody else, and I’m not sure which makes it even goofier…the cheap-shit bourbon he used to bathe in or the crap the white coats have him pumped full of now.

Anyway, I drew the “Shark Week” straw, so here it goes. Thankfully, J-Dub scribbled some notes for me, but I really think he got it confused with his grocery list. I mean, do they even sell canned shark packed in water, not oil?

If you’re not familiar, the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has become a phenomenon. Give or take, it usually coincides with Major League Baseball’s trading deadline. Just like sharks comes in all shapes and sizes, so do the “winners” and “losers”/”buyers” and “sellers” in the carnage that is the baseball trading season.

Seriously, it’s a shark-eat-shark-eat-shark world.

Even though Major League Baseball threw us curve-ball by moving the trade deadline and getting rid of the “waiver wire” deals in August, we’ve been doing this too long to change anything now. In other words, not even baseball’s chicanery or J-Dub’s trying to drop dead will keep us from our annual comparison between giant predatory fish and those teams who fed and who bled during the feeding frenzy known as baseball’s trading season.

The 2022 Shark Week MLB Trading Deadline Comparison

Whale Shark:

whale shark

Kansas City Royals

  • Got: RHP Wyatt Mills, RHP William Fleming LHP Anthony Misiewicz (from Seattle Mariners), OF Drew Watson, RHP Andrew Hoffmann, 3B C.J. Alexander (from Atlanta Braves), RHP Jonatan Bernal (from Toronto Blue Jays), RHP Beck Way, LHP T.J. Sikkema, RHP Chandler Champlain (from New York Yankees), RHP Luke Weaver (from Arizona Diamondbacks), OF Brent Rooker (from San Diego Padres), SS Samad Taylor, RHP Maximo Castillo (from Toronto Blue Jays)
  • Gave Up: 1B/DH Carlos Santana, LF Andrew Benitendi, 3B Emmanuel Rivera, C Cameron Gallagher, OF Whit Merrifield, #35 Overall Draft Pick in 2022, Cash Considerations

There’s “Alanis Morrissette”-style irony in the fact the largest fish in the sea feeds on it’s tiniest creatures. Like the whale shark, the Royals quietly floated along with the baseball world blissfully unaware of the staggering tonnage they actually consumed. They essentially acquired an entire pitching staff. If for no other reason, the law of averages says Kansas City should see at least a few major league fish spring from a plankton haul of this size.

Great White Shark:

San Diego Padres

  • Got: RHP Josh Hader (from Milwaukee Brewers). 3B Brandon Drury (from Cincinnati Reds), C Cameron Gallagher (from Kansas City Royals), LHP Jason Groome (from Boston Red Sox), RF Juan Soto, 1B Josh Bell (from Washington Nationals), Cash Considerations (from Atlanta Braves)
  • Gave Up: IF/DH Robinson Cano, RHP Taylor Rogers, LHP Robert Gasser, LF Esteury Ruiz, RHP Dinelson Lamet, OF Brent Rooker, 1B Eric Hosmer, OF Corey Rosier, 2B Max Ferguson, LHP Mackenzie Gore, SS C.J Abrams, OF Robert Hassell, OF James Wood, RHP Jarlin Susana, 1B/DH Luke Voit, Cash Considerations

Carcharodon carcharias, a.k.a the Great White Shark, is the “star” of Shark Week, and this distinction goes to the team which gave us the “razor-teeth-sawing-through-the-seal” style carnage we expect.  There’s no other team more befitting of that distinction than the San Diego Padres. There’s really no denying they just landed the best leftie bat and the best closer in the game, and two proven big-league run producers to go with them.

Tiger Shark:

Atlanta Braves

  • Got: RHP Silvino Bracho (from Boston Red Sox), IF/DH Robinson Cano (from San Diego Padres), SS Ehire Adrianza (from Washington Nationals), OF Robbie Grossman (from Detroit Tigers), RHP Jake Odorizzi (from Houston Astros), #35 Overall Draft Pick in 2022 (from Kansas City Royals), RHP Raisel Iglesias, Cash Considerations (from Los Angeles Angels)
  • Gave Up: RHP Touki Toussaint, LHP Kris Anglin, LHP Will Smith, LHP Tucker Davidson, RHP Jesse Chavez, Cash Considerations

Tiger sharks are known to eat just about anything, including each other. Cannibalism is an odd concept, just like giving up pitching to get pitching. but that’s pretty much what the Braves did. Even though they also added two solid every-day players and then some, the main course for Atlanta consists of Jake Odorizzi and Raisel Iglesisas.

Bull Shark: 

New York Mets

  • Got: 1B/DH Dan Vogelbach, C Michael Perez (from Pittsburgh Pirates), LF Tyler Naquin, RHP Phillip Diehl (from Cincinnati Reds), OF/DH Darin Ruf (from San Francisco Giants), RHP Mychal Givens (from Chicago Cubs)
  • Gave Up: RHP Colin Holderman, RHP Jose Acuna, 2B Hector Rodriguez, 3B J.D. Davis, LHP Nick Zwack, RHP Carson Seymour, LHP Thomas Szapucki, RHP Saul Gonzalez, Cash Considerations

Bull sharks are underappreciated for the fact they actually account for the most attacks on humans.  While what the Mets did during this trading season may lack the “seal carnage” of the moves made by some other teams, this team escalated themselves up the “dangerous” scale.

Here’s the caveat in all this. There’s no question the Mets helped themselves in these deals, but I can’t help but wonder why they parted with four players (Davis, Zwack, Seymour, and Szapucki) for a platoon slugger (Ruf) whose never seen 300 at-bats in 10 MLB seasons with a best-case scenario of .250/20 HR/60 RBI.

Mako Shark:

Houston Astros

  • Got: 1B/DH Trey Mancini, (from Baltimore Orioles), RHP Jayden Murray (from Tampa Rays), C Christian Vasquez (from Boston Red Sox), LHP Will Smith (from Atlanta Braves)
  • Gave Up: RHP Chayce McDermott, CF Jose Siri, 3B Emmanuel Valdez, OF Wilyer Abreu, RHP Jake Odorizzi

Seattle Mariners

  • Got: 1B/DH Carlos Santana, Cash Considerations (from Kansas City Royals), RHP Luis Castillo (from Cincinnati Reds), 3B Jake Lamb (from Los Angeles Dodgers), C Curt Casali, LHP Matt Boyd (from San Francisco Giants)
  • Gave Up: RHP Wyatt Mills, RHP William Fleming, SS Noelvi Marte, SS Edwin Arroyo, RHP Levi Stoudt, RHP Andrew Moore, LHP Anthony Misiewicz, RHP Michael Stryffler, C Andy Thomas, Cash Considerations

Look at that fucking thing. If you saw that on your hook, you’d pre-shit your pants the first time you saw it breach the surface. Then once you got it into the boat, you would finish the job. The Mako is the fastest shark in the sea, and it’s speed makes it super-dangerous. The best team in baseball just got even scarier, and the Astros are going to make some teams shit their pants come October.

Oddly enough, they are being chased by another team that started this season not really scaring anybody, and now they might be the last team you want to see on your schedule. Forget about the fact they’ve been a .500 team since the All-Star break because that’s a function of playing the Astros and Yankees. Look at the team that couldn’t get out of it’s own way in April, then went 20-3 in the run-up to the break. The Mariners added two battle-hardened (if not ancient) bats, arguably the best available starting pitcher, and some promising young talent. Seattle’s play-off drought likely ends this year, but the Astros (and the Yankees for that matter) certainly need to watch their tails in 2023.

Hammerhead Shark:

Baltimore Orioles

  • Got: RHP Seth Johnson (from Tampa Rays), RHP Chayce McDermott (from Houston Astros). LHP Cade Povich, RHP Yennier Cano, C/1B Juan Nunez, LHP Juan Rojas (from Minnesota Twins), Cash Considerations (from Detroit Tigers),
  • Gave Up: RHP Corey Sedlock, 1B/DH Trey Mancini, RHP Jorge Lopez

San Francisco Giants

  • Got: RHP Tobias Myers, RHP Alex Young (from Cleveland Indians Guardians Guardians of the Galaxy), 2B Dixon Machado (from Chicago Cubs), SS Ford Proctor (from Tampa Rays), 3B J.D. Davis, LHP Nick Zwack, RHP Carson Seymour, LHP Thomas Szapucki (from New York Mets), RHP Michael Stryffler, C Andy Thomas (from Seattle Mariners), OF Tristan Peters (from Milwaukee Brewers)
  • Gave Up: RHP Raynel Espinal, RHP Jeremy Walker, OF/DH Darin Ruf, C Curt Casali, LHP Matt Boyd, RHP Trevor Rosenthal, Cash Considerations

Speaking of teams building for the future beyond this pennant race, the Giants realized at the deadline they aren’t one of the big sharks this time around. But they are certainly gearing themselves to be a very formidable fish very soon. The hammerhead scans the bottom feeding on crabs and other creatures found on the sea floor, which is exactly what the Giants did in this trade season. They gobbled up plenty of tasty morsels for the future by dealing with this year’s bigger fish who feel the need to win now.  

But on that crab and mollusk diet, hammerheads can reach 15 feet in length and can become seriously fearsome. That’s why there is no better description for the Giants, who clearly gave up some established talent to net a feast of sea-floor crabs, mollusks, and other delights certain to make San Francisco yet another giant in the National League West very soon.

Not to mention, keep an eye on the Giants come free-agent time in the off-season.

Don’t look now, but the city famous for it’s crab cakes has finally figured the secret of the crab diet. Don’t look now, but for the first time since the Obama administration, the Orioles a) don’t suck and b) have a future brighter than guessing how many more 100-loss seasons they can rack up. They have lots of young talent and for the first time in recent memory, they seem like they understand how to build around that core.

Manta Ray:

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Got: Cash Considerations (from Toronto Blue Jays), RHP Manny Banuelos (from New York Yankees), RHP Yohan Ramirez (from Cleveland Indians Guardians Guardians of the Galaxy), RHP Johan Oviedo, 3B Malcolm Nunez (from St. Louis Cardinals), RHP Colin Holderman, Cash Considerations (from New York Mets), RHP Jeremy Beasley (from Toronto Blue Jays)
  • Gave Up: RHP Anthony Banda, 1B/DH Dan Vogelbach, C Michael Perez, LHP Jose Quintana, RHP Chris Stratton, Cash Considerations

Like the whale shark, the manta ray is another big filter feeder which floats along taking in it’s haul of plankton. The Pirates were the whale shark for the past two years, but they have remained true to their approach, dealing established talent for a haul for the future. The problem is I don’t think anybody in Pittsburgh actually knows a target date for the future’s arrival..

Blacktip Reef Shark:

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Got: SS Edmundo Sosa (from St. Louis Cardinals), CF Brandon Marsh, RHP Noah Syndegaard (from Los Angeles Angels), RHP David Robertson (from Chicago Cubs), Cash Considerations (from Colorado Rockies)
  • Gave Up: RHP Corey Oswalt, SS Edmundo Sosa, C Logan O’Hoppe, RHP Ben Brown, OF Mickey Moniak, OF Jadiel Sanchez

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Got: RHP JoJo Romero (from Philadelphia Phillies), LHP Jose Quintana, RHP Chris Stratton (from Pittsburgh Pirates, LHP Jordan Montgomery (from New York Yankees), C Austin Allen (from Oakland A’s)), Cash Considerations (from Cincinnati Reds)
  • Gave Up: SS Edmundo Sosa, RHP Johan Oviedo, 3B Malcolm Nunez, CF Harrison Bader, RHP Carlos Guarate

Reef sharks don’t get a lot of time during Shark Week, but they serve a necessary purpose. In other words, the deals the Phillies made may not get them to swim with the big fish in the National League, namely the Mets, Dodgers, or now the Padres. But the fact is we are heading into the second week of August and Philadelphia is still in picture. The only question for the Phillies: did they do enough to swim into October?

When it comes to the Red Birds, the same question exists. As of this writing, the Cards and the Phils are neck-in-neck for a Wild Card spot with 59 wins apiece. The advantage St. Louis has is they can win their division. The odds of Philadelphia closing a 10-game gap with the Mets with about 50 to play are the defintion of “long,” so to see October, the Phils have to ensure they rack up more wins than the Cardinals and/or the Brewers, the Padres, and the Giants.

Nurse Shark:

Tampa Rays

  • Got: C Christian Bethancourt (from Oakland A’s), LF David Peralta (from Arizona Diamondbacks), LHP Garrett Cleavinger (from Los Angeles Dodgers), CF Jose Siri (from Houston Astros), RHP Jeremy Walker (from San Francisco Giants)
  • Gave Up: OF Cal Stevenson, RHP Christian Fernandez, C Christian Cerda, RHP Seth Johnson, RHP Jayden Murray, SS Ford Proctor

Minnesota Twins

  • Got: RHP Jorge Lopez (from Baltimore Orioles), RHP Tyler Mahle (from Cincinnati Reds), C Sandy Leon (from Cleveland Indians Guardians Guardians of the Galaxy via the Cincinnati Reds), RHP Michael Fulmer (from Detroit Tigers)
  • Gave Up: LHP Cade Povich, RHP Yennier Cano, C/1B Juan Nunez, LHP Juan Rojas, SS Spencer Steer, LHP Steve Hajjar, 1B/3B Christian Encarnacion-Strand, RHP Ian Hamilton, RHP Sawyer Gipson-Long

This could be the “looks can be deceiving” category. Nurse sharks are huge and have a fearsome array of teeth. But they are largely sedentary and are happy to stick to feeding on rays and small fish. At first glance, the moves made by both the Rays and the Twins look impressive. But then you realize at some point, both of these teams need to deal with the Yankees, and I don’t think either Minnesota or Tampa did what they needed to do.

Both the Rays and the Twins seem content to feed on the small fish in the sea rather than go full-on “great white.” While it may be too late for the Rays to have made any move to close the gap between them and the Bronx Bombers, they still could have done more to prepare for a possible October showdown in the Bronx with the Pinstripes.

That’s something the Twins should know all too well. Here’s the question for you Twins’ fans…how many time in the last twenty years has a Minnesota October died in New York? I’m not saying either team should have plunged into the “Juan Soto” sweepstakes, but does anybody out there really think “Yankee Kryptonite” comes in the form of the Tyler Mahles and David Peraltas of the world?

Greenland Shark:

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Got: RHP Chris Martin (from Chicago Cubs), OF/DH Joey Gallo (from New York Yankees), RHP Nick Frasso, RHP Moises Brito (from Toronto Blue Jays), Cash Considerations (from Seattle Mariners)
  • Gave Up: SS Zack McKinistry, LHP Garrett Cleavinger, RHP Clayton Beeter, 3B Jake Lamb, RHP Mitch White, 3B Alex DeJusus

Toronto Blue Jays

  • Got: RHP Anthony Banda (from Pittsburgh Pirates), RHP Foster Griffin (from Kansas City Royals), RHP Zach Pop, RHP Anthony Bass, Player To Be Named Later (from Miami Marlins), OF Whit Merrifield (from Kansas City Royals), RHP Mitch White, 3B Alex DeJusus (from Los Angeles Dodgers), Cash Considerations (from Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • Gave Up: RHP Jonatan Bernal, SS Jordan Groshans, SS Samad Taylor, RHP Maximo Castillo, RHP Jeremy Beasley, Cash Considerations

In short, nobody really knows much about Greenland sharks because they live in deep water near the Arctic Circle; two places people really don’t want to be. But that lack of knowledge makes them the perfect representative for teams whose moves we can’t really figure out. This year, we have two teams which meet such criteria.

There weren’t many people who in April didn’t see either the Dodgers or the Blue Jays being contenders. The Dodgers have proved to be just as advertised, while the Jays stumbled through the first half of the season before seemingly rounding into form.

Raise your hand if you don’t really know what the Dodgers were trying to do at the deadline…other than believing they really didn’t need to do anything. Raise your hand if you completely don’t understand why the Blue Jays weren’t far more aggressive in bagging a legitimate “front of the rotation” guy given the injury to Hyung-Jin Ryu and the ups-and-downs of Jose Berrios and Kevin Gausman among others.


Cincinnati Reds

  • Got: RHP Jose Acuna, 2B Hector Rodriguez (from New York Mets), SS Noelvi Marte, SS Edwin Arroyo, RHP Levi Stoudt, RHP Andrew Moore (from Seattle Mariners), SS Spencer Steer, LHP Steve Hajjar, 1B/3B Christian Encarnacion-Strand (from Minnesota Twins), SS Victor Acosta (from San Diego Padres), C Austin Romine (from St. Louis Cardinals), Player To Be Named Later (from Boston Red Sox), Cash Considerations (from Cleveland Indians Guardians Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Gave Up: C Sandy Leon, LF Tyler Naquin, RHP Phillip Diehl, RHP Luis Castillo, RHP Tyler Mahle, 3B Brandon Drury, LF Tommy Pham. Cash Considerations

Oakland Athletics

  • Got: OF Cal Stevenson, RHP Christian Fernandez (from Tampa Rays), LHP J.P. Sears, LHP Ken Waldichuk, RHP Luis Medina, 2B Cooper Bowman (from New York Yankees), RHP Carlos Guarate (from St. Louis Cardinals)
  • Gave Up: C Christian Bethancourt, RHP Frankie Montas, RHP Lou Trivino, C Austin Allen

Washington Nationals

  • Got: 2B Trey Harris (from Atlanta Braves), LHP Mackenzie Gore, SS C.J Abrams, OF Robert Hassell, OF James Wood, RHP Jarlin Susana, 1B/DH Luke Voit (from San Diego Padres)
  • Gave Up: SS Ehire Adrianza, RF Juan Soto, 1B Josh Bell

This fish gets it name from the Latin term “remora” meaning “delay, hindrance, passive resistance.”  The naming stems from the fact these fish attach themselves to larger sharks and live off the remnants of the larger fish’s feedings…for example when you deal the best every-day player in the game and/or of of the the best available starting pitchers to get a boat-load of prospects. That’s a clear indicator that for purposes of this discussion, our remoras for 2022 are teams clearly in “re-building” mode. The question for all three…how long is the rebuilding going to take?

Bathtub Toy Shark:

Los Angeles Angels

  • Got: RHP Touki Toussaint, LHP Tucker Davidson, RHP Jesse Chavez (from Atlanta Braves), C Logan O’Hoppe, OF Mickey Moniak, OF Jadiel Sanchez (from Philadelphia Phillies), Future Considerations (from New York Yankees)
  • Gave Up: SS Tyler Wade, CF Brandon Marsh, RHP Raisel Iglesias, RHP Noah Syndegaard, Cash Considerations

For the second year in a row, the Los Angeles Angels represent the bathtub squeaky toy. By that, I mean they made deals which didn’t help them, but didn’t really hurt either. Realistically, squeezing the squeaky rubber shark toy is the only noise the Angels will make in 2022…other than the rattling of coins from counting the money they save by getting out from under the contracts of Syndegaard and Iglesias.

Japanese Paper Lantern Shark:

Japanese paper lantern sharks

Boston Red Sox

  • Got: CF Abraham Almonte, 3B Emmanuel Valdez, OF Wilyer Abreu (from Houston Astros), C Reese McGuire (from Chicago White Sox), LF Tommy Pham (from Cincinnati Reds), 1B Eric Hosmer, OF Corey Rosier, 2B Max Ferguson, Cash Considerations (from San Diego Padres), Cash Considerations, (from Atlanta Braves)
  • Gave Up: RHP Silvino Bracho, C Christian Vasquez, LHP Jake Diekman, LHP Jason Groome, Cash Considerations, Player To Be Named Later

Detroit Tigers

  • Got: RHP Corey Sedlock (from Baltimore Orioles), LHP Kris Anglin (from Atlanta Braves), RHP Sawyer Gipson-Long (from Minnesota Twins)
  • Gave Up: OF Robbie Grossman, RHP Michael Fulmer, Cash Considerations

If you’ve followed this feature over that last few seasons, you may have noticed certain categories regularly containing certain franchises. This was becoming one of them. For the first time in many years, this distinction does not belong to the Baltimore Orioles.

The key to this category is simple. The only way to be more insignificant than a bathtub toy shark is to be one that completely disintegrates the minute it touches water.  This year, that title belongs to Boston. Sadly for them, the Red Sox simply don’t matter. They’re mired in the AL East cellar, and they didn’t have anything to give that would have netted them a “filter feeder”-level haul. Had the Red Sox tried to move Rafael Devers, the “wicked pissah” Boston faithful would have heaved up their Fenway Franks.

Speaking of “filter feeders,” the Tigers are racing to the bottom with the Kansas City Whale Sharks; the difference is the Motor City Kitties really don’t have anything to give. They also don’t have anything to build around. There hasn’t been a bleaker future in Detroit since the Chrysler K-Car.

CPO Sharkey:

Chicago Cubs

  • Got: SS Zack McKinistry (from Los Angeles Dodgers), RHP Raynel Espinal (from San Francisco Giants), RHP Hayden Wesneski (from New York Yankees), RHP Ben Brown (from Philadelphia Phillies), RHP Saul Gonzalez (from New York Mets)
  • Gave Up: RHP Chris Martin, 2B Dixon Machado, RHP Scott Effros, RHP David Robertson, RHP Mychal Givens

Cleveland Indians Guardians Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Got: C Sandy Leon (from Cincinnati Reds), RHP Ian Hamilton (from Minnesota Twins), Cash Considerations (from Pittsburgh Pirates), Cash Considerations (from San Francisco Giants)
  • Gave Up: RHP Tobias Myers, RHP Yohan Ramirez, C Sandy Leon, Cash Considerations

If you aren’t familiar, CPO Sharkey was a short-lived 1970’s sit-com featuring one of J-Dub’s comedic heroes, Don Rickles.  How could you have a show featuring the king of “insult” comedy surrounded by a cast of perfectly insult-able characters and it doesn’t work?  That’s the distinction for this category; teams which could have done so much more with what they had, and putted completely short of the cup.

In 2022, this is all about the Chicago Cubs, namely their failure to move Wilson Contreras, Ian Happ, and Kyle Hendricks. The North Siders made a lot of moves, but not the ones everybody thought were coming, because those were the ones which would have netted them the aforementioned “filter-feeder” haul. I get that the Cubs have Happ and Hendricks under control through 2023, but this was Contreras’ “walk year,” there was never a real attempt to extend/re-sign him, and a catcher with 20+ homer potential would be a tasty morsel of a contender to snag..and at a premium.

So, they hang on to those guys in an attempt (probably futile) to avoid their first last-place finish since 2014? What else to they have to play for? Why else would they risk losing Contreras and get jack squat for him? Because they’re the Cubs

Cleveland had the “red pill/blue bill” problem. Buying at the deadline likely meant a 50/50 shot at the play-offs and a more than likely loss to (every other AL play-off team who would still be better than the Indians Guardians Guardians of the Galaxy). Selling means finally admitting the false mediocrity of this team and heading in the dreaded “rebuilding mode.” So they did the next best thing to nothing.

J-Dub is a huge Rush fan, and he says this is all summed up in Freewill, a cut from 1980’s Permanent Waves

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice

~ Freewill, Lyrics by Neil Peart

This lack of action dooms Cleveland to “baseball limbo.” They don’t suck, but they can’t win. If your the Baltimore Orioles, that’s a step up. But you’re a team that took a World Series to Game Seven six years ago, and has been in the post-season four those past six seasons…well, like the song says…that’s a choice.

The Chum Bucket:

This is a tale of teams who really didn’t do anything, positive or negative. They just baited the waters for the real action. They make the radar strictly from their existence; their impact likely won’t even be that measurable.

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Got: C Christian Cerda (from Tampa Rays), 3B Emmanuel Rivera (from Kansas City Royals)
  • Gave Up: LF David Peralta, RHP Luke Weaver

Chicago White Sox

  • Got: LHP Jake Diekman (from Boston Red Sox)
  • Gave Up: C Reese McGuire

Colorado Rockies

  • Got: RHP Corey Oswalt (from Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Gave Up: Cash Considerations

Miami Marlins

  • Got: SS Jordan Groshans (from Toronto Blu Jays)
  • Gave Up: RHP Zach Pop, RHP Anthony Bass, Player To Be Named Later

Texas Rangers

  • Got: LHP Antoine Kelly, 2B Mark Mathias (from Milwaukee Brewers)
  • Gave Up: RHP Matt Bush

The Sharknado:


Milwaukee Brewers

  • Got: RHP Taylor Rogers, LHP Robert Gasser, LF Esteury Ruiz, RHP Dinelson Lamet (from San Diego Padres), RHP Matt Bush (from Texas Rangers), RHP Trevor Rosenthal (from San Francisco Giants), Cash Considerations (from Boston Red Sox)
  • Gave Up: CF Abraham Almonte, RHP Josh Hader, LHP Antoine Kelly, 2B Mark Mathias, OF Tristan Peters

New York Yankees

  • Got: SS Tyler Wade (from Los Angeles Angels), LF Andrew Benitendi (from Kansas City Royals), RHP Scott Effross (from Chicago Cubs), RHP Frankie Montas, RHP Lou Trivino (from Oakland A’s), RHP Clayton Beeter (from Los Angeles Dodgers), Cash Considerations (from Pittsburgh Pirates), CF Harrison Bader (from St. Louis Cardinals)
  • Gave Up: RHP Manny Banuelos, RHP Beck Way, LHP T.J. Sikkema, RHP Chandler Champlain, RHP Hayden Wesneski, LHP J.P. Sears, LHP Ken Waldichuk, RHP Luis Medina, 2B Cooper Bowman, OF/DH Joey Gallo, LHP Jordan Montgomery, Future Considerations

As mentioned when this category was introduced la few years back, the “Sharknado” is a “wild-card” category.  The strength of those movies is in the cameo appearances; you never really know who is going to show up.  When it comes to baseball, teams end up here because we really have no idea how their deals are going to work.

To be fair, in 2022 the Brewers and the Yankees both seemed to understand the concept here. They are both contenders trying to shore up their run for October. Then the Brewers did something inexplicable. They sent the best closer in the game on his way in exchange for the proverbial “bag of magic beans.” Serioulsy, they’ve already relaeased one the guys they got in that trade. I mean…what the hell?

Then the Yankees took a page from the Brewers playbook. Everybody knew the Pinstripes needed rotation help, and while they did add Frankie Montas, they failed to acquire Luis Castillo. But the move I really don’t understand was moving Jordan Montgomery…a mediocre but serviceable leftie…and not replacing him when there were plenty of good options still available (don’t tell me the Giants wouldn’t have entertained offers for Carlos Rodon or possibly even Alex Wood).

But, both of these teams are still contenders. The Yankess are probably the best team in the American League not named the not named the Astros. The Brewers are likely to take the race for the NL Central right down to the wire. Either way, I can’t help but beleive both of these teams mixed some success witha fundamental misundertstanding of what the trade deadline is all about.

But on the other hand, it might just work. That’s why we don’t know.

Those unknowns are why we call it the “Sharknado,” sports fans.

*Future considerations includes, but is not limited to cash and/or the proverbial “player to be named later.”

All transaction details from Sportrac.com

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3 comments on “The 2022 Baseball Trading Season – The “Shark Week” Comparison

  1. walkingoffthechessboard
    August 8, 2022

    Great summary and post. I think the Phillies may just take advantage of that extra wild card slot after all. Good deadline activity in both picking up a couple of pieces, as well as dumping others. It’s a good thing my wife is downstairs right now, because if she came into this room and saw any visuals here she’d leave the room like she was…well…being chased by a shark. The woman is afraid of absolutely nothing…except sharks. As for me, I wouldn’t keep one as a pet but as long as they leave me alone I’m good. Remora – count this as my learn something new each day thing. I agree the A’s fit that swimmer. I’m praying they don’t swim outta Oakland.


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